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School description:
Jabel Tinamit is a highly recommended Spanish school at the beautiful Lake Atitlán, situated opposite the Catholic Church in the "real" part of Panajachel. From here, you can explore the lake, and are near to attractions like Chichicastenango, Iximché and Los Tarrales. The school is well managed by a Mayan couple in Panajachel, Gregorio and Candelaria. They have many years of experienced teaching the Spanish language to foreigners as a second language. You can stay in welcoming host families and enjoy a host of interesting activities. The school has several computers and free internet and WIFI for students. It also offers an educational program to indigenous youth as part of their service to the community. The owners are very active in improving life in Panajachel and recommend students to volunteer jobs in local NGOs. After returning home you can refresh your classes very professionally via Skype.
Founded in 1997.
Total immersion: You get very near to it with this school, which is off the beaten track of Panajachel.

Teachers and students

The teachers are well trained with a lot of experience. They are able to encourage conversation as well as make use of grammar drills. They are able to remember what you know and build on it each day.


Jabel Tinamit has a beautiful new building in the "real" part of Panajachel - away from Calle Santander which is very touristy. The classrooms are clean, airy and spacious, there is a well maintained garden and a rooftop terrace for beautiful views. The garden feels like a little oasis from the town. Water and tea/coffee is always available. Panajachel sits on the shore of the very beautiful Lake Atitlan with its ever-changing volcano setting. There are plenty of excellent restaurants, hostels, hotels and shopping. The villages surrounding the lake are just a boat ride or a pickup ride away. The enormous market at Chichicastenango and the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala are easy day trips. You can spend as much or as little time with English-speakers as you want, the climate is amazing, and the local people are very welcoming. There are good cafes like the Bistro (sandwiches) and Cheros (pupusas), and of course, the best coffee in Guatemala at Crossroads Cafe (which is sort of like Cheers with coffee). It is safe, easy to become acquainted with and has a perfect climate year round.

Methods and Materials

The school has a reasonable amount of materials which they use in class. At times they print out worksheets for homework. There is a comprehensive school library of over 200 Spanish grammar and exercise books.

Host families

Staying with host families is another way to boost contact with the local community and to practice your Spanish. Families are caring and provide comfortable rooms and tasty food. To stay with a host family costs $85 a week.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan

When the hippies migrated south, they discovered their paradise: Lake Atitlan. A huge volcanic cauldron, filled with water, because three volcanoes clog the drainage to the Pacific ocean. Around the lake there are 12 idyllic Indian villages, named after the 12 apostles.
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