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Foto Gallery Escuela de Español Tecun Uman

School description:
This traditional school was founded in 1983 and always has many advanced students. The school pays a fair salary and bonuses to staff and thus is able to hold good teachers. The director personally fetches late night arrivals from the airport and introduces them to their host families. Teaching takes place in a centric colonial building or on a roof terrace with shades in the adjacent restaurant Tre Fratelli. This is a very inspiring ambiance!
Tecun Uman has a well structured curriculum, professional materials and offers tuition towards DELE exams and University Credits. The school also offers online courses via Skype.
The school places students in a wide variety of host families suiting every need and budget.
Total immersion in Antigua is modest because of many tourists in Antigua

Teachers and students

There are 30 teachers, some of which have 15 years of experience. Teachers had been trained during 2 months and then the best ones were chosen. See details for recommended instructors!


The school is situated in a pleasing building which has recently been restyled. There are 6 rooms for teacher student teams who would like to study separately. The second location is in the adjacent restaurant Tre Fratelli. You sit on the roof terrace with dazzling views of Antigua, a very inspiring environment to study. The school has an ample cafeteria and there are two rooms to retreat.

Methods and Materials

Teachers develop their own materials. The school offers some textbooks like Nassi/Lavy Spanish Year 1, 2 and 3, Español para Extranjeros 1 and 2 and the school’s own “Tu Español Funcional 1”. Additionally, you receive helpful verb and exercise lists, also lists with mini-dialogues and a list with survival phrases. Students also receive a free notebook and photocopies of teaching materials. The school has a small library and an excellent video library.


In 1990 it was still a heap of rubble left over from a series of earthquakes which roll through from three volcanoes. Now Antigua is the artificial colonial showcase of Guatemala, serving as tourist base camp for the exploration of the interior. The Spanish Schools of Antigua are a bargain. Come as a blank piece of paper and go speaking Spanish and knowing Latin ways.
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