Christian Spanish Academy

Christian Spanish Academy
6ta. Ave Norte No. 15
Rank 93%
Prices 360 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
210 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 15 per week.
School Size 30 – 50 students per shift
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary Christian Spanish Academy is a very well organized school, located in a colonial style building in the Colonial city of Antigua.
The school has elaborated its own seven step textbooks which are very good and enable teachers to structure their lessons better than any other school of Guatemala.
A well structured online program is very recommendable for follow-up at home!
Special programs are offered such as: missionary-, medical -, business -, law -, literature -, ecology - and flight attendant programs. Note: your studies at this school can be accounted for the German «Bildungsurlaub».
This school is proud to say that it is one of few schools accredited by Instituto Cervantes in Spain. The school is entiteled to issue Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).
DELE tests take place 3 times a year (May, August and November).
The school was founded in 1990 by Franklin Contreras.
Total immersion in Antigua: good if you avoid other tourists while studying Spanish.
Come as a blank piece of paper and go back speaking Spanish and knowing Latin ways!

Since this is one of the top ranking schools in Guatemala, it is usually full all year, especially high seasons like, summer, end and beginning of year and Easter week. Students are recommended to register at least three or four weeks in advance to assure their space at this school. The School will ask you to pay a US$50.00 non-refundable registration fee.
Note, tuition fees for long term students (more than 12 weeks) is $290 including family stay.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Christian Spanish Academy - Details

Teachers This school has 65 well trained teachers with formal contracts. They are trained extensively - not only in teaching Spanish as a second language, but also about each of the different programs and areas offered in the school.
In addition to this training most of our teachers have gone through direct training from Spain for the DELE exams.
There are also online lessons available; CSA online program requires Skype. You can make appointments using the textbooks from school and refresh all you learned in Guatemala at home.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching. Curriculum is organized in seven well structured levels. It provides a lot of flexibility and enables teachers to provide you with a tailor-made education, so that you do not have to adapt to the program, but the program will adapt to you and your specific needs. ...more
Materials The school has developed a set of seven textbooks and seven exercise books matching the standard of the student.
Also available for you and your teacher is the CSA Library, with more than 400 titles. ...more
Special Programs Missionary-, medical -, business -, law -, flight attendants and children, Bildungsurlaub and Online training. ...more
Location Colonial style building with a big patio and cafeteria. ...more
Activities There are 5 different activities, accompanied with the respective materials: From time to time there are football games between teachers and students. ...more
Host Families Families earn a good $75. Host family reports from students are mostly good! They are not a 5 star hotel quality, but the families and homes are very carefully picked.
See details for recommended families! ...more
Volunteering CSA provides you with contacts to social institutions like Fundacion Duen Carter and Hospital Fray Guillermo.
Airport Pick-Up Service Private transportation is available to and from the airport upon request. The cost is US$ 40.00 per one-way - per person, and US$60.00 round-trip per person. If there is more than one person, the transportation fee varies. ...more

Students' Feedback

Anne Love
04 / 2016
My son, twenty, and I studied Spanish in June of 2015 at the Christian Spanish Academy for a week. It was a fantastic experience for us both, and we want to return! We each had private teachers. He studied with Billy and I with Magaly. Our teachers were very professional and skilled in their methods. As a teacher myself, I know the value of flexibility, and the ones at this school are extremely gifted in this area.
CSA also has ongoing activities and day-trips around Antigua and nearby towns. The office staff and leaders are very organized and friendly. They are excellent about replying to your emails within twenty-four hours or sooner!
Our home-stay family was pleasant and also flexible to our needs. We were very blessed to have delicious meals and good accommodations. The location of our “home“ was an easy five minute walk from the school. We felt safe and in the middle of the lovely town which made it very convenient for sight-seeing.
I have already recommended this program to two families who are very eager to attend the school.
most sincerely,
Julia and Mordecai McAfee
Sean Juman
04 / 2016
Hi David, todo esta bien conmigo. Me tiempo pasado en Christian Spanish Academy y Guatemala era bien. Estoy un principiante en espanol. Yo comenzaba con espanol nievel una. Mi profesora and familiar eran bien tambien. No puedo a pensar de una cosa mala. Mi segundo familiar era mejor.
