Eco Cabaña Spanish School

Eco Cabaña Spanish School
kilometer 6, road to Chamil, San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz
(+502)-7951-5898, 5206-9858
Rank 85%
Prices 200 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
90 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 20 per week.
School Size 1 - 5 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary This small school is run by a Guatemalan family who lived for many years in the US. They are now living on a farm located near the San Marcos caves in the vecinity of the town of San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz and have opened a Spanish School there. They are very accommodating and if you like living out in the country, you are in a paradise.
Founded in 2005 by Libertad Brizuela.
Total immersion in Coban and surroundings is excellent as there are not many tourists.

Eco Cabaña Spanish School fills up during June through August and at the end of the year and Easter. Please sign up at least two weeks in advance as it is so much easier for the school. The school and host family are way out in the green and needs to know in advance when you will come.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Eco Cabaña Spanish School - Details

Teachers This school has 5 experienced permanent teachers. Teachers have a good standard (see reviews) and earn an excellent $53 per week.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching. The curriculum is the same as in most schools. ...more
Materials Teachers develop their own materials: didactic material, illustrated cards and blackboards. There is a small library with 70 or more books.
Special Programs Childrens´ program: We have no reports up to now. The school is situated in a beautiful farm and is a paradise for children.
Location 14 km from Cobán. There are four rooms for teaching with a view to the mountains. The school is situated in a beautiful farm. It has a well equipped kitchen. ...more
Activities There are up to 3 activities during the week. Students pay entrance fees and bus fares. No dancing. ...more
Host Families The owner family is also host family, you live and study in the farm house. Students praise the good attention they receive.
See details for recommended families! ...more
Volunteering The school can contact the Red Cross (Cruz Roja) and EDECRI for the students that wish to do volunteer work.
How to get there How get there It is located six kilometers west of San Juan Chamelco, before reaching the Rey Marcos caves. Please

Students' Feedback

Cathy Addison
01 / 2009
Hello, we decided to attend Eco Cabaña Spanish School in Coban. We studied for 1 week at this school. We all got great instructors: Loreni, Alex and Maria. Study resources were good. Our host family was good. The family´s name is Sal & Libby Brizuela. I highly recommend the school. We loved the rural restful location on the farm. The teachers were excellent for all levels and ages. Food was wonderful. They intersperse learning with fun and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Sincerely, Cathy.
Nina Rooks Cast
06 / 2008
I spent two weeks at Eco-Cabaña Spanish School in Coban, Alta Verapaz, where the host family stay is one and the same with the school - it′s a small camp in the country, and cute as a button with comfy beds, beautiful gardens with organic produce used in cooking our meals, and a wonderful host who is also an excellent cook. My teacher was amazing, as was his wife who was the teacher for the other student (there are really only two bedrooms in the farmhouse, so very cozy with only a few students). There weren′t really any study materials that I used - we used a white board and I read some passages from a book, but mostly we talked and wrote. There weren′t a lot of after school activities, however you are in the middle of the country with lots of beauty and mountains and such around, so you are never at a lack for interesting things to do, and your Spanish will improve by leaps and bounds, since there is no one around who speaks English. I would definitely recommend the school to friends. Thanks, Nina Rooks Cast.
Susanne Arbeiter
06 / 2008
I decided to study at Eco Cabaña Spanish School in Coban, Alta Verapaz. I studied for 2 weeks there. My teacher was Excellent, very nice and patient. Study materials were sufficient. My host family was very kind, a lot good food and long nice conversations, I felt at home. I would highly recommend the school. Love to Libi and Sal, I still write to them sometimes. Saludos, Susanne.
Imke Mügge
05 / 2007
I would like to give a feedback and a comment about the new photos and information. I studied Spanish at Eco Cabana May 2007 and must say it was a great experience. I wanted to stay for 2 weeks but life on the Finca was so warm, loving and interesting that I decided to stay for about 4 weeks. Thanks to Libby and Sal, Dona Lila, all the teachers especially Loreni I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. We had loads of fun and the teachers were absolutely wonderful. Helpful beyond classroom questions! Besides that the Finca is a beautiful place to stay if you enjoy nature! (Look at the pictures!!!) Muchas Gracias, besos Imke Mügge.
Eddie and Lindsay Robinette
05 / 2007
We decided on Eco Cabaña Spanish School near Coban. I studied for five weeks and my wife for three. Our teachers were excellent, both as teachers of Spanish and as teachers of life. We loved the finca and the surrounding area. In fact, we plan to help the school on top of the colina near the finca, perhaps with clothes for the kids and books and otras cosas. I am waiting for my teacher to get back in touch with me on this. Sal and Libby are good people, and I don′t think there is a description that means more than that. We plan to go back to study and to visit. Take care, Eddie and Lindsay
Kelvin Eisses
02 / 2007
I decided to attend Eco Cabaña Spanish School in Coban. I studied there for 3 weeks. My teacher was good. Eco Cabaña was the experience I was looking for. Studying in Antigua was great, but I was looking for something from the other end of the spectrum as well? the earth, the nature, the tranquillity and getting to know a family at a more personal level. Playing futbol (soccer), basketball, getting in-depth tours to neighboring towns, being the only foreigner in an overflowing van, trying to learn a few words of Q′eqchi (the area′s language), and visiting all in an extended family context was real. A note of caution for future students: it is and feels isolated ? this can be good and bad for some future visitors. Cheers~Kelvin.
David Williams
01 / 2006
I spent a week in early February at the eco cabana Spanish school outside of Cobán. I stayed at the farm house, an excellent accomodation enjoyed fresh organic oranges in the nearby orchard. My Spanish teacher was adequate for my beginning / intermediate level of Spanish. My activities included hikes up the mountain and to the caverns, although I didn′t go inside. I enjoyed good food that was prepared every day. My host was very attentive to all my needs. i enjoyed my stay there and look forward to a return visit. muchas gracias ,
07 / 2005
The last school i visited was Eco-Escuela De Español just outside of Cobán. I don′t know if you know it, but in case you get it on your website I will write a little about my stay there. I stayed here for a little over a week and I just loved it! Having come from Cobán where I was a bit bored, I really enjoyed staying in the country. The school has two places where you can study - one way out in the middle of nowhere and one in a small town outside of Cobán. I stayed in the house in the country for 3-4 days, and the rest of the time in the house in the town. It wasn′t really a school as I was the only student, but it was so relaxing and I learned a lot! It was only me and the owner of the school who stayed in the house in the country, so we had plenty of time to talk Spanish and practice and doing my homework. My teacher was also great. Probably the best one I had during my time in Guatemala. She was very sweet and patient and she taught me a lot - both conversations but mostly grammar. I was a little sick while staying there, but the family was so nice and really made everything they could to make me feel comfortable there. Most time in the country I just read books, ate, and talked to the mom. In the evenings we watched movies, had a bonfire or went for walks. the place is beautiful and in the middle of a forest. We also went to Cobán to go to the markets, went to Rey Marcos - a big beautiful cave - etc. The family had lived in USA for many years so they spoke fluent English, but we tried to only speak Spanish. They knew a lot about the situation in Guatemala and was very happy to talk about everything. The food was also very good. Coming from a very traditional family where we ate beans and bananas everyday, it was quite nice to eat something a bit more "western". Not that we didn′t get Guatemalan food because we did. I can really recommend the school - it was great, and you can do pretty much anything you like as there aren′t many students there. Some might get bored there, but it is really up to you. I also think it is a great place to go, if you really want to learn some Spanish as you will probably be the only ′Gringo′ there!