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Foto Gallery La Unión Spanish School

School description:
La Unión is a large dynamic language school in the Southeast corner of Antigua. It has three corridors encircling a patio with a fountain and huge tropical plants, as well as a small cafeteria and sitting room. The school excels in ingenuous and entertaining Spanish instruction, social and cultural activities, travel service and volunteer projects.
The school also offers special programs tailored for children. Free WIFI internet is available around the school grounds and guesthouse, as well as laundry service down the street from the school.
La Unión was founded in 1995 by Juan Carlos Martínez and other teachers after completing a Spanish training program for Peace Corps volunteers.
Total immersion in Antigua: good if you avoid other tourist while studying Spanish.

Teachers and students

The school has approximately 60 teachers with many years of experience. They are helpful, outgoing and very flexible. They receive one month of grammar training before starting to teach.


A big colonial style building with three corridors around, central patio, fountain and tropical plants is the heart of the school. There is also a cafeteria, a laundry service, a travel agency and a backyard with a small garden and a few apartments for students.

Methods and Materials

The school has produced its own study materials, "Español para latinoamerica", which is straightforward and provides a good framework for grammar and exercises, and teaches American Spanish. "Que Onda Vos?" is an entertaining collection of modern Guatemalan phrases and sayings. It has a library, games to enhance learning, music and videos.


Every Monday, students receive a printed program of activities for the week. They include salsa and merengue lessons, bike tours, visits to social projects, a beer factory, etc. In such a dynamic school, activities are well organized and enjoyable. Many like the visit to the The Real Guatemala guided day hike in "Vuelta Grande;" the extra cost is worthwhile. During weekends there are paid tours offered to Semuc Champey, Copán Honduras, Quiriguá, Rio Dulce, Lake Atitlán and Monterrico beach. Afternoon students can join activities accompanied by their teacher. Examples are
* Salsa and Merengue (dance lessons)
*Movies in Spanish,
*Preparation of traditional Guatemalan food (e.g. how to make tortillas),
*Scrabble in Spanish and other table games (you can beat your teacher),
*Soccer/Basketball games (teachers vs. students),
*Tours in Antigua Guatemala,
*Demonstrations of weaving typical Guatemalan clothes,
*Visits to social projects, museums and Mayan ruins,
*Trips during the week to indigenous villages to see Mayan ceremonies,
*Tours with a guide to the volcanoes Pacaya, Agua and Fuego.
*Bicycle tours to areas usually not frequented by tourists: e.g. coffee and macadamia nut plantations


In 1990 it was still a heap of rubble left over from a series of earthquakes which roll through from three volcanoes. Now Antigua is the artificial colonial showcase of Guatemala, serving as tourist base camp for the exploration of the interior. The Spanish Schools of Antigua are a bargain. Come as a blank piece of paper and go speaking Spanish and knowing Latin ways.
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