Mi solomente problema era lo que yo recibi virus de estomago. Entonces yo dejo mas temprano, posible 3 dias temprano.
Note of the webmaster: Sean, congratulations for demonstrating what you learned in CSA in two weeks from scratch!
Translation: All is well with me. I spent time at Christian Spanish Academy and Guatemala was good. I am a beginner in Spanish. I started with Spanish level one. My teacher and family were good too. I can not think of a thing this is bad. My second family was even better.
My problem was that I got a stomach virus. And then I left 3 days earlier.
Grace Routh
09 / 2013
My host family was amazing, the food was great and plentiful. My teacher at the Christian school was phenomenal. She related to me very well and when I was confused she easily cleared it up to me by good and concise communication. The curriculum is excellent and planned out very well.
The school is Beautiful!
Emily Everswick & Family
09 / 2012
We had no host family. We LOVED Anna as our teacher. Liz and Dena were perfect for each of our kids. I feel like the Christian Spanish Academy prepared us well and laid such a good foundation for our future language learning.
We loved Antigua, Guatemala.
Robin Martin
12 / 2011
Check-in to the school was smooth and helpful.
Margrit Awe
12 / 2010
The four weeks I spent at Christian Spanish Academy consisted of very intensive studies, concentrating on grammar, SA literature, and conversation. Ana was a very demanding and competent teacher, though in a pleasant and engaging way. A lot of conversation helped me to get more fluent, but practice and experience is never enough. Guided tours of different topics were offered for many different interests.
My host family was very kind, consisting of Carmen, her son and two grandchildren. I was spoiled with delicious Guatemalan food, cooked by the landlady and two supportive young girls working in the house. Everything was very clean and well cared for. Conversation during meals was part of the family's support to get hold of the Spanish language.
The school's Grammar teaching was consistent and detailed. Lots of exercises. Literature studies should give an overall basic idea of SA literature, not only reading texts of different authors, although it is interesting to differentiate among various styles and difficulties. Thanks Margrit.
Laurie Lehman
08 / 2010
Hello, I made a decision to attend the Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I stayed and studied for two weeks at this school and can tell you that, the school is well-organized, extremely clean, and a good value for your money. I cannot recall the names of my two instructors, but felt they were both good instructors. My only complaint about the school is more of a suggestion -- they should have more activities for the students, because the school offers one-on-one instruction, and most students do not get a good chance to meet and mingle.
While in Antigua, I met two friends who were attending another Spanish School. I visited them there several times, and their school arranged many events for the students-- parties, get-together and tours, as well. Although CSA offered some events, they didn't follow through with them, nor did they offer the same chances for the students to get to know each other. I would still recommend this school for several reasons-- it was meticulously clean (bathrooms cleaned hourly, floors mopped several times daily), and they offered a well-organized curriculum and teaching schedule. They should take note and do more to initiate student interaction.
I did not stay with a host family, but instead stayed at a charming hotel, La Aurora, several blocks from the plaza and well-located for restaurants, shopping and nightlife. The hotel changed entire bedding (quilts, comforters, etc.) on a weekly basis, changed sheets daily, and kept the rooms and inner courtyard spotlessly clean. It included a nice, fresh continental breakfast daily, which could be supplemented for a good price to include bacon, eggs, and other things.

Antigua is a charming and delightful city that is well-suited to travelers of any age. A language program is a good way to interact within the city and country, and a convenient gateway for other travels. I would recommend a trip to this wonderful country, and think that Guatemala 365 is a helpful resource for students and travelers. Best of luck to all who visit. Regards, Laurie.
Alyssa Baker
05 / 2009
Hello, I decided to go to, Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied for one week there. My instructor was incredible! Her name was Victoria. She was professional and friendly. Her teaching was easy to follow and helped me learn a lot! The study resources were great. The one on one teaching method was very helpful. The workbooks and material the school provided was easy to understand and work through. I spent the afternoons walking around Antigua, taking pictures, and shopping (I was the typical tourist. :-) ha!). The ruins, volcanoes, and parks were beyond describable! My host family was Dora de Armas (I believe, it′s been several months since I was there). They were helpful and the accommodations were better than I expected! I would absolutely recommend the school! It was a fantastic experience! I loved it and I hope to return one day soon! Sincerely, Alyssa.
