San Pedro Spanish School

San Pedro Spanish School
7a Avenida 2-20 zona 2
San Pedro, Lake Atitlan
+502 5811 6109
Rank 94%
Prices 264 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
150 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 36 per week.
School Size 20 to 40 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary San Pedro Spanish School is well managed and has an excellent location at the edge of the lake. Students and teachers work in shelters surrounded by volcanic rocks and tropical vegetation and enjoy a beautiful view to the lake. Teachers are dedicated and professional. They have been trained and selected by the IGA, and teach through the use of engaging exercises and games. Afternoon activities are varied and well done. Management is sincere and strict, there are no emergency teachers hired.
The school runs the social project Niños del Lago, aimed at helping the less fortunate children of the community.
The school also offers host families with private bath, this costs $30 extra.
Founded in 1997.
San Pedro Spanish School has a branch in San Marcos, which has the same quality of teaching and activities. San Marcos is laid back, relaxing and beautiful.
Total immersion in Atitlán is good if you dont hang out with other students which is hard to avoid. Recommended!

San Pedro Spanish School is always pretty full and certainly fills up during high season. You should enroll at least two weeks in advance to assure a space in school with a quality instructor.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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San Pedro Spanish School - Details

Teachers Teachers have an average of six years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreigners and have earned their teaching degree at the Rural University of Guatemala (URL). Also, the IGA (Instituto Guatemalteco Americano) is teaching English to the teachers so they can cope better with beginners.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods The curriculum is the same as in most schools, one on one teaching. The teachers are also very flexible in regards to your interests and needs. ...more
Materials The following textbooks are used: Amsco I,II,III, IV; Pensar y Aprender (think and learn) I,II,III; Planeta I,II,III,IV. Additionally, the teachers used the schools own text manual. Library: good. Video library: good.
WiFi for students who bring their laptop! ...more
Special Programs Students can opt to study together and save about $30 each. In addition to the regular Spanish course, the school also offers Spanish courses focused on different professional fields like, business, medical, travel and children from 7 to 12 years of age. ...more
Location Study takes place on platforms with little thatched shadow roofs within a well groomed garden. The garden is a beautiful estate with bungalows and ornamental plants. There is a Cafeteria and a activity/movie room. ...more
Activities School activities free of charge include: talks on interesting topics in Spanish, hikes, videos, visits to local villages, volcanoes and attractive sites. Dancing: Salsa and Merengue. ...more
Host Families Families earn about $114 per week. Students reports about host families are mostly excellent. Host families with private bath cost $30 extra. Additionally the school offers accommodations for students that prefer to stay in a hotel at a cost of about $140 per week. This includes an equipped kitchen and WiFi. ...more
Volunteering The school offers the option of working with the "Proyecto Niños del Lago" which is run by the school and student volunteers. It is a program to assist health, welfare, and education of 37 very disadvantaged kids and teenagers from San Pedro that have been provided with an scholarship by donors (often ex-students). ...more
Airport Pick-Up Service The school offers you a shuttle service from Guatemala City international airport to San Pedro for $30, if you arrive at the airport before 2pm. The school takes you in a shuttle to Antigua, from there in another one to the lake. The whole process may take up to 8 hours.
If you arrive after 2pm, they can also pick you up in a private taxi for $100 per trip. Please contact the school for more information.
How to get there How get there Near Restaurant "Tzan Saqaribal" on the connection path between the two piers of San Pedro. Follow the signs.

Students' Feedback

Ron Sprinkle
11 / 2018
We were San Pedro Spanish School in September 2018 for two weeks. Guatemala is one of the best places to learn Spanish because the Spanish language accent there is neutral and the costs are low. About a hundred miles away from the airport in Guatemala City, San Pedro La Laguna is a fun lakeside town with clean air and an excellent school—San Pedro La Laguna Spanish School. Although there are many Spanish schools in Guatemala, the combination of clean air, local attractions of hiking, fishing, kayaking, and shopping in a beautiful environment are hard to match.
The San Pedro school is 21 years old. The school has about twenty five teachers, a delightful lakeside location with cabanas overlooking the lake, and offers home stays for lodging. Four of us were there for two weeks in September, 2018. The teachers are very adept at ascertaining one´s language level and teaching at that level right from the start. The school and teachers were extremely flexible so if one needed to climb a volcano one day, the lesions could be rescheduled. The price for a private tutor is astoundingly low. We all had private tutors but groups of two or three are also possible.
