Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico

Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico
Calle principal
Rank 86%
Prices 190 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
100 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 25 per week.
School Size 1 to 6 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary Please do not worry about the Zika virus. There have been no cases reported from Monterrico.
Study Spanish at the beach! This school is run by a young professional teacher from Antigua. It has ample space in a yard under the shadow of cashew trees. Teaching is almost up to professional standards of Antigua and Xela.
Host families have been satisfactory to many. There is also, the school´s guest house on campus for students opting not to do a home stay.
Volunteers can teach computing to kids in a rural school nearby and live in a paradisaical private casita with pool next to the beach. This casita is located at about 2 kms from the school, and you will need to rent a bicycle to travel back and forth.
Why study in cold Quetzaltenango in winter months, if temperatures are ideal here? - April through June are very hot, in July and August there are mosquitoes at nightfall.
Founded in 2001 by Geovani Colorado.
Total immersion in Monterrico is excellent, if you dont hang out with other students or tourists!

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico - Details

Teachers There are 4 teachers, some have been trained in Antigua, others are being trained by the director. Their salary is excellent for Monterrico. ...more
Methods One on one teaching. The curriculum is the same as in most schools. There are exams for three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Study methods are formally accepted by the tourism institute INGUAT.
Materials The teachers assembled a grammatical guide book which is used in classes. Every student teacher team has their own blackboard. Library: small. Video library: none.
Special Programs No special children´s program, but there is a nice big yard with trees, the beach is near, and Monterrico is a safe place. Although the school has no special program for children, the families and the beach are ideal for children. The school rents beautiful bungalows with kitchen and pool, children love it!
Location The school is right on the main road, two blocks from the sea. You learn on a veranda or in the shade of cashew trees. Bring insect repellent.
Monterrico is a fishermen′s village, in the last ten years a little national and international tourism has built up. During Xmas, New Year and Easter the sea is said to retreat a bit to make space for thousands of Guatemalans in holiday. ...more
Activities Early in the morning a boat tour to the mangroves, in the evening search baule turtles burying their eggs on the beach (July through December). No dancing lessons but there is a beach disco. ...more
Host Families Families earn $90 per week. Student´s reports about host families are varied, but mostly good. There is the attractive option of living on campus, if you elect not to stay with a host family.
See details for recommended families! ...more
Volunteering Volunteers can teach computing to kids in a rural school nearby and live in a paradisic private casita with pool next to the beach. You can also attend turtles, iguanas, and crocodiles in the Reserva Natural Monterrico or in Hawaii. ...more
Airport Pick-Up Service The director Geovani contacts a reliable and safe taxi driver, Don Tranquilino, to take you from the airport to the school. This service costs $100. This may seem expensive, but the driver waits for you at any hour with a sign with your name, and you do not have to stay the night in Guatemala City or Antigua.
How to get there How get there Just walk down main road towards the ocean, the school is located on the right side.

Students' Feedback

Michael Phillips
12 / 2015
My wife and I studied Spanish at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico for 7 weeks, while staying with a host family. The experience was unforgettable, enlightening, at times humbling, and very enriching.
A bit about the school. At the time of the writing there were three teachers Beatrice, Gorges and Elsy. The director Jovani also teaches. I found all four to be very competent, sensitive and patient. They use a standard methodology concentrating on grammar, however, on request, they will customise the classes in order to suit your specific needs. The key is to ask ! I recommend the morning classes as the afternoons are hot. The school also arranged our transportation from Guatemala City to Monterrico.