Neil Silver
01 / 2009
Hello, I selected the Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua and stayed there for two months, studying first, four hours a day and then six hours a day. CSA was one of two schools highly rated for "professionalism" on your web site. I wrote to both top schools but only this school answered me and that′s why I chose them. Their early communications by e-mail were professional and informative. That′s one of the strengths of the school and its "merchandising". Professionalism: For the most part, CSA was very "professional". It has one of the best physical plants of all Antigua schools. In time, I became a bit less enchanted, though I must emphasize that I chose it because I wanted a high-quality result without too many headaches, so that I could maximize my time in Antigua. It certainly has a fixed curriculum which is easy (for the most part), to understand and which makes it easy to use more than one teacher at either the same time or consecutively. I′m unwilling to name Teachers: But, teacher #1 was good and helped me get started using the text, but was generally uninspired and uninspiring. Most importantly, she taught me after teaching four hours in the morning, so she was obviously tired and had to run home during the lunch period to take care of family affairs. After two weeks, I changed to teacher #2 who was my main teacher for the remaining period at the school. He cared deeply, was well prepared, and always thought forward to how he wanted to teach and guide me. He taught only me, so he remained focused on teaching me. I also added teacher #3 for two hours every morning after the first three weeks. He and I did various things, but he was not as focused as teacher #2. While I appreciated some of the exercises he tried, they usually didn′t work for me. So, I used him as a supplement to teacher #2. The text: The school′s text was good in many ways, especially in its presentation of prepositions. Book D went off track in two important ways; its description of adjectives of comparison used confusing terminology for an English speaker, it was confusing and not helpful. Even the teachers felt uncomfortable teaching this particular lesson, which took several days. I wished the text had more dialogues, since I find it easier to remember Spanish in contexts. Some parts of the course have more dialogue material, but other parts have none. I also wished that, more "street Spanish" useful phrases and sentences that I heard on the street but couldn′t comprehend, had been introduced. For a "professional" school, I also found the lack of taped study material, including pattern drills, to be a deficiency. It is quite expensive (I′d say that it is at least 25% more expensive than other schools) and for the most part worth it. CSA′s literature conveys the impression that it accepts only serious students and for substantial periods of time. In fact, there are frequent "intrusions" of scores of students who are at the school for only a week or two of Spanish lessons. That, crowds the school and diverts energy and attention of staff. Morning vs. afternoon: Most students study in the mornings, at least 80% do. I studied mainly in the afternoon. The school is very noisy in the morning. Unlike some cheaper schools in Antigua, the desks are placed so close together that it is often hard to concentrate. At least the number of students is substantially less in the afternoon, so noise is down. The staff, often makes a lot of noise cleaning the floor of the school and the furniture in the afternoons. I often wondered why this noisy, busy cleaning was not done on Saturday or at night, as it is in schools in the U.S., I often had to move to escape this cleaning noise. The school′s administration of its home stay program could be substantially improved, at least the physical conditions in the houses. If they were willing to describe the families and their interests -- even without names -- language students might have a better shot at "locating" families that fit their own personalities and needs. Recommend the school? This is a hard question. I′m not sure for someone only coming down to dither around with Spanish for a few weeks. Other schools might be just as good, but they could also be much worse. Anecdotally, I heard of other schools that seemed professional enough. Some had more primitive setups, but possibly still plants more conducive to study, (i.e. desks much further apart). I also overheard some obviously caring and professional teachers from other schools in public settings with foreign students. If I went back to Antigua, at this point, I would enrol in another school. That may reflect my personal feeling only, that I need at this point a more flexible curriculum and/or teaching style. Other schools seems to use texts as well, and some may be good. With time and more confidence now, I would also know more quickly who was a good teacher and who was not. I would also NOT get a host family, at least through a language school, but rather find a place by my own. I also would not lock myself into eating three meals a day with a family. I would eat outside unless I found that a family (host of pension) provided food that was less starchy and more nutritious. Host family: I was not very happy -- sometimes very unhappy -- but stuck out the two months with one family. CSA, made it clear that I could change family if I wished. For complicated reasons, I decided to stick it out. This was possibly a big mistake, but I was switching teachers early on and didn′t want to further complicate my life... Here, CSA should at least have taken note of the physical surroundings before placing students. Food was monotonous and extremely starchy, and often just not sufficient. This affected my "regularity". There were few meaningful opportunities to use my Spanish in the host family. There were three foreign students in this family. One, a female studying at CSA, almost always ate separately with the family of the daughter-in-law of the house and she had a wonderful and caring exposure to Spanish. I usually ate alone or with a Korean student who was studying English in Guatemala. When we were joined by the family members, they usually spoke among themselves and showed only marginal interest in us. I had almost no chance to speak to male members of the family, who came home late and were tired and had little desire to converse outside their family. I learned little from the family and they seemed not very interested in learning about me or what I thought. For cultural and possibly religious reasons, this just was not a good fit. I hope this is helpful. Sincerely, Neil Silver.
