Escuela de Español Tecun Uman

Escuela de Español Tecun Uman
6 Calle Poniente N. 34 A
(+502)-7832-2792, 5513-4349
Rank 90%
Prices 265 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
175 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 15 per week.
School Size 20 to 70 students
Openings Please be sure to register in time for the high season months of June, July and August! This way the school can reserve one of their best teachers for you.
Summary This traditional school was founded in 1983 and always has many advanced students. The school pays a fair salary and bonuses to staff and thus is able to hold good teachers. The director personally fetches late night arrivals from the airport and introduces them to their host families. Teaching takes place in a centric colonial building or on a roof terrace with shades in the adjacent restaurant Tre Fratelli. This is a very inspiring ambiance!
Tecun Uman has a well structured curriculum, professional materials and offers tuition towards DELE exams and University Credits. The school also offers online courses via Skype.
The school places students in a wide variety of host families suiting every need and budget.
Total immersion in Antigua is modest because of many tourists in Antigua

Escuela de Español Tecun Uman is a very well established school and fills up during the following months: January through April and June through August. For these months it is recommended to register in advance. Take note that during these months the study costs increment by $25.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Escuela de Español Tecun Uman - Details

Teachers There are 30 teachers, some of which have 15 years of experience. Teachers had been trained during 2 months and then the best ones were chosen. See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching. The curriculum is the same as in most schools. The teacher designs a teaching plan including daily grammar, pronunciation, audition, reading short stories, conversation and activities. There is an evaluation every week. ...more
Materials Teachers develop their own materials. The school offers some textbooks like Nassi/Lavy Spanish Year 1, 2 and 3, Español para Extranjeros 1 and 2 and the school’s own “Tu Español Funcional 1”. Additionally, you receive helpful verb and exercise lists, also lists with mini-dialogues and a list with survival phrases. Students also receive a free notebook and photocopies of teaching materials. The school has a small library and an excellent video library.
Special Programs Persons with a minimum of Spanish can attend specialty programs featuring Business Spanish, Travelers, Medical Spanish, Flight Attendants, Spanish For Law Enforcement Personal. These programs do not cost more than normal tuition. As an example, a course in Medical Spanish for an intermediate student might take four weeks.

Escuela de Español Tecun Uman can tutor you as to obtain credits at Universidad Rural. ...more
Location The school is situated in a pleasing building which has recently been restyled. There are 6 rooms for teacher student teams who would like to study separately. The second location is in the adjacent restaurant Tre Fratelli. You sit on the roof terrace with dazzling views of Antigua, a very inspiring environment to study. The school has an ample cafeteria and there are two rooms to retreat.
Activities An example for one week of activities:
Monday a free city walking tour
Tuesday a lecture on the history of corn or group weaving glasses
Wednesday a visit to the Jade manufacture
Thursday visit to a coffee finca and music museum
Friday voluntary work with children. Play soccer. Later a sunset party.
The school also offers Salsa and Merengue courses. ...more
Host Families Host families are ranked into five classes according to what they offer, e.g.:
$90: Normal host family with shared room and shared bath.
$120: family with basic room and private bathroom.
$200: "five star family", ample space with private bathroom, WiFi, TV and laundry service.
All host families are clean and near the school (no more than 7 blocks to walk). Persons who need to be within one or two blocks from the school can be accommodated. ...more
Volunteering The school recommends nonprofit organizations like "Mi Angel Guardian", "Nuestros ahijados", "El Buen Samaritano" (two months minimum).
Airport Pick-Up Service The school offers safe and reliable airport pick up service. It costs $35 for one, $50 for two and $60 for three persons; more than three persons $15 per person. The director Mario or his son Fernando fetch you personally and bring you to your host family. Likewise, they can take you to the airport at early morning hours if needed.

Students' Feedback

Alice Philips
07 / 2014
Thanks for your service...I might not have found these places and it enriched my life that I did! Not to mention my Spanish!
I was at Tecun Uman School in Antigua for 2 weeks. I had a fabulous experienced teacher named Leticia and plan to continue to skype lessons with her. My teacher was lovely, friendly, interesting warm people and I left feeling a real bond with them both. I studied at another school as well.
I recommend both schools highly. They were experienced, professional and I learned a tremendous amount. The directors and staff were helpful, accommodating and completely professional in every way.
Both schools had interesting after school cultural activities. These included local trips, tours of the area, salsa lessons, crafts lessons. All were really interesting and fun.
Both schools were affiliated with travel companies offering weekend and day trips...all great! The afterschool and weekend trips allowed me to experience the bigger picture of Guatemalan culture and to meet other students from all over the world.
