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Foto Gallery Xinabajul Spanish Academy

School description:
This school combines a friendly and relaxed family environment with professional teaching. You are guaranteed to meet Guatemalans who have not had contact with tourists. While studying here, you have the opportunity to do bike tours and other excursions and really get to know this part of the country. On Mondays, after excursions, students discuss their experiences during class, practicing what they learned the previous week. Xinabajul gives students interesting contacts for volunteer opportunities.
Teaching takes place in a nice building in a quiet and safe neighborhood of Huehuetenango.
Founded in 1992.
The school extends a diploma upon request for student with more than two weeks of lessons.
New online lessons so that you can continue your Spanish lessons at the commodity of your home at your own time.
Total immersion in Huehuetenango is excellent, since it is off the beaten touristy path, best in Guatemala.

Teachers and students

There are 6 permanent experienced teachers which earn a good $55 in weekly salaries. Teachers average experience is 10 years.
See details for recommended instructors! Teachers have University degrees or are studying to become teachers. They all have undergone grammar courses and training specifically to teach Spanish as a second language to adults.
Teachers are trained in grammar for two months and they have to practice for a certain time in order to be a qualified teachers.


Teaching takes place in a small and comfortable school house with ample rooms for every student and teacher team. Between lessons they gather in the kitchen to socialize. There are also a small patios and a terrace. The recently built school is a pleasant brick construction with 7 individual classrooms in two stories. The school is beautifully situated on the outskirts of Huehuetenango near the police sub-station. You have a nice view of a little river near the school and the green highland hills on the other side.


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