Lisa-Marie Barnett
10 / 2008
Hi, I attended Christian Spanish Academy (CSA) in Antigua. It was very professional. The teachers′ instruction was one-on-one. The atmosphere is very friendly and the school is gracious to provide coffee, tea, and water. Also, from time to time there are snacks for sale. The teachers have been tested and are very knowledgeable. The school′s program is written very well and is challenging. The students thought the lesson books were good. I was there for 2 months. I was not comfortable with the family′s home that were suggested. I thought the bedrooms were not prepared well, so I did not stay at the home stay. I later found a home stay through one of the teachers at the school, it was her neighbour. The teachers at CSA, as well as the staff, are very kind and will help you get settled into Antigua. My teacher would walk with me to the places we needed to go, so I would not get lost. All of the teachers are thoughtful that way. My teacher was Olga Rebeca Pacaja de Farfan. She is a fabulous person and a gifted instructor. Thanks, Lisa-Marie Barnett
Gary Nederveld
09 / 2008
I also attended Christian Spanish Academy for a week and a day. I had an excellent teacher, Merle Guzman. The family at CSA was excellent in all dimensions. I would recommend CSA without is an excellent school. Thanks, Gary Nederveld
Grant Hall
09 / 2008
I attended the Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua for 1 week; I was given a fantastic teacher with 10+ years of experience named Julio Lux. My host family was also great (Jannete and Carlos). I would highly recommend the school as it is very professional and organized from the airport pick up to the new student orientation. The host family set up and the curriculum were also very well organized. After spending a few days in Antigua I was quite grateful to have chosen this school. Guatemala 365 was a huge aid in finding this school - Thank you very much. Best Regards, Grant Hall. Canada
Doug Coe
09 / 2008
I decided to go to Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied for 6 weeks there. My teacher was great. Her name is Irma L. My host family was amazing. The food was great, rooms were very nice and clean. I had no safety concerns, and I fully trusted the family and other residents. The host mom′s name is Irma G. I have recommended the school and I will continue to do so. In 6 weeks, I did not see a single cut corner. They are absolutely professional. CSA is a first rate school. Thanks, Doug.
Sandy Schumann
06 / 2008
I decided to go to Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied for one week there. I liked my teacher very much. She had been teaching Spanish for CSA for about 15 years and so was very experienced. Her warm encouragement really helped me learn. We are both Christians, so it was wonderful to be able to share that. Study materials were fine. Someone at another school in Antigua told me that all the schools use pretty much the same materials. My host family was wonderful! Since they owned a bakery/cafeteria, my meals were fabulous. The house was beautiful and my room was very nice. A maid cleaned/straightened the room each day, which was a perk I was not anticipating to have. I can′t think of anything I would change, given my experience, so I would give the school 100 percent. One thing I would like to see added to the experience is a listing of Christian services in the area, i.e. the Higher Grounds coffee shop and worship opportunities in Antigua. After all, many who come through the schools are missionaries, like myself. All in all, I loved my week in Antigua studying Spanish and would love to come again. I have been telling people here (Ohio) about my experience and how affordable it was and many are interested in coming, too. Antigua is a beautiful city. I loved walking around and studying in the park, which was only two blocks from my host family. The one-on-one nature of studying was a big part of the success of my experience. However, to be honest, five hours of such focused study, even with breaks, was a bit too much for me and I felt really burned out by Friday. Maybe my age (49) has something to do with that, I don′t know! I would definitely do four hours next time. Having was a huge help, to be able to compare the various options and learn how the process of language instruction works in Guatemala. Thank you for providing this service!! Sincerely, Sandy Schumann.