A bit about the host families. At the time of this writing there were two host families (Alba and Anabella). From what I could understand they are both single mothers. Anabella has a son Pedro and Alba has a daughter Lily. Both houses are located within a 10 minute walk from the school, near the canal and ferry. We stayed with Alba. Alba also shares her house with Papa and her brother Willman. As most women in Guatemala, Alba works hard. The food that she prepares is typical fare for Guatemala. The meals are delicious and varied (let Alba know, if you don't like something, are allergic to something, have to much or to little). The room is clean and Alba will change the sheets (and wash them by hand) on a regular basis. The room has a fan that you will need. The beds are comfortable and have bug nets that Alba made. The washroom is clean with toilet, shower (you don't need a hot shower in Monterrico) and sink. Next to the washroom is a laundry room that you can use to hand wash your clothes (purchase your own laundry soap). These are very nice people. Papa and Willman have a great knowledge of the canal, on request you can accompany them to fish (which means that you will probably get to eat fresh fish) and tour the canal. Across the yard lives Beatrice's (Alba sister and Spanish teacher) family. You will get to interact with her two children, Roxanne and David ... they come over to visit uncle Willman. If you wish, you will be included in many family affairs such as birthday parties ... women prepare their own birthday parties ... all that work on your birthday !
A bit about the town. Monterrico is a small town. Locals speak very little other languages. This makes Monterrico a good place to learn Spanish. The town is safe by most standards. There are very few tourists from other countries in Monterrico. Tourists are usually from within Guatemala. City people come to the beach on weekends. This also makes it easy to learn Spanish as you are surrounded by Spanish speaking people. The are a few volunteering possibilities, talk to the teacher Gorges about, helping with the local schools, turtle hatchery ect. Monterrico is very quiet and very conducive to learning. The night life is hard to fine. We enjoyed walking on the beach at night looking for nesting turtles.
Jan Schilling
05 / 2014
I studied with Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico for one week. My instructor's name was Beatrice but she never told me her last name. She was really polite and always patient even though I didn't speak a word of Spanish before the courses.
My host family was really nice, too. The son's name was Pablo but I don't remember the mother's name. I stayed there with my friend Ricardo and we got everything we needed. Food, shelter and nice surroundings. I would go there again :)
Lorette Medwell
05 / 2014
I also studied in Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico. I signed up for one week and stayed two, as I loved it. The school was much smaller, we were but a half-dozen students at a time. The director there did not go out of his way to meet me, or deal with me... in fact it was quite a few days before I even met him, but he was very pleasant as well. My teacher was Joel, who was excellent. Very professional, knew how to vary/tailor lessons to my level. I give him top marks. I stayed with Oualdo and Albas family, and this was WONDERFUL. A real family compound, with kids, grandpa, sister and family, brother, etc. Living in the mangroves on the canal, able to do things with the family members and experience daily Guatemala life, this is what I look for in a home-stay experience.
The one serious problem I had with both home-stays was with the food. I understand that for the price, we cannot expect deluxe meals....but my difficulty was with the fact I do not eat meat.
I was told my family could accommodate a vegetarian, and of course they did not serve me any meat, BUT the fact is a vegetarian needs other foods to replace the protein they are not receiving thru meat. One cannot simply remove the meat and live off of vegetables and tortillas! The families who offer to host vegetarians need to learn a little about it, and offer to feed them appropriately. I do not want to pay for my meals, then have to go buy my own food at the market. There are many alternatives: beans of all types, lentils, garbanzos, nuts, eggs, cheese, and for some, even fish.
I believe before a family accepts to host vegetarians, they need to receive information/education about this and be prepared to offer alternative foods. Host families who do so would be in good demand.
Alba, in Monterrico, was very happy to learn about nutrition from me, and her meals became much more enjoyable and well rounded as my stay progressed. The schools should be offering some info to the host families ahead of time, to help them prepare for guests who are vegetarians.
Thank you for your help and interest, Lorette
Dagmar Olbertz
02 / 2014
In total: I had a wonderful time in Monterrico! Classes were excellent. In the one-to-one-lesson I really learned a lot.
Topics are interesting and can be triggered by the student. Furthermore I appreciated the facilities: lessons are held at shadowy places in a beautiful garden. Another plus: teachers and school-organization are very flexible if possible. On my request I had a mixture of afternoon and morning lessons. Classes are even given at weekends.