The school offers free evening classes/activities most nights that were a lot of fun and a continuing Spanish immersion experience. We toured a local chocolate factory, had a soccer game, danced the salsa, saw a documentary film, as well as group classes with games (Scrabble, others.)
We had a rank beginner, a beginning conversationalist, as well as an intermediate and an advanced student in our group of four, so we were able to judge several teachers and levels. We found them all to be excellent and they made the process fun. The only problem was for some of the students, the beautiful lakeside location was at times a distraction from the lessons.
We stayed with Luis and Letty Mendez in their immaculate four story home overlooking the lake. Letty (and Luis!) are wonderful cooks and hosts. Every meal was delicious with no repeats. They speak slowly and carefully, can converse in English, also, and are wonderfully flexible with students varying schedules. Even their nine year old son could spot and correct our mistakes! We were able to learn without learning errors.
Lake Atitlán is similar to Lake Tahoe, California, as it is about the same altitude (5000 instead of 6000 feet) but it has three dormant volcanoes rather than Sierra peaks surrounding it. The roads around the lake are rough, so most travel is by launch or water taxi from town to town.
We considered Antigua as a location but the heat, smelly buses, English all around us, major tourist town atmosphere made us feel the smaller lakeside San Pedro was much better. The surrounding towns were very good for textile (Corazon del Lago) and coffee (Tata) both in San Juan and other handicrafts and history (Santiago) and can be reached with short inexpensive boat rides. This added variety to our stay.
Christopher Taylor
12 / 2017
I loved San Pedro Spanish School, and actually would enjoy being able to study 2 hours every morning via skype if possible?
Sharon Izzo
03 / 2017
I had the pleasure of spending a month this winter at the San Pedro Spanish School in San Pedro. I found my teacher Clemente, to be excellent. Lessons were functional, and Clemente was very professional in his demeanor and expertise. The school is located in a beautiful setting on Lake Atitlan. Morning one to one classes provided optimal instruction. Early evening conversation class was a good follow-up activity. Evening activities provided information as well as fun opportunities to be with other students in the school. My host family, specifically Quina, provided a wonderful place to stay. Her home is extremely comfortable. The food is delicious. Her immediate and extended family were warm and friendly and invited me to participate in both Christmas and New Year's festivities.
The San Pedro Spanish school is a professional place that provides the opportunity for wonderful instruction and homestays. I highly recommend this school.
Sally Ann Lydon
11 / 2014
The setting on the lake is fabulous. My maestro Javier was excellent. He was fluent in English so that helped in the conversations regarding cultural idiosyncracies and colloquialisms. He became animated when necessary so that I was left with visions of him explaining words and concepts while I travelled. Javier was openminded enough that we could discuss topics along a very broad spectrum of life in Central America and the USA without the sense of offending one another. The entire staff is there to help us gringos learn the culture, history and language of their country without being patronizing. My itinerary changed once I was in the country and the school was great about accomodating me. Rudy who arranges travel to and from school was extremely helpful. He alleviated the stress of travelling alone, particularly the first few weeks I was there.
Were study materials of San Pedro Spanish School helpful? What did they consist in? yes. minimal paperwork which is appropriate for travellers. I was given pages of study material as requested. I put most of my homework in notebook given to all students. Historical films and cultural classes at end of day for all students are definitely worthwhile.
Alice Philips
07 / 2014
Thanks for your service...I might not have found these places and it enriched my life that I did! Not to mention my Spanish!
I also spent 7 days studying at the San Pedro School at Lake Atitlan. I studied with Francisco who has a college degree in education and is also just really great natural teacher. Both teachers (at San Pedro and Antigua) were lovely, friendly, interesting warm people and I left feeling a real bond with them both.
I recommend both schools highly. They were experienced, professional and I learned a tremendous amount. The directors and staff were helpful, accommodating and completely professional in every way.
Both schools had interesting after school cultural activities. These included local trips, tours of the area, salsa lessons, crafts lessons. All were really interesting and fun.
Both schools were affiliated with travel companies offering weekend and day trips...all great! The afterschool and weekend trips allowed me to experience the bigger picture of Guatemalan culture and to meet other students from all over the world.
I would absolutely recommend both schools- Antigua for the city experience and San Pedro for a wonderful magical relaxing learning environment in what might be the most beautiful spot there is.