Mary Pribyl
02 / 2008
Hi, I studied at Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua for one week, 4 hours a day. Next year, I am planning to study 6 hours per day. 4 in the morning and 2 after lunch. It is possible to do 5 hours but that is 5 hours straight which would make my head spin. My teacher, Magaly, was outstanding. The teachers at this school wear uniforms and seem to take their job very seriously. Administrators are also very concerned about the students. I was asked several times whether I was happy with my teacher, my family, etc. Every Thursday, all teachers are rated by the students and an administrator sits down with each student to get feedback and to plan the next week′s schedule. Unfortunately, I was in Guatemala for a Rotary project and can only spare one week for study. The study materials were extremely well organized. My only complaint was that they require a VERY rigorous multiple choice placement test and I wasted the first hour doing it (150 questions). Later I found out I could have done it from home. Students should be sure to ask to do it ahead of time. I had studied Spanish before and the placement test put me in exactly the right level. In addition, the teacher went over the test with me and added some extra worksheets so I could review areas that I was weak in. I stayed with the family of Carlos Lopez and they were all very nice. Very focused on helping students. We ate with the family and spoke Spanish at meals. Some of the students were from CSA and some from other schools. About other activities, every afternoon we could go on a "field trip" with at least one teacher going with the group. We took "chicken buses" and the cost was minimal. Also, they had coffee and tea available throughout the day. Guatemalan snacks could be purchased at breaks. The building is very nice and pleasant to take classes in. I highly recommend this school. Thanks, Mary.
Laura Truitt
06 / 2007
I chose Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied there for 1 month. I liked my teacher a lot--she was patient and found alternate ways to explain things if I had trouble understanding a concept. For activities, I went to a coffee plant, weaving demonstration and a lecture on the differences between American and Latino culture. The lecture was extremely helpful to me as I was attending a Latino church in the states and made many faux pas because I did not understand the culture; the lecture was like free therapy. I did not travel with the school--but I did made friends there and in my homestay with whom I travelled to Lake Atitlan and Chichi. I had a great family. I recommend everyone to go to Lake Atitlan. There were probably 6-8 other students there while I was there, which I really liked. We didn′t always speak Spanish which I also kind of liked. There was always someone to study with, someone to hang out with, etc. Thanks, Laura.
Bre Skelly
01 / 2007
I also attended Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied there for five (5) weeks. I had a great teacher there; she was older than many Antigua teachers, in her thirties, and I think her maturity made a difference. The school had a great structure. They insisted on tests before the first class to determine the level of Spanish the student had, as well as a test to determine the ways the students learns best. There were further tests to determine whether a student could advance. This meant that the student had to know the material that would be the foundation for all future learning. It was clear to me that not only was my teacher good, but so was the administration of the school. Every aspect of the school was professional. It was a little more expensive than other schools but it was more than worth the price. I didn′t attend any activities because I was attending a full day of classes. The cafe consisted of coffee and tea machines. The people who worked there were friendly and helpful and always working to make sure that there were clean glasses, cups, sugar, and creamer. I did not stay in a family at this school. If I go back for further study I am definitely going back to CSA. I loved the site. It was crucial to me in selecting my school. It is definitely one of the reasons why I chose Guatemala for my study. Breandan
Nancy Dawson
12 / 2006
We attended Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. We studied there for 1 week. My teacher was good. I did not attend any of the school activities because I wanted to study as much as possible. I Travelled with my family afterward. They are already fluent. My host family was wonderful!
Ramona Marotz-Baden
10 / 2006
I decided to attend Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied there sadly for one week only, as that was all the time I had. My teacher Ana was/is an excellent teacher: I came to school for a brush up and she helped me find out where I was having difficulty and concentrating on these areas. Had I been able to stay for another week, I would of have regained much of the Spanish I have lost in the last three decades. For activities, I joined a group to Sunpango on El Dia de Todos Santos, the staff organized us very well. The family of Elvira and Enrique Batz were wonderful. They really turned every meal into an opportunity to practice our Spanish and learn more about each other and Guatemala. I highly recommend them. Thank you.