I would absolutely recommend both schools- Antigua for the city experience and San Pedro for a wonderful magical relaxing learning environment in what might be the most beautiful spot there is.
Alice Philips
07 / 2014
I really enjoyed Tecun Uman Spanish school. Very competent, professional teachers and great after school activities. I felt completely taken care of and took my Spanish up a notch. I had a great teacher, Leticia. She was extremely experience and lovely to be with. I enjoyed outings in the afternoon with Sylvia. She obviously enjoys her work and showing off the city to newcomers. I went on weekend outings all over the country with the travel team that works with the school and had some amazing experiences with students from all over the world.
Yes, excellent easy correspondence.
Amelia Carling
05 / 2014
I made inquiries on behalf of a relative at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman but in the end she decided it was not the right time. However, I found the website very helpful and the people I corresponded with were prompt and professional. I would definitely use the service again. All the best, Amelia
Klaus Köpping
05 / 2014
I studied for 1 week at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman. Silvia is a charming teacher and it was nice to talk with her about living in Guatemala. She tried her best to teach me Spanish language. It was also great to live with the Castellanos family. They were friendly and interested and we had much stuff to talk about. I had a nice room in a beautiful house.
Ginny Allain
05 / 2014
Yes, I studied for 4 weeks at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman from 4 to 6 daily after returning to Antigua from Sta Maria where I was volunteering with the Phoenix Project School. Doña Victoria Valle, my instructor, was very clear and thorough with rules of grammar, enabling me to crack the subjunctive. Initially she stressed the imperative since I was dealing with small children! More importantly, we had deep and meaningful conversations about our lives and cultures.
The best things about my host family were the conversations around the kitchen table and the tasty vegetarian food (at my request). Doña Clemencia Picaya always spoke slowly and carefully so I could understand. The topics ranged widely - about every member of her extended family to child-bearing and rearing to the big earthquake that occurred when she was a girl. I value the friendships of both of these people plus those of Clemencia´s whole family who took me to a play at their son´s school.
11 / 2013
I had a great time at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman and the location is great (near everything). It is my second time in 2 years and I can only say that from the experience I had, both times, it was perfect for me. I did ask that the conversation be around my job (flight attendant) so that I could better my Spanish specifically for my work. Leticia (my teacher this time) was quite helpful in helping me achieve this. (I have to say that I did enjoy Mr. Estrada too, 2 years ago). Quite a lot was covered in 4 hours (daily) and home works were given. It did help me revised the material given the same day. Internet is available, free coffee at break time and different activities are offered each day for a minimal fee. I would recommend this school anytime.
HOME STAY: I stayed at the Lopez (La casa de Mary) for a second time and was greeted very nicely both times. I did enjoy this location, even though it was a little farther (12 minutes? walk to the school?). The neighbourhood was very quiet and the street a dead end (no traffic noise). The room was perfect (2nd floor), big with a view on the volcanos (Agua and Fuego) and an access to the roof terrace! Internet and TV (although I did not have time to watch TV...too much to do and see!), private bathroom for 170$ a week. Food was really good and abundant. I have only recommendations for this location. Mary, Salva and William (their son) are really nice people.
The basic material given are sheets with vocabulary, verbs and usual phrases (and I got some special sheets pertinent to airline vocabulary). There is a book available at a certain cost (I did not look at the content and do not remember the price).
Jenny Svensson
03 / 2013
Tecun Uman Spanish School is a very professional school. My teacher Carolina was absolutely wonderful! Olga and the rest of my host family were so adorable and made my stay pleasant in every way. As a bonus Olga is a terrific vegetarian cook, everyday was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended!
Correspondence with the school was smooth and helpful.
Barbara Matheson
02 / 2011
I spent 3 weeks at Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua, all with the same teacher on a one-to-one basis. I asked for a teacher who was older as I find it helpful to work with someone with quite a lot of life experience - at least partly because I like to talk about politics and social issues. The Director of the school provided an excellent and professional teacher with a wide range of knowledge and experience. We were able to use "La Prensa Libre" newsparper's articles as the basis of many of our discussions. My Spanish level improved a lot - from intermediate to advanced -
There were several excursions each week - I only went on one - to a nearby town with a weavers' cooperative - very well-planned and most interesting.
Señora, Ayde Mijangos was a very kind hostess and talked with students at every meal. The first week I was the only student in the house which is very large, but after that there were 2 or 3 other students -
I hope that I can return to Tecun Uman another time - I attended the school in 1994 as well as in 2011 - and I very highly recommend the school and my excellent teacher.