Alice Philips
07 / 2014
It was incredible and I hope to return for a longer period sometime. Beautiful. peaceful setting and dedicated professional, competent staff and teachers. My teacher, Francisco, was excellent and taught through the use of engaging exercises and games. I feel that I was really lucky to have gotten such a talented teacher. The beauty of the setting also added so much to the experience of learning. And the little cafe has delicious food and snacks.
Did you enjoy afternoon activities? What did you do? The after school activites looked good, but I only did the dancing which was fun. I used my time after school to study and do my homework so that I made the best use of the excellent education. There are a lot of lovely little cafes to sit and complete homework while sipping on excellent coffee and eating delicious treats.
Roseana Kirgis
07 / 2014
My boyfriend and I studied at San Pedro Spanish School for two weeks. The school is located in a breathtaking tropical garden right on the edge of the lake. Attached to the school is an AMAZING restaurant with wonderfully sweet waitresses. The teacher we had, Veronica, was perfect. She really understood our level and what we needed. We learned so much and had a great time with her! My boyfriend and I stayed with the best host family ever (La Casa Oveja Negra)!!! Julio, Vila, Juan, and Selvin are absolutely incredible people. As a host family, they were so welcoming, loving, helpful, and considerate. And when it came to our Spanish, they were so patient, understanding, and helpful; we definitely learned a lot from them. Everything was seriously amazing. It was perfect.
William Fraser
06 / 2014
While studying in Guatemala, I studied at three different schools around the country. While the other schools were well run, San Pedro Spanish School was by far my favorite. The atmosphere was great, the school offered afternoon conversation classes, and I was fortunate to have an amazing professor. Clemente was one of the best teachers I have ever had, both in Guatemala and back in the United States. He found my weaknesses and we went over them step by step. He helped me with basic conversational skills, and catered the lessons around what I wanted to learn. I solely focused on the Spanish lessons and the conversational club in the afternoon. Afternoon activities were available to those who wanted them.
The family I stayed with was very welcoming, and the city was a perfect place to learn.
Erin Molitoris
06 / 2014
My time at the San Pedro Spanish School was amazing! They were amazing and I would highly recommend the school to anyone. In fact I´m already planning a trip back next year! I coordinated a ride with the school from Guatemala City to San Pedro and they were there waiting for us. The school setting, teachers and administrators were extremely helpful! I can´t say enough good things about San Pedro Spanish School. Thank you for checking on my experience. I am grateful for your website because that is how I found out about the school. Keep up the good work!!
Erin Molitoris
Dietmar Haenchen
05 / 2014
Based on a recommendation of a friend, I went to the San Pedro Spanish School in San Pedro La Laguna. I studied there for one week. The instructors were very good, as was the host family.
Qian Leng
05 / 2014
I studied with San Pedro Spanish School for one week. My instructor Estela was good, my host family (family Mendez) great!
Veronika Vassileva
04 / 2014
Hello, I studied in San Pedro Spanish School. My teacher was Carlos, I think. I stayed one week only, although initially I had reserved for three weeks. I felt that the level of the instructors in Antigua was higher, so I returned to Antigua.
I also found the accommodation in San Pedro a bit scruffy. My room was not very comfortable, rather noisy and without a window.... The food was good and the family was friendly. Their names were Marina and Clemente. But as the price was exactly like in Antigua, I decided to change asap. Regards, Veronika.
Geoffrey McDade
02 / 2014
I spent two wonderful weeks at San Pedro Language School. Everything about the experience was outstanding. The setting is superb - a lakeside garden that resembles a Garden of Eden with beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, birds and exquisite views of beautiful Lake Atitlan. Students are sufficiently separated in the garden that the only sound you hear is birdsong. There is also a good open air restaurant on the property. Coffee is free at the school.
My teacher, Manuel, was really excellent and despite an age difference of 48 years, we had many very interesting discussions and many jokes were shared bridging both the age and culture gap. He taught me a lot of Spanish and a lot about the history of Guatemala and its indigenous people, building on what I had learned in Antigua.
My home stay was very good. I ate and conversed with the warm and friendly family whose name I have forgotten unfortunately. My room and the shared bathroom were excellent. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending the school and my wonderful teacher, Manuel.
It is hard for me to imagine that there is a better place to learn Spanish and I hope to return. The learning environment is superb.
