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Students' Feedback

Dan Hardy
07 / 2009
Hi, we decided to go to, Eco-Escuela de Español in San Andres, Petén. We studied for 2 weeks there. Our family of 5 went and all of our instructors were excellent. Their names were, Vilsa, Lisbet, Mary, Brenda and Martha. Study materials were good. My Spanish definitely improved. When we arrived, I was a complete beginner and my wife was pretty advanced, we both improved a lot. The after school activities were very organized and varied. This was truly an immersion experience. Everything from traditional medicine, to rain forest management, to caving. We stayed with 2 families: Lola and Martha. We would recommend the school very much. Thanks for keeping the website up. It′s very helpful! Sincerely, Dan.
Gesche Timm
01 / 2009
Hello, I decided to go to Eco-Escuela de Español in Petén. I studied for 3 weeks there. Yes, my teacher was very good! Her name is Gracie. Study resources were adequate. The host family was fantastic! The best I could get, I guess. It was the Familia, Rosa Lilian Chavin Gutierrez. They need a new Toilette but, I can recommend this school to others. Thanks, Gesche.
Gabriel Boisclair
01 / 2008
I decided to attend Eco-Escuela de Español in San Andrés, Peten. I studied for one week there. I did not know if the teacher was really a teacher. I mean, she didn′t know what we had to practice. She had no answer for a lot of my questions. She was lazy and boring. My teacher was so surprised when I asked her for exercises. She found a bunch of sheets of exercises. Not too much. My host family were quite nice. But after a while, I began to feel like in an hostal. A kind of superficial acting. They were talking and hosting me only for the money, and I could sense it; it was hard to get some fruits for eating. Other than that, it was nice. I would grade the school with a C-. Thanks, Gabriel.
Milène Leduc-Robillard
01 / 2008
I decided to attend Eco-Escuela de Español, located in San Andres, Peten. I studied for one week there. My teacher was unsatisfactory and I was really sad about that. At that time, I was intermediate in Spanish so my teacher didn′t know what to do. I told her I wanted to practice the past tense and she told me to write sentences at home, but she didn′t want to practice it with me. She only read to me her book, even when I told her that I already knew what she was reading. When I asked her what should we do to practice my Spanish, she told me that she didn′t know but me, I know. So I had to find and make exercises for myself, and she always looked not interested to correct it. So, I took the exercise of my friends who was with another teacher. I had to organize the classes! Next time, I will take a hotel for a week and do exercises there! My host family was ok, respectful. I ate well. They took time to speak with me and even with my friend. Your website is really nice and really useful. Thanks, Milène Leduc-Robillard.
Verna Castro
06 / 2006
My daughter and I ended up at Eco-Escuela de Español in San Andres, Peten. We studied for just 1 week and the teachers were okay. There were a few activities that cost money and we did some. The family we both stayed in Eco-Escuela was very good, the mother of the house spent time speaking with us.
Lioba Suchenwirth
10 / 2005
I also stayed for 2 week in Eco Escuela de Espanol in San Jose, Peten. I would really recommend this school to anybody who has an interest in learing Spanish and enjoys the magnificent jungle surroundings of Peten. Howver, san jose is not a party place... which was totally fine by me. My teachers were excellent, and my host family did everything to make me feel at home.
08 / 2005
The first school I went to was Eco Escuela de Español in San Andres. I planned to spend one week there and would have stayed longer except for the heat. I didn′t have a lot to compare to but the school was adequate. I studied in the afternoons, with no other students, which meant I got a very good immersion experience. I feel like I learned more Spanish in the first 3 days than the rest of my whole trip when I was exposed to more English speaking students. The town was friendly and the natural surroundings were quite beautiful. Business was a little slow at the school, so there weren′t many activities. I liked my teacher, but she emphasized too much on grammar exercises and wasn′t as skilled at practicing it in conversation. The school rotates teachers every week and other students found other teachers at the school better. I enjoyed my family very much, two older women who were sisters. They were close to the school, provided great vegetarian food, and had great stories to tell--plus they were patient with my Spanish. It seems like families are hit or miss, other students at the school had a rough time with host families.