I stayed at a host family where I felt very comfortable! I experienced a very warm welcome. My room was lovely, the house was amidst of a tropical forest. Wonderful! Meals where Guatemalan style and very delicious. I liked it a lot!
Furthermore Monterrico is a nice small town with a great beach side. Last but not least: I felt safe and comfortable.
Enjoyed the beach side: swimming, walking. Additionally, I made boat trips along the canal. Once with the public fairboats. Once at sunrise to watch birds. Beautiful.
Scott Anderson
05 / 2013
I loved my experience in Monterrico. It is such a wonderful beach town and you quickly get to know the locals!! I loved sitting outside for my lessons and my instructor was very friendly and kept the conversation going, which was what I was most interested in. I would take Spanish class in the mornings and then volunteered to help the nearby school with English lessons, which they loved and needed. This was set up through Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico. It was a great way to combine learning Spanish and giving back by volunteering. Highly recommend it!!
I would go to the beach in the late afternoons for sunset (I recommend to bring mosquito repellant!!!!).
Beverly Cutone
12 / 2012
The little village of Monterrico is small and located on the pacific ocean. It is a beautiful place with very friendly people. I felt safe the whole time I was there. The family I stayed with, was very clean and hospitable. They were so friendly and treated me like family while I was there. The food was awesome and I would love to go back very soon. They even went out of their way to help me when I was down and out with a Migrane - bringing me special dinner to my room and bringing me medicine etc. I really felt welcomed from start to finish. I felt very lucky to have had the privilege of staying with them. When I go back I would like to stay at the same place cause I can´t imagine anywhere else could be more wonderful.
My teacher at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico was also fabulous. He definitely when beyond the call of duty. He often took me on outings in the afternoons that he was not obligated to do. We went fishing, he cooked me a special dinner, took me to the city close by and markets, introduced me to some local foods that I may not have tried with out him. I loved every moment of my trip. I do have to mention that Guatemala City is not as safe - my phone was stolen there. It was not a big deal but be more careful when traveling there.
In the afternoon quite often I would go to the beach, went fishing, Jorge took me to a near by town, I hung out with Bayron... I went over the christmas and new year´s holidays and I was invited to join in all the activities of the family. It was a wonderful experience
Chris Martin & Wife
06 / 2012
We studied Spanish in Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico for 4 weeks in June 2012, we knew no Spanish before we arrived other than a few basics. At the end of the 4 weeks I learnt many verbs and became a conversational speaker with enough confidence to travel through Guatemala and other Central American countries over a 3 month period.
I stayed with Alba and her family and was an excellent experience, where we were given delicious meals 7 days per week. My teacher was fantastic and made me learn, she had amazing patience with me and I know can speak Spanish well due to her. Giovanni, Jorge and Byron were also good mentors and we had great experience on our field trips. Monterrico is the place to learn and is safe and a beautiful place. I will return in 2014 for another month. Chris Martin.
Check-in to the school was smooth and helpful. Giovanni made us feel safe and welcome
06 / 2011
I really enjoyed my home stay and Spanish stay at, Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico. Monterrico offers a different experience to any other touristy parts of Guatemala like Antigua & Lake Atilan as it is a small seaside tranquil spot. This is what I call the real Guatemala, and it gave me the opportunity to see what it is like to be one of say 5 tourists on the street. The school is very welcoming and provides really high quality Spanish classes. Jorge was a fantastic teacher and I felt like I learnt to have some detailed conversations about Guatemalan culture and life style with him. Jorge was also very friendly and the school was great at organizing activities for the students. I loved the trip out on the lancha and the Friday we spend fishing for Camarones (shrimp).
The lifestyle in Monterrico is very tranquilo as they put it. Girls traveling on there own there do have to take care walking alone and I found some of the men there to be a bit sleazy and did not feel comfortable with a particular old guy harassing me on the beach.
The home stay experience was a great chance to see how they really live in a seaside town. It is a basic lifestyle. The mother Annabella went out of her way to make sure I was happy with the stay and the food. She is a hard working single mother and really cares about making sure you enjoy the stay. Pablo is a sweet boy and I had such a great time being invited into their home and family.