Matthew Zussman
10 / 2013
Lucas was a great teacher - I really enjoyed learning about Guatemalan politics, culture, and recent history in Spanish. And he provides just the right amount of structure in lessons, but lets the student direct where they go. Thus, we spent a lot of time talking about some of the fiction and poetry that I brought to class.
I heard really good things about all of the families affiliated with the San Pedro Spanish School, but I highly highly highly recommend the family of Magdalena and Jeremias Cortez (there are 2 different Cortez families). They go above and beyond what others do. I spent about 1.5 weeks with the family of Tula Mendez and then a little over 2 with the Cortez family. The Mendezes were great they are really nice, Tula serves great food, and their house and yard are beautiful. But they were a little more reserved.
By contrast, the Cortezes went the extra mile. At least one member of the Cortez family always sat down and engaged us in conversation at meals, even when our Spanish was very rudimentary early on. Moreover, the Cortezes engaged us outside of the house as well, doing what was really beyond expectations and beyond what other families do to help students learn Spanish and feel welcome: the father took us on hikes and walks for “Dia de Los Muertos“ festivities; the outrageously adorable 5 year old son led me on walks around town; and the 19 year old daughter took us to the town pool and to walk around with her friend. I even went back to visit the family after I was done with my homestay.
If you really really want to learn Spanish and be welcomed by a warm, friendly family, stay with this Cortez family. Cortez, Cortez, Cortez. I´d love to go back and do it again, and I just might.
Correspondence with the school was absolutely smooth and helpful.
Amy Reynolds
10 / 2013
My time in Guatemala was amazing. The school was wonderful and the staff was very helpful. I stayed for 3 weeks and had 2 different teachers. I choose to change teachers simply to experience a different teaching style. I studied with Laura for the first 2 weeks. Laura taught me a lot of grammar. I had begun to use Rosetta Stone a few months prior to going to Guatemala. The grammar I learned with Laura helped make sense of what I was struggling to understand through Rosetta. Rosetta will now be a good tool to use to practice and continue learning Spanish. The last week I studied with Clemente. Clemente channeled the grammar into sentences and helped me speak the language. There were other students that had studied at other schools in Guatemala but the common response from all was that San Pedro Spanish School was by far the best they had been to. My stay with the family also proved very beneficial in helping me practice what I was learning. The parents were both teachers in public schools so they had the patience and ability to see to where my language struggles were and helped me right along.
The town of San Pedro, was beautiful, friendly and very safe.
Sophie Graham
07 / 2013
I had a wonderful (and challenging) week at San Pedro Spanish School. Everyone is extremely welcoming and kind. I wanted to build on my beginners Spanish and become more conversational and my teacher Judith was a great match. She was extremely patient with me and tailored the lessons to compliment what I had already learnt. The surroundings of the school are beautiful which made coming to class very easy. Thank you to the school and Judith especially, I wish I could have stayed longer! ¡Muchas gracias!
San Pedro is a beautiful area with lovely people, a great choice of restaurants and interesting activities.
Naeemah Rodriguez
07 / 2013
I studied at the San Pedro Spanish School for 2 weeks. The experience was very memorable to say the least. From the time that I arrived, I felt welcome and very comfortable. The school directors were efficient and accommodating. I had 4 hours of instruction Monday through Friday. My teacher Luis, was quite good. Most of all, he exhibited patience with me at all times. In 2 weeks, I increased my knowledge of the Spanish language, and increased my vocabulary by more than 200 words!

The host family was very kind and inviting. The accommodations were comfortable. The family helped make the immersion experience more thorough by engaging in conversation with us CONSTANTLY. All members of the family participated, shared details of their lives, asked questions and engaged me and my 2 housemates in conversation. Mostly during meal time at the dining table.

I would recommend the San Pedro Spanish School without reservation? Be prepared to learn A LOT!! Be prepared to use your brain and put it to the test!
The correspondence with the school was very helpful. I recommend checking the price points prior to arriving; for me the price was a bit different because I made my reservation 6 months in advance. I was subject to the new rates, which were a very minimal increase.
Robert Bruce
03 / 2013
Both the quality of the facilities and the teaching at San Pedro Language School far exceeded my expectations. We met every morning in a lush garden overlooking the edge of Lake Atitlan. Classes were one-on-one with instructors who clearly knew what they were doing. My Spanish skills were minimal beforehand so my goal was to increase my conversational skills as much as possible in a short amount of time. My instructor, Lorenzo, tailored my lessons to my existing level of knowledge and speed of language acquisition. Better still, the professors insist on total language immersion (no English spoken during lesson times). It can be exhausting forcing yourself to think and speak in another language for 4 hours but the payoff is worth the effort. My language skills increased exponentially!