Dean Cramblit
05 / 2005
I went to the Eco Escuela de Espanol de San Andres, Peten and studied for one week. My experience was less than satisfacotry. The school and instructors were OK, but nothing out of the ordinary. I have studied with 2 other schools in Antiqua on previous occasions. The town was tiny, dirty, opressevly hot, with absolutely nothing to do, and no transportation to Flores in the evenings. My first home was small, dirty, lacking food, and with an outhouse and a non-working shower. Had a bucket of water to use. The outhouse was just outside my unscreened room. Great aroma and mosquitoes. I left that morning and was assigned another house. The people were nice, the house clean and the toilet operational. But the food was very lacking. The houses and food in Antiqua were much better and at less cost. It was not a good situation for learning. I could not recommend it in any way. The town is friendly, a beautiful lake, and a nice place to visit for about an hour. I had planned on at least 2 weeks, but after a very long first week I came home. Cannot say I learned any Spanish. I do plan to return to Guatemala for more sudies, but it will not be to San Andres. You had remcommended a lady in Quetzaltenango and if I can ever get time worked in to make definate plans I will contact you to see if I can get with her. Thank you for your site and assistance.
Jennifer Savage
12 / 2004
Eco-Escuela de Espanol de San Andres Petén I studied for 3 weeks. One excellent teacher, one pretty good teacher, and one teacher whom really didn′t work for me My family was wonderful, my host mother treated me like one of her kids. It was really special to have someone who made me feel so welcome and at home somewhere so different and far away from home over Christmas.
Sara Tyler
07 / 2004
Had a great time at 2 schools:Eco Escuela de Español,San Jose. 2 weeks here, lovely home stay family, very friendly & patient with my slow Spanish, was 2 mins from the school. Had 2 teachers, one week of each, there is a set order to teaching so when a teacher takes over from another, he knows what has already been taught. School was in fantastic location, sat by open window with fab view over Lake Paten Itza. School caretaker kept the school open till about 9pm each night, so I could sit there studying in a peaceful environment, while watching the great storms light up the lake! Both teachers′ pretty good, nice people are little English spoken, so frequent looking up things in dictionaries! I knew NO Spanish at that point & realized before i went that it would be hard to do a total immersion, but that was what i wanted & it was brilliant, I just had to learn fast! Did various activities in afternoons, like traditional cooking, clearing paths in rainforest, learnt a lot about the trees, fruits etc. was 2 small libraries, one in the village & one in the school. A quiet village, very few visitors there. Were 3 other students my 1st week, only one other the 2nd, but I think that small is better for learning & fitting in with real life there? I would thoroughly recommend a visit, for a confident person who wants a real Guatemalan experience!
Susan Vonderhaar
09 / 2003
I attended Eco-Escuela for two weeks, Jan. 20-31, 2003. It was a wonderful experience. The school and teachers were excellent, and I learned a lot of Spanish. The family I stayed with was also wonderful. The food was excellent (too much of it!), and the mother of the family cleaned my room each day while I was at school and even did my laundry. Some of the students complained of dirty outhouses, but I had a spotless flush toilet. I have forgotten a lot of my Spanish, but I have a pretty good reading knowledge. I just don′t get a chance to practice speaking anymore. I hope to return for another home stay, either in Guatemala or Peru (I′d like to visit Machu Pichu). I highly recommend Eco-Escuela. I also highly recommend When I first decided to go to Guatemala, I wasn′t sure how easy it would be to get information or register. I remember that you responded immediately and made me very comfortable with my decision. Thank you!
Paula Fitzpatrick
12 / 2002
We went to Eco Escuela in San Andrés in the Petén to study for one week. The school has very good one to one tuition but hard work for beginners as limited English spoken. Suggest complete beginners spend at least 2 weeks and expect to work very hard. Our family was very good, although the accommodation was basic, it was clean, but it may be a challenge for someone used to living in very comfortable environment. Very friendly and keen to practice Spanish with us.
Mark Brooks
11 / 2002
hi. I studied with Eco-Escuela in San Andres, Petén and with another school in Antigua. Eco-Escuela was better but more expensive, and my home stay in San Andres was fantastic. I learned some Spanish at both schools. The instructors were fine. I only studied one week at each school. I am still studying Spanish now back in Canada. cheers,
Dan Pilver
08 / 2002
The next school I studied at was Eco-Escuela in San Andres, El Peten. This school was very good as well (but not quite as good as the first). The teachers at this school were wonderful. The activities were nice as well but seemed somewhat limited in variety if one was there for a long period of time. My family stay here was ok. Myself and some of the other students didn′t feel as though we were an actual part of the family but more as a guest in a hotel. This may have been due to cultural differences or other reasons. I enjoyed my stay at this school and would recommend it in the future.
Michael Benanav
04 / 2002
We went to the Eco-Escuela in San Andres, and were very pleased over all - intimate setting, great small rural town, and unbelievably friendly locals. The only real negative is that it is difficult to get information or make reservations in advance from the States. For more detail, see my article about studying Spanish there, which is due to be published in The New York Times travel section in the near future.