Check-in to the school was excellent. Mario Castellanos, the Director of the School met me at the Guatemala City airport and drove me to Antigua. He did my registration that afternoon and then took me to my host family and introduced me to Ayde. Thank you, Barbara.
01 / 2011
I had a positive experience at, Tecun Uman Spanish School; very professional but also a comfortable place to learn. The teachers and staff go out of their way to make sure that you have a good stay, that you're learning well and that things are alright with the host family.
Mario and his staff are really great, and my Spanish improved enormously after 3 weeks!
Antigua is very touristy. I think staying with a local family is good to at least get some taste of Guatemalan culture.
Philip G Rivera
11 / 2010
Hi, I decided for Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua. I studied for two weeks in August and 1 week in November of 2010. My instructor, Juan Luis Estrada was outstanding, one of the best I've had in 3 Latin American Countries. My host family's name was the Romero's - very nice, but they make you provide your own bottled water & toilet paper after 1st one. Staying for two weeks or more, this is a pain, and they are not impoverished. I would recommend the school w/ reservations. I highly recommend the teacher and probably many of them. Mario seems to get some of the best. The building has no ambiance, zero. Pics on net site appear to be from the restaurant next door which can be used in the a.m. only. OK, but misleading; at the break, people stand in the street to chat, meet. Plus requests each time as to type of room, Diabetic II needs were not shared w/ the home-stay. Plus cost for ride from the airport is $ 40 when you can get a minivan easily for $10 or less!
Nancy Osborn
08 / 2010
I think the name of the school we chose was Tecun Uman Spanish School. It was right across the street from our hotel. We had two lessons and we were very pleased with their flexibility with us and with the teacher. We did not do home study. We met many people who were in Antigua to do more intensive Spanish study than we did. They were all so happy with their situations. Many were back for their third or fourth stay. One couple even moved there! Thanks, Nancy.
Roger Unruh
06 / 2010
Hey, I decided to go to Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua. I studied for 1 week with them. I got a good instructor, Federico, I believe was his name. We had a lot of great conversations & lots of laughter. He definitely knew his grammar, for my purposes, which was mainly to converse as much as possible, he was perfect. As we shared our lives, we found we had a lot in common. We didn't follow any specific materials. He wrote out vocabulary and grammar structures as needed. This would be my only slightly negative comment: I might have benefitted from some practice exercises on some of the structures that I struggle with more i.e., subjunctives. I could have used them as "homework" or future reference. This is minor, though, since it was just one week and I talked & listened a lot, which is what I needed.
There was a good selection of activities, as advertised. We went on a walking tour of Antigua, as well as a 2 day weekend trip to Lake Atitlan, both well worth it, especially Atitlan.
Our host was Lorena López. She was a friendly woman who sat with us at the table always and engaged in conversation which was good. She knew English as well, which was helpful for my wife who was studying for the first time. The food was varied and tasty, as well as sufficient. There were some issues, however, related to some aspects of the accommodations. The sink in the bathroom needed repair, and it didn't have a plug which allowed my wife's watch to go down the drain when she dropped it. The night table was not steady, which caused the lamp to fall and break. For recovering the watch and buying a new lamp, she expected us to pay!! These were small repairs which could have easily been taken care of before. We only paid a portion of what she expected, which of course made it awkward. We would not go back to her place.
However, I would recommend the school though. Regards, Roger.
Craig Peters
09 / 2009
Hello, I decided to go to Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua. I studied there for 3 weeks. My instructor Rosa, was very opinionated but very fun and entertaining. Study materials were good, notepads and exercise books. My Spanish improved fantastically! There were loads of after school activities, I saw the volcano Pacaya, had some tours of the city, went to a macadamia farm, it was very fun in the afternoon. The familia Sanchez, was excellent, great food and very accommodating. I would certainly, recommend the school to others. Thank you, Craig.
08 / 2009
Hallo, I decided to go to, Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua. I studied for 2 weeks there. My instructor, Catalina Rodriguez, was great!! I really enjoyed working with her. Also on a personal level, she was great and we discussed lots of interesting topics, from Guatemalan politics to women rights,... (I was already advanced) Study materials were quite good, although I preferred to focus on oral exercises and free discussion. My Spanish improved very much. The after school activities, were a bit disappointing, often, promised activities, were not provided (maybe because I studied there in the low season). However, in the second week, I had met enough people to organize my own activities. The family of Thelma de Reyes, was great and the food, very, very good!! Very much, everyday, there was something different. Thelma, tried to cook a variety of different Guatemalan dishes. It was a great experience to try all different kinds of traditional dishes. The family, always had dinner with us (there were 2 more students) and it was a good change to further improve my spanish. The room was also very nice, spacious and clean. I would definitely strongly recommend this family. I would also, recommend the school, the spanish learning experience was really worthwhile. Best wishes, Elisabeth.