The host family with whom I stayed was equally wonderful, opening their home and their family to me. On one afternoon I went with my host father up into the mountains and he showed me where he worked as a farmer, growing coffee, beans and corn. On another day, I went with my family to a local celebration in town. The cultural experience matched the high quality of the language training.
I would strongly recommend the San Pedro language school to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish- you will certainly get that, with the added benefit of studying in a beautiful place among beautiful people. FIVE STARS!!
I was given all of the information that I needed far in advance of my arrival and everything went very smoothly.
John Deikis
02 / 2013
I studied at San Pedro Spanish School for 3 weeks in February 2013. My teacher was Francisco. He is a university graduate and he was excellent. We easily moved from grammar to conversation and his ability to translate concepts was very good. Photocopied study materials were provided to reinforce the day´s lessons and to structure homework. Weekly “convocation“ was a lot of fun-- surprisingly and the afternoon “conversation club“ groups were open to each student´s self-selection based on proficiency. The school also offered cultural lectures, dancing and films in the evening. The meeting with a survivor of the civil war terrorism was exceptional.
My host family rented three bedrooms out to San Pedro students and were always willing to engage in conversation over meals. The food was plentiful, simple but varied. Because of the pentecostal church next door and the music blaring 12 hours a day from the welding shop across the street, earplugs are recommended. My host family was Debora and Pedro Gonzalez. He is a world-recognized painter of the “Mayan school“ style. I would absolutely recommend the school to others! In fact, I have already sent two friends there. -Thanks! John
Michael Stith
02 / 2013
This is a terrific school in a terrific location. Very professional and helpful staff. A great little restaurant on the campus. I highly recommend San Pedro Spanish School.
Check-in to the school was smooth and very helpful.
12 / 2012
I studied at San Pedro Spanish School for 1 week along with my husband and 8 & 9 year old sons. We each loved our instructors and one-on-one tutoring. The host family did not work out. We had hoped to stay with a family in their home, but it turned out to be hostel with other college students. It was not the level of comfort that we were hoping for. We moved to a hotel and all was well after that. The transportation from the airport to San Pedro also did not go as plan. We were met by a tiny car that could barely hold the 4 us (even with all luggage tied on top). The car broke down about 1 mile from the airport. Everyone worked hard to help solved the problem and about 1 hour later we had another taxi. This poor taxi driver had never been to San Pedro. His car scraped over every speed bump and we went off the road once onto rocks.
Were physical conditions of the school ok? The learning sites were wonderful, especially the ones by the lake.
Carmen Herz
11 / 2012
I spent a wonderful time in San Pedro Spanish School. For sure, I´ve learned a lot of spanish, but also so much more: my teacher Luis for example knew a lot about the history in Guatemala and about the Maya culture. He also shared a lot of interesting things about the life around Lago de Atitlán, things you would never know about if you just pass by. I´m very grateful for this experience and can totaly recommend the school!
My host family was amazing! They always talked slow and tried to speak in an easy way, like this it was possible to have small conversations from beginning, with great potential to grow, for sure. Rosalia is a great cook and she prepared delicious vegetarian food for me. We ate always together and had time to talk.
Correspondence with the school was smooth and helpful.
Joseph Paonessa
10 / 2012
San Pedro Spanish school was an altogether positive experience. The teachers were friendly, and the curriculum is individually centered on each student according to your needs. I really liked the one on one tutoring. I hope to return sometime this year. I would definitely recommend this program. Me being value oriented, this program was just right for me.
The study materials were copies of sections of a Spanish Language course.
01 / 2012
The San Pedro Spanish School is set in very beautiful grounds overlooking Lake Atitlan, a perfect environment for one-on-one learning. There is ample room for all student/teacher pairs, so there is no distraction. The administration staff were very friendly and efficient, even assisted in finding accomodation in Antigua. The teachers are very enthusiastic and use a variety of teaching methods to make the learning process fun. Extra curricular activities were organized in most evenings and on the weekend for those who wanted them. San Pedro is a perfect location, not too small with plenty to do outside of school. My host family, Mario and Cecilia were perfect hosts, welcoming me into their family, sharing their weekends and providing the best meals and comfortable accomodations close to the school.