I totally recommend to go and experience the real Guatemala and learn spanish in a homestay in Monterrico. Just make sure you take plenty of insect repelant.., the mosquitos are the worst part!
For study materials, I used a great book that I had previously from a course I did in Antigua.. I am not sure if they provide much material. The best material is the one-on-one speaking with your teacher. I think they provide some handouts which is also good practice.
Krissy Kimura
02 / 2011
Proyecto Lingüistico Monterrico was fabulous. I had Jorge for three weeks and he was a fantastic teacher. Very helpful on all issues ranging from culture to politics to food to bad words.
I stayed with a host family which really added to the experience and saved a lot of money. My host family was with Berena, she's a very funny lady who also owns her own little restaurant set up. so the food is fantastic and in epic proportions. Her kids are in their 20's, so they will take you out on Saturday nights. It is a very fun family, great time. The only downside for me was the mosquitoes, but I stayed for 3 weeks so they must not have been that bad.
I thought the school was great but I don't have any other schools to compare it to. but there were cashew nut trees, orange trees, lemon trees. It was beautiful, right on calle principal. Great location.
Katie Lueders
02 / 2011
I studied at, Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico and chose to stay in a hotel instead of with a host family. I had a different teacher each week, and Byron, my second teacher, was fabulous. My first teacher was good (so sorry, I can't remember her name!), but taught me more words than rules/conjugations, etc of the language. Byron created a more fun atmosphere, and got right to the roots of Spanish.
It would be fun if the school offered some field trips, but Monterrico is small and I don't think there is much opportunity to do so... Overall, I would definitely study there again, since Monterrico is very laid back and low-key, and my school was pretty good. My correspondence with the school was smooth and helpful.
Rev. Bonnie Orth
08 / 2010
I studied in Proyecto Lingüistico Monterrico for one week with Giovanni. He was a wonderful teacher, very thoughtful and he tried to teach in a way that was most helpful for me. He listened to my requests and my feedback and tried his best to accommodate me. I learned not only Spanish, but also about the community and had the opportunity to meet his family. It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful setting. I was amazed at the power of the ocean in Monterrico and loved taking walks along the beach at night while I was reviewing my Spanish. I would highly recommend this school to others.
Homework sheets were very helpful.
Bernard Mullady
08 / 2009
Hi, I chose to study in Proyecto Lingüistico Monterrico. The teacher was great and my experience was super. I stayed in a small hotel that was very satisfactory. I am hoping to return there later… Regards, Bernard.
Richard Menaik
06 / 2009
Hello, I studied at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico for one week. I had learned basic Spanish growing up, so one week was enough to refresh my grammar and practice conversing. Jorge, was my instructor and he was excellent. He was very patient and very committed to helping me learn. Study resources, were perhaps, less than other schools, but Jorge knew his lessons very well. Monterrico is a quaint small town with extremely nice people, and I never felt unsafe. However, it was also very hot and the cooler months would probably be much better (Nov, Dec, Jan.?). Activities included, a morning boat ride through the mangroves, soccer with the locals, and the sea turtle hatchery. I don′t think, I would have stayed longer than a week, but it was very nice for that time. Thank you, Richard.
11 / 2008
Hi, we stayed in Monterrico at, Proyecto Lingüistico Monterrico and studied for a week there. We wanted to stay longer, but we didn′t liked Monterrico so much. I can′t remember the teachers′ names, it was just a week and we didn′t have a lot of time with them. I just say the family was great, good food, nice room. The teacher of Pascal was very good and funny, mine was not a regular teacher, just 19, and he was okay. I would definitely take a school in another place. I didn′t like Monterrico, it was too hot at daytime to learn, and in the night a lot of mosquitoes, like in no other place!! Thank you very much.
