Sisay Escuela de Español

Sisay Escuela de Español
15 avenida 8-38 zona 1
Rank 82%
Prices 200 USD for 25 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
150 USD for 25 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 25 per week.
School Size 15 to 30 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary This is a "non-profit-collective", that works as a foundation focused on peaceful development of the city of Quetzaltenango. Because of this, they dedicate portions of the profits to support several social and ecological projects in and around Quetzaltenango.
The school has very pleasant learning conditions with very experienced instructors and after school activities that are very well coordinated along with vivid teachings about the history of Guatemala. There is a lot of social contact with instructors, local families and students to complement the total immersion program.
You get a certificate about your studies at this school to prove at your local university, your employer, etc.
Sisay also offers students the opportunity to have a D.E.L.E., preparation Courses, if you need to have an official Spanish diploma, that is renowned on a worldwide scale.

Total immersion in Quetzaltenango: excellent, if you avoid hanging out too much with other students.

This school, fills up during busy times like, summer (June through August), at the end and beginning of year and Easter (Holy Week). For these times it is recommendable that you enroll well in advance.
Prices during high season (1st of June thru 15th of August) are $210 per week.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Sisay Escuela de Español - Details

Teachers There are 18 permanent teachers (mostly young university students) which earn an excellent $92 per week.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching has been proved to be the most effective method for fast learning in a short time. The curriculum is similar as in most schools. ...more
Materials No official textbook but verb and exercise lists. No blackboards. Library: excellent. Video library: excellent. ...more
Special Programs The school runs a medical program and a childrens´program. ...more
Location The school is located on a steep road in the foothills of the eastern part of Quetzaltenango. It is a two-story house with most activities taking place on the upper floor. ...more
Activities Talks, videos, visits to local villages and attractive sites, local food cooking course, great partying on weekends. Salsa and Merengue courses ...more
Host Families Families earn $55 per week. Student´s reports about host families are mostly good.
See details for recommended families!
Families are able to meet students eating preferences or diets, like vegan, vegetarians, gluten free and others. ...more
Volunteering Option to teach children English and play with them every Wednesday, or work at la Comunidad de San Martin Chiquito or the Xela Aid project. ...more
Airport Pick-Up Service If you need a pick-up service in Guatemala City, please email us information regarding your arrival date, time and airline. We will then contact the pick up service for you. ...more