Mary Kay Giesecke
07 / 2009
Hello I decided to go to Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua. I studied for one week there. I had a great instructor, Carlos Enrique Valle Garcia. Study materials were adequate. My Spanish improved, quite a bit. After school activities were fun and educational. My host family was good, can't remember their name. I would recommend the school and I already have. Thanks, Mary.
Cynthia Paulson
03 / 2009
Hi, my daughters (16 and 13) and I studied with one instructor, Carolina, at Tecun Uman Spanish School, in Antigua. We were there only a week. We all had an instructive and good time. Carolina was funny and responsive to us. My youngest daughter has studied Spanish but, has had little experience speaking it. I learned the basic concepts of present and past verbs in only one week. I just now, need lots of speaking practice and more vocabulary. The school had activities every day that we could participate in (walking tour, coffee plantation, dance lessons, etc.). We volunteered at Casa Angeles, an after school program for children. My children went 4 days. I went 2 days. On the weekend we went on a school sponsored trip to Lake Atitlan and the market town. Our host family was very pleasant. Sara was the hostess name. The house was on a fairly busy and noisy street. My children had a room on the street. My room was back by the garden. The accommodations were fine and the food was fine. Sara only spoke Spanish so we had more practice speaking. I recommend the entire experience. My children would go back in a second. Thank you, Cynthia.
Thor Bastholm
01 / 2009
Hi, we studied at Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua. We studied there for 7 days. Every instructor was good. The study resources were good and everybody very helpful and professional. The host family was fantastic. Very good food and a welcoming atmosphere. Also, a good place to practice the Spanish I learned in school. The host mom′s name was Aracely. I would definitely recommend the school. Sincerely, Thor.
Rejean Lessard
10 / 2008
Hello, I elected to go to Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua. I studied for 6 hours a day. I got a good teacher, his name is Jorge. My host family was, So So. I would recommend the school. Thanks, Lessard.
Kristine Cummings
07 / 2008
I remember I picked Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua. Mario Castellanos was the director and he was very helpful to me in finding accommodations and my way around Antigua. I studied for 1 month there. I had excellent teachers, very friendly and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone! Thanks, Kris.
Lynn Alexander
06 / 2008
I ended up at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua. I studied there for two weeks. My teacher was very good, but I cannot speak for the whole school. Each teacher had their own materials and the ones I used were good for me. There were a lot of teenagers studying in groups which I found to be distractingly loud. I did not stay with a host family. I′m not sure I could rate the school exactly but I would give my teacher, Edgar an A. Thanks, Lynn.
Carol Rushby
04 / 2008
Hi, I spent one week each in 2 different schools. The first week I attended Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua. I studied for 4 hours a day. The teachers were great and each taught in a different manner. Study materials were ok at this school. I did a home stay at Tecun Uman. My family was great. The food was good. I had a private room with bath and wish I had a window I could open in the room. The whole experience was wonderful and hopefully I will be able to go back next year. I would grade this school with a B+. Thanks for the site, Carol.
Joyce A
02 / 2008
I decided to go to Escuela de Español Tecún Uman in Antigua. I studied for three weeks there. My teacher, Liliana De Muñoz is an excellent instructor. While the director of the school, Mario, provided some nice vocabulary sheets, most of the materials we used were provided by Lili personally and were based on my specific needs as a language learner --- stories, newspapers, CD′s, targeted grammar exercises from a variety of texts. I was very happy with my stay at the home of Blanqui and Julio Romero. At first I was dubious --there were so many of us, it was more like a pensión than a home stay-- but in the end it was fun living in this tiny ′International House′ with this incredibly gracious (and tolerant) family. I think that Mario (es muy cumplidor) is very reliable -- he really comes through for the students and delivers what he promises. This school, in my personal view, has everything it takes to be a superior school -- very strong teachers, long-standing relationships with exceptional families and a director who takes customer satisfaction very seriously. You want a number? This is hard... well, it′s got a good [salsa] beat...(por supuesto que) of course that, you can dance to it...I would really recommend this school ;). Oh, and I really like guatemala365. I′m very grateful to you for creating and maintaining this helpful resource for all of us. ¡Muchas gracias! Saludos.