Stefanie Schmeiduch
12 / 2007
Hola amigos, yo estudie en la escuela Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico la primer semana de Diciembre y me gusto muchísimo! Giovanni y Byron son maestros muy simpáticos y sus clases fueron muy buenas. Por eso Proyecto Linguistico merece ser recomendado a otros estudiantes! Yo no viví en una familia, viví en la pequeña casa de la escuela. Muchos saludos, Stefanie.
Mike Mosby
12 / 2007
My experience at the Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico was great! It was so good that I sent my wife to do 3 weeks. She spoke literally no Spanish before and now she is constantly gibbering in this language. The host family was warm and friendly and showed us many local ways and customs. I would highly recommend this school to anyone from beginner to advanced. Thanks, Miguel.
Nathaniel And Jocelyn Lord
10 / 2007
We finally decided for Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico. We studied there for one week. I had a good teacher, he knew some English so he was able to explain the things I had a hard time understanding. It was easy to have conversation with him and he taught me a lot of verbs that came in handy later on. Study materials were very basic. I brought my own notebook, pen and Spanish English dictionary. My teacher primarily used a whiteboard. Our host family was EXCELLENT! They loved to speak Spanish with us, were very hospitable and helpful. They cooked great local food and made us feel very welcome in their home. The school is fine, but if I was to study in the future I would most likely choose to study in Antigua, as there is more to do there after classes. Thanks, Jocelyn.
Marina Wilson
07 / 2007
Finally I studied at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico. I studied there for one week only. This was really a different experience because there were only 3 students, including me, the week that I studied there. My instructor was quite good I thought and the fact that the school was so small meant that we spent much more time with our teachers, speaking Spanish. I tried the homestay, but was not at all happy with the home. The family didn′t seem interested in having a student, they barely said hello when I arrived. It was also a twenty minute walk to the ocean and it was SO hot there that you really want to be on the beach. Overall, I would say it′s an interesting experience for a week. Thanks, Marina.
Daisy Yokley
02 / 2007
Finally I decided to attend Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico. I studied there for 1 week. My teacher, Jorge, was excellent. We had a really good time. He would teach me something new, and apply it in conversation. I learned a lot from him. There weren′t any planned activities, the school is really too small. We did have planned dinners on several occasions at the school, which was very nice. I did not stay with family. Feel free to use this information on your website. Sincerely, Daisy Yokley
Heather Carter
02 / 2007
I spend a week at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico, after being in Xela for a month. Everything went ok. The classes were good. The director was very professional. My only suggestion is: don′t rent from the school if you want privacy or peace and quiet, cause you won′t get it there. I had a problem with my teacher. He and other teacher that works at the school went into the apartment (I rented a room from the school) when I wasn′t there, and with 2 Canadian girls started watching TV. I felt violated and ended up leaving after that instead of staying another 3 weeks. Besides that, I DO recommend the school. Monterrico is beautiful and a nice break from studying anywhere else. I hope this is helpful. Heather.
Kimia Stevens
01 / 2007
I attended Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico, as well. I studied there for two weeks. My first teacher didn′t speak any English and I didn′t speak any Spanish. Someone who spoke more English would have been more beneficial the first week of studying. There were no organized activities in Monterrico, but the teachers were eager to include the students in various activities like cooking dinner at the school or going to a local fiesta. I stayed with a family in Monterrico. They were really friendly and welcomed me into their home. Staying with a family is definitely worth the experience and it was nice having fresh, home cooked meals three times a day. Regards, Kimia
Hofer Martin
11 / 2006
I decided to attend Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico. I studied for 5 days to refresh my Spanish. I got a very good teacher; we had a good time and did some jokes. He also gave me helpful tips for my stay in Guatemala. I did some activities like walking on the beach, some swimming and the Monterrico canal tour. My family was very nice, they served good food and there were no mosquitoes in the house. The reason to join the school in Monterrico was, so that I could speak to the people and travel around by myself and it has worked fine. I will fly back home to Switzerland. But I had a great time in this beautiful, colourful country. Muchas gracias por su ayuda. Hasta luego, Martin.