Students' Feedback

Greg Cosby
05 / 2017
I also attended Sisay Escuela de Español in Xela, at the recommendation of one of my teachers at Muqb'ilbe'. I had a good teacher and enjoyed my time at the school.
Yvonne Pajonk
09 / 2012
My time at Juan Sisay Spanish School was great. I started without any knowledge about the language and now I´m able to have a conversation or write a letter in Spanish. The one to one class helps a lot to learn very quickly, but as well it gives you the possibility to learn as fast or as slow as you want to.
The right teacher is very important, because you spend a lot of time with him/her, but there is always the opportunity to switch teachers, what I recommend, if you are not feeling totally comfortable. The same with your hostfamily. I had to switch from my first place, because we didn´t come along as well as I wished, but the second family was wonderful and I had a great time with them and they helped me a lot to improve my spanish.
In Quetzaltenango there are a lot of spanish schools and it seems difficult to see a huge difference between them. I really liked that, at my school, every afternoon there were activities for free. We had dance and cooking classes, visited historical parts of the city, learned a lot about the mayan culture, went together to festivals and other social events and had a lot of fun! Furthermore a part of the student fee for the school goes to a social project, which I really liked to support. Greetings, Yvonne Pajonk
Did you enjoy afternoon activities? What did you do? I really liked that, at my school, every afternoon there were activities for free. We had dance and cooking classes, visited historical parts of the city, learned a lot about the mayan culture, went together to festivals and other social events and had a lot of fun!
Tilman Kunst
08 / 2010
I absolutely recommend Juan Sisay Spanish School in Quetzaltenango. It is a small school with experienced and very friendly teachers, and you can learn in a good atmosphere. They will take care that you be placed in a good host-family near the school. In the afternoon the school offers activities that students may join to get to know the country a bit better. They really helped me with organizing my own trips on the weekends, too. The weather can be really nice, but please bring more than one sweater! Feliz día, Tilman
Hamish Mohammed
07 / 2007
I also studied in Xela at, Escuela de Español Juan Sisay. I studied for 2 weeks there. I had two teachers at this school, and both were quite good. The first was a young gentleman who pushed me in my reading skills. The second teacher (Carmen) was exceptional; she was open to taking field trips or having classes outside in the Plaza. Thanks to her, I finally understand the pluscuamperfecto! Again, classes were focused primarily around conversations; however, there was a good library with study materials. My host family here was excellent. Again, a very hospitable hostess who would actually stay for the duration of the meals...she was very well connected and had several recommendations as to activities both in Xela and in nearby cities. Again, it was more of a boarding house, but it was a good experience (some housemates communicated only in Spanish, just to help with the immersion exercise). Activities were very good; the school had an active calendar with activities focused around its social projects (with students of a neighbouring elementary), games, seminars, football matches and weekend excursions. I would very much recommend this school, not only was the tutelage pretty good, the school was situated close to other cafes, bookshops and the plaza and the administrative staff was helpful and warm. The service provided thru guatemala365, was good and I was able to register and coordinate attending schools in two different cities. Thanks, Hamish.
Kate Buckholz
06 / 2007
I decided to study at Escuela de Español Juan Sisay in Quetzaltenango. I studied there for 3 weeks. The school is great and my teacher was smart and dedicated. She educated me not only on Spanish and grammar but also Guatemalan and Mayan culture. I consider her a friend now. The activities were great. My family was wonderful, they really enhanced my experience. The town is very manageable and the people are friendly and patient with language learners. It′s really easy to immerse yourself and feel at home. In fact, I loved my experience at Juan Sisay and in Xela in general that I am returning indefinitely. Thank you for this great service! Kate.
01 / 2007
I also studied at Juan Sisay Spanish School in Xela. I studied there for two weeks as well. I had two different teachers at the school, whom I did not like very much. There were no study materials provided at this school either; I wish I had been given some to help me learn more. I stayed in a large house with one woman, and the other students she was hosting. It was more like a hotel, but the food was excellent and the Señora was very helpful, in terms of helping all of us get around the city and plan for weekend trips, etc... Juan Sisay is a non-profit school that helps local children and is run by a very professional staff. I didn?t have the best teachers, but I trusted the school administration to help me if I needed it, and the activities were good. Thanks.
Ian Veitch
11 / 2006
I stayed at Escuela de Español Juan Sisay in Xela. I studied there for 5 weeks in total. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I found that the tutors were able to be very flexible with their teaching methods and would often change the weekly plan to suit my needs. the activities were varied and there was always something planned for the weekends. The school was also heavily involved in a local school. All in all a very worthwhile experience. Thanks, Ian
Bill Herbert
07 / 2006
I studied at Escuela de Español Juan Sisay In Xela for two weeks. My teacher was good. My family was okay. The activities were okay as well.
Sky Weishar
05 / 2006
I chose Juan Sisay Spanish School in Xela as my school of choice. I studied for 4 weeks. I was not happy with the way the school switched around my teachers. My initial teacher was unsatisfactory, so when I decided on a new one, I enjoyed her style. However, they switched me back to my original teacher the week after and I was NOT happy about that. When I was ill one day, they had difficulty adjusting or adapting my schedule and in the end charged me for a day that I gave them the proper advance 24 hour notice. The activities were quite good. Very enjoyable. The school itself ... we had a violent situation happen to several students and the school did not initially handle it well if at all. Unacceptable. But I think a lot of that has to do with the countries attitudes towards women and violence. Very sad. Great website. Thank you very much for the service you provide.
04 / 2006
I studied at Escuela de Español Juan Sisay in Xela for 8 weeks. My teacher was very good, we had a lot of fun and he was very professional and serious about his job, I learned a lot in a short time. I like all the teachers at the school, they are so nice and we became good friends. I liked the activities; we went to Monterrico, a lake, Zunil and many small villages around Xela, which was very interesting. We also had a lot of mini conferences about different subjects, politics, economy, culture, history which were so good.... The family was very good, I learned a lot about the traditions in Guatemala, and it was also good to practice Spanish after school.... It is a very good idea to live with a family, you learn so much about the culture. My time in Xela was so good, that I miss my life and the people there a lot.
Jayne Metcalf
03 / 2006
Xela in Guatemala. Great Escuela de Espanol Juan Sisay my third time there. This time a week of study. The same family as the last two times and they are great.  Fun activities and geat teacher
Amy Davis
01 / 2006
I did study at Escuela de Espanol Juan Sisay for 2 1/2 weeks. I enjoyed studying there. During that time I studied with 3 different instructors. The first one I didn′t like at all and I think I got him because the school was really full that week but unfortunately I ended up doing some basic week 2 and 3 because he didn′t go over some basic things. So I feel like my first week was almost a waste. My next 2 teachers were much better but at that point it was hard to correct his mistakes. The activities they offered I really enjoyed and was very pleased to do many of them. I really enjoyed my family, although I didn′t really know what to expect, it seemed more like a bed and breakfast because they family rarely ate with us. Many times she would cook for us and then the family would eat later. Overall it was a good experience. That for the information. Amy Davis