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Foto Gallery El Quetzal Spanish School

School description:
El Quetzal is a small family style school founded in 1998 by Glenda Lopez, she has over 13 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. She started El Quetzal Spanish School with a desire to not only follow her passion in teaching, but also to create a school that would help fund scholarships for disadvantaged children who can´t afford to go to school. The teachers have a minimum of 6 years teaching experience. The school has its own materials and good Spanish literature books.
This school is well organized and focused on teaching in a familiar atmosphere. From the second week onwards you get substantial discounts.
Good value for money! Students are given a free internet pass for two hours per week, at a local internet café.
Total immersion in El Quetzal: Very good if you avoid other tourists.

Teachers and students

The school´s 7 young teachers have a minimum of 6 years of experience. Exceptional teacher´s training.
See details for recommended instructors!Every Friday afternoon during two hours the director Glenda reviews the weeks teaching sheets of every teacher and trains teachers based on any of their shortcomings. Finally, they have to pass a weekly exam.


Directions to El Quetzal Spanish School: From Central Park (or the main square) you will need to find 6 Calle, which is next to the large cathedral. This street is on the same side of the park as the cathedral and McDonalds.
Walk down 6 Calle approximately 4 blocks (until 7 avenue) or until you come to a small stone bridge on your right hand side.
Turn right and walk underneath the bridge and continue for 1 block until you come to the first small street on your left (7 Calle).
Turn left into 7 calle and walk approximately 2 and a half blocks until you come to a 2 story white house (address 4-24) with a black door that will be on your left.
(Although the school is generally closed on the weekends, it is possible to attend. Please let me know in advance if you are interested in this).

Methods and Materials

The school has its own grammar material. Library: 300 books. It has also a special program for Japanese students with Japanese – Spanish materials. The director has produced her own detailed grammar guide and verb lists. Also, there is ample and carefully selected material to back up theme writing.


To complement your formal class study, El Quetzal offers a variety of activities to choose from. We want you to have an opportunity to use your new Spanish abilities in a variety of contexts. The school offers 3 or 4 extracurricular activities per week which include weaving, dancing (one hour free each), videos/lectures (political and cultural history of Guatemala), strolling around town and villages. Fridays at noon local kitchen instruction and food, as a farewell for departing students. On weekends: trips to the open market, mountains, the Chicabal lagoon etc. Students will pay meals, entrance fees and transportation for weekend activities.


Some of the social projects connected to the school include: English teaching, working with children from broken homes, orphanage and helping to support scholarships for girls in several rural communities in Guatemala. The school can also connect you to organizations like habitat, Nuevos Horizontes and other which accept volunteers if you like to volunteer in other areas. Minimum volunteer time is 4 weeks. There are projects of manual handcrafts every other week. Conferences about health.


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