Annkatrin Lepin
11 / 2006
I studied one week at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico. We really became friends with the teachers; they are very friendly, open, interested and enthusiastic about what they are doing. I was very happy with the school, as they let me use their kitchen whenever and however I wanted. Also the school invited me a few times to cook with them (e.g. Fish soup feast on Saturdays) and we went to Antigua together to climb up on the "volcan de agua". Monterrico, is a great little village with only few tourists throughout the week so language immersion there is very easy. I stayed in a hostel there, rather than with a family, so I can′t say anything about families. I was very satisfied with this school and got a good teacher. I highly recommend this school!!! With best regards, Ann-Katrin Leppin
Lauren Nelson
10 / 2006
I studied for one week at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico. My teacher was Jorge; I enjoyed my time there very much, as he was open to any activities that I wanted to do...he helped me go shopping, went to the cemetery on Day of the Dead, and took a tour of CECON with me. However, our lessons were very light and non-structured regarding grammar. I would recommend that someone with very little Spanish study somewhere else first to gain a grasp of the language and become comfortable conversing. The atmosphere in Monterrico is EXTREMELY relaxed, which some do better than others in. I did not stay with a host family, but volunteered and stayed with a sea turtle conservation group, ARCAS, in nearby Hawaii. Though buggy, that experience was incredible and I′d recommend for anyone to at least visit the park. Regards, Lauren Nelson.
William Seward
07 / 2006
I studied at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico for 1 week. My teacher was, well, ok. I did not stay with a family, instead I stayed at a hotel. Thanks and I hope this info is useful.
Jennifer Hess
04 / 2006
I attended Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico in Monterrico, where I stayed in a hotel and attended school for 1 week. The quality of the education there was moderate, not excellent as the instructor was better at speaking than at getting me to speak. But still, it was a good experience since in my 4th week I could follow most of his conversations. The weather the last week of April was exceedingly hot, making it difficult to study. This was one reason I stayed in a hotel, so I could sit in the hotel restaurant and get the ocean breeze while I studied. The school did not have many activities, though one morning we toured the mangrove swamps. I was the only student in the school that week so there were no other students to do activities with. I probably would not return to this school.
Makiko Murata
03 / 2006
I went to the school Poyecto Linguistico Monterrico for 3 weeks yes, I went to the school in Antigua too but for me the teachers in Monterrico were better. They are young but they are very good teachers. I met several ex-students who came back to Monterrico to meet them. I could learn Spanish and a lot of things about Guatemala. It was really fun. I went to the beach everyday in the first week. From second week I started doing volunteer work at CECON (it was a good experience for me but I don′t think it′s good for everybody because sometimes there is nothing to do there). I enjoyed the discothèque on the beach too. And the best thing in mote rico is to sleep in the hammock. I liked the family very much. i enjoyed talking with them. I liked the food too. Write me back if you need more.
Tova Woyciechowicz
02 / 2006
I studied at Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico for 2 weeks. My teacher was awesome! There is nothing like a one to one, teacher and student ratio to aid in learning. I would recommend the school to others. It is rurally located and thus communication was a challenge, but being in the gorgeous mangroves and the ocean were worth it. Mainly we created our own activities. The teachers were very supportive of my project making trash cans out of trash to address that environmental problem. There were lots of other optional things that worked out good. The teachers provided all the essentials. There was comfortableness about the family′s dynamic.
Lioba Suchenwirth
10 / 2005
I stayed in Monterrico, with the Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico, for 2 weeks. I really enjoyed my stay, though it might be recommendable for travelers to hook up with somebody else before coming to Monterico, as it can get a little lonely... I was the only student in the school. My teacher was excellent, and my host familiy was nice, though I would choose to stay in a hotel next time, as it is a lot cheaper.
08 / 2005
Projecto Linguistico in Monterrico for 1 week - Was O.K., I liked the school, and my teacher, but not a place to go expecting to meet a lot of people.