Lake Atitlan is a very suitable location, reasonably priced accomodation and meals and lots of places to visit. Very friendly local people and interesting cultural activities.
Charles Lightsey
10 / 2011
I can´t say enough good things about San Pedro Spanish School. San Pedro is a great place to spend some time and learn Spanish. My instructor, Lorenzo was amazing- he pushed me to learn and try new things. Some days I felt like wandering around San Pedro for practical application of my Spanish skills and that worked well to break up the studying and try out some everyday stuff. The garden where you study is tranquil and exciting. Everyone at the school is really involved in their community and they have a way of sharing the concerns of the community and integrating that into the experience. If you want to work hard, push yourself and actually LEARN Spanish, try this school.
I elected to stay with a host family and that helped immensely. There was so much I gained from that experience that I would not have otherwise. Pedro is a famous Guatemalan painter and Deborah an amazing cook and compassionate person. I felt really welcome in their home and lucky for happening upon their home-stay. The only drawback was paying $85 and thinking I had a reservation only to learn upon arriving that I had paid to be a member of this site and had no such reservation, but rather an unnecessary membership to a site I will probably never use again- luckily the school was not too full when I arrived and I was able to register that day, but they should really clear up that link (hint to whoever reads) as I was not the only one who was confused about that!! Also, buy your books in advance as there are not many bookstores around San Pedro and finding a dictionary can be a bit of a crapshoot. I am still in Central America and using the knowledge I gained.
A+ to after school activities, Salsa, peliculas, y club de conversación.
Jerry Hagan
08 / 2011
This site is fantastic for doing all your "shopping" in one place. It offers a lot of info as well! The info I got from this site was right in line with the San Pedro Spanish School. The school was absolutely beautiful with nice weather (and no mosquitos)! The people were very accommodating and friendly. My teacher, Giovanni, was cool and was great to learn from! Really, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the school. If I had more time I would have stayed much longer!
Study materials were very helpful. We used a book that we studied from at times, but I learned best through conversation and the white board.
Sonja Lindberg
04 / 2011
I studied for four days during Holy Week at, San Pedro Spanish School in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan. My teacher, Lucas, was great and my Spanish progressed significantly while I studied there. I really enjoyed the full immersion method and all of the after-hours activities that gave me the opportunity to practice speaking and meet great people.
While I was there, I stayed with a family and had a wonderful experience being surrounded by the local Mayan culture. I would highly recommend San Pedro Spanish School to anyone who is looking to study Spanish and be surrounded by a great environment.
The staff was very friendly and helpful. Regards, Sonja.
Charles Van Beke
03 / 2011
My teacher, Clemente at, San Pedro Spanish School was great. He was very animated, knowledgeable, and helpful. If I could return, I would like to have him as my teacher again, except this time for several weeks.
My family was delightful. While I do not remember their last name, I do remember all of their first names. The parents were Elena and Juan, and they have five children ranging in age from one year to eighteen years. Elena runs a small restaurant near the dock and Juan operates one of the boats. The meals were ample and very tasty. In their home next to the restaurant, I had a private room with bath, so my accommodations were quite satisfactory (but don't expect the Ritz).
The school facilities were outstanding -- a very nice cafe/restaurant, delightful grounds down to the lake, and enjoyable evening activities. I can't imagine going anywhere else to learn Spanish.
In San Pedro, you are truly immersed in your studies unlike being in a big city where English is spoken regularly. San Pedro Spanish School is outstanding. My correspondence with them was absolutely smooth and helpful. Thanks, Charles.
Janet Gibbens
03 / 2011
I spent a week at the San Pedro Spanish School and had an excellent experience there. My teacher Francisco was great to work with, and was able to assess what I needed to work on quite appropriately. I was a little disappointed that the afternoon activities were almost non-existent, but there were evening discussion groups divided into levels of competency, which were helpful and allowed me to meet more of my fellow students. I had originally planned to spend 2 weeks there but had to leave suddenly after 1 week due to a family emergency.
My homestay was not satisfactory for me, but the school was very amenable to change when I requested it after 3 days.
The school is set up on beautiful grounds, teaching occurred in the gardens.
Donald Nelson
02 / 2011
I was happy that I chose San Pedro Spanish School, both the village and the school settings were beautiful. My teacher was excellent. I had been trying to learn Spanish for decades, the immersion experience was the key, also learning that I was hard of hearing was a big help, a hearing aid made it easier.