07 / 2007
I attended Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua. I studied 4 hours a day only for one week. My teacher was Silvia, and she was excellent. Friendly and helpful. She spoke to me exclusively in Spanish, and by the end of a week, my skills were much higher than I expected. All the study materials were provided and were fine. My host family was the Perez family, just down the road from the school. They were amazing. They truly made the experience an unforgettable one. They were friendly, enthusiastic about spending time with us, and funny. They ate almost every meal with us, and always made time to talk with us. The food was restaurant quality every meal, every day. They were just excellent. 10+/10!!! 100%. The school was excellent. Study time was always started and finished on time. The teachers were great, and there were interesting extra-curricular activities. They really have their act together. I heard from friends that were studying elsewhere that the studying part was good, but the home stays were not that good. I had no complaints, and only the nicest things to say about my stay in Antigua, and I will almost definitely return. Thanks! Warren. PS. Your website was really an excellent service. We had the ability to review all the schools, see photos, and read reviews by other students, which really is one of the most important parts.
Jana Schweitzer
11 / 2006
Hello, I studied for 4 weeks at Tecun Uman Spanish School in Antigua (director Mario Castellanos). My teacher Sergio Muñoz was excellent. I am an advanced student, and he (and the school) have an excellent system for improving a student′s Spanish. The afternoon activities were well organized, varied, and interesting. The homestay was comfortable. I highly recommend this school. Thanks for asking--Jana Schweitzer.
07 / 2006
I studied at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua for 3 weeks. My teacher was very good. There were many diverse activities which I enjoyed very much. I stayed in the students′ guesthouse. It was nice and the food was great.
07 / 2006
I studied at Escuela de Español Tecun Uman and had a great experience. My teacher was wonderful. I opted not to stay with a family because of travelling with a friend who thought she would be uncomfortable. We stayed at a hotel instead, Casa Florencia. Overall I had a great experience. The school offered cooking lessons, dancing, etc. I loved Antigua, Panajachel, Chichi and Tikal. I really want to return. MJ Sinkwich
Eugene Aydelotte
05 / 2006
I attended Escuela de Español Tecun Uman for two weeks. I had an excellent teacher. My family was the best; they serve good food and plenty of it, I had a clean room and there was plenty of hot water. Very friendly family and lots of conversations.
Zachary Yohalem
02 / 2006
I studied for one month at Escuela de Espanol Tecun Uman and had a wonderful experience. My teacher was excellent and I thought the director and staff were extremely helpful and supportive. I also found there other cultural activities to be valuable and varied. I would be happy to recommend this school. I had 2 good living experiences - one a very pleasant family in a lovely house and also at a guest house run by the school. Overasll I was very pleased with the environment created for the students and the responsiveness of the staff to student needs. However I used several differnt sites to choose which school to attend including yours but relied heavily on TeachMe123 because of the student ratings.These ratings were more impressive that any objective criteria. The 2 sites together promted me to select this school and I was very pleased that I had, Thanks for your input as well.
Liesbet De Wit
08 / 2005
I studied in Escuela de Español Tecun Uman in Antigua for one week. Unfortunately, I didn′t have more time, so I took 5 hours a day (which is kind of hard, 4h is ideal). I was very happy with the teacher (José) I got, he was very professional, new perfectly how to screen my knowledge of Spanish, was very structured, and new a lot about a whole range of things (Guatemalan culture and history, but also general philosophy, ...). I was also very pleased with the personal treatment you get in this little school. The director knows you by name, regularly asks you how you are doing, and picked me up from the airport on a Sunday night (of course I paid for this, but it was a big help anyway). The family I stayed with wasn′t a real family, but rather a pension with some 10 people living there. I found this a little bit disappointing, although I was very happy with the clean and comfortable room, and with the talks I had with the lady of the house, and the other guests. I′m also satisfied with your website, there is enough information on it, and it works fluently! Thanks a lot for your help, and many greetings from Guatemala!
Petra Vujakovic
08 / 2005
School Tecun UmanI spent 3 weeks in Antigua this summer (July 2005), in Tecun Uman Spanish school. I took contact with a couple of schools on account of information and comments I found in the internet, and decided for Tecun Uman because I got a very good first impression via e-mail form Mario, the director, who answered all of my questions instantly and very friendly. And I didn′t regret the decision, because I was very satisfied with the school. Especially the friendly atmosphere and nice and kind people at the school made it a wonderful experience. I learned more than just Spanish, because there was a lot of very interesting extra activities, every day, actually. And wonderful excursions on weekends. I was there in summer, when there were a lot of students in the school, so I don′t know if there are all the activities also when there are only a few students at a time. My teacher, Victoria, was great, she taught me a lot. The family I stayed at I chose on a recommendation of an ex-student of the school, and it was great - everything clean, good food, friendly and nice people.. I loved them!