Gilbert Jackson; Pomeroy, Jean M.; Leif Jackson
07 / 2006
He already finished his program in Guatemala and enjoyed the school in Antigua named the Christian spanish academy. GJ
Karen Yu
04 / 2006
I switched to Christian Spanish Academy and it was excellent. I studied a total of 2 weeks. My teacher was excellent. The school holds many activities, the ones I did go on was informative about culture. My family was excellent. I loved my experience at the school and the Marroquin family near La Merced.
Kaydiev Vistelle
04 / 2006
We attended the Christian Spanish Academy for one week and were quite happy with the school. We all enjoyed our teachers and felt that we learned a lot. The taxi driver that they had arranged for us (to and from the airport) was a very pleasant, professional person. Our family was quite hospitable and we were able to develop a rapport with them. I would whole heartedly recommend this school and if I were to return, I would not hesitate to sign up with them again. The activities that we took part in were well organized and interesting. Your website was very useful and I appreciate the fact that it is available! Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.
Sascha Johnson
02 / 2006
My sister and I attended the Christian Spanish Academy, and studied for a week. We did not do a family stay. Both of us had good teachers and the curriculum and handouts were excellent. We attended one of the activities and it was very good. This seems like a very organized place with lots of experience. I believe they have rigorous training for their instructors. We worried a bit about attending a school with this name since neither of us is particularly Christian, but this was not a problem. Thanks for running your site! We want to come back, perhaps to Xela for more lessons! Sincerely,
Marjorie Woodruff
02 / 2006
Chose the Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua and spent two weeks studying there. The school was professional, and I was generally pleased. My teacher was competent and pleasant.  My home stay was a success.  The "mother" of the house was conscientious in talking to us, and the food was more than adequate. It was within the house that I made a couple of friends. The nearness of the school and the home stay lodging to the central park was a big plus.  Antigua is lovely. However, I probably will go somewhere else next year.  Why?  I have been studying Spanish off and on for 20 years. I am pretty skilled in some areas, distinctly unskilled in others. The school′s insistence on using their workbooks and unwillingness to go outside the particular "level" --whether upward or backward felt rigid to me. Also, I found the noise level where 40 some instructors and their students were speaking one on one to be distracting.  Finally, the after-school trips seemed to have been chosen more for their political correctness than their innate appeal.  Many were cancelled due to lack of interest, and none were intended to help students (who were pretty isolated from each other as a result of working one on one) get to know one another. Next time, I′ll look for a school that offers at least partial small-group study, more opportunities for social interaction and --yes --school-related fun --after classes, and a less noisy teaching area. Mine is the perspective of a 60 some year old woman who had attended Spanish schools in Mexico and Costa Rica. I was looking for breadth of experience as well as depth of study. Your website was very helpful in making sense of the choices. Thank you for offering it.
Raymond Detter
10 / 2005
Christian Spanish Academy study Three weeks. I had a good teacher. stayed at the Aurora Hotel.
Marybeth McCown
06 / 2005
I attended Christian Spanish Academy for two weeks during the month of June 2005. I already spoke some Spanish and began at the middle level. I had a qualified teacher with years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. As a former educator I appreciated the detailed organization and curriculum for study in this academic setting. As a Spanish speaker in need of specific grammar, understanding this setting fitted my needs. I lived with a gracious young couple with two small children. Both had their own careers going and we chatted at meals and the wife took me out to tour some villages and into the city. These times were great times for practicing and plumbing the depths of conversational abilities. The only thing I would change would be to add more times of conversation. In fact should I return I would hire a private tutor to walk and talk constantly with.
Monisha Kapila
06 / 2005
I spent 1 week at Christian Spanish Academy this summer and did not stay with a host family. Pros: I really like the workbooks and level system they use to teach students. It ensures you learn all the aspects of the language and gives you something to work towards. Additionally you are not as dependent on the quality of the teacher. The school is very professional and offers many activities. Cons: The school is very big and does not have the intimate feel of some of the other schools. My teacher was a bit inexperienced.
Jim Larson
02 / 2005
6 weeks, 6 hours a day I lived with two families; the first family did eat with us and the food was mediocre; the second family was superb: directly across from the school, excellent food and very interactive! Thank you so much! Guatemala 365 was the decisive factor in my choice of school. The ratings were reliable and the information was helpful. The recommendation to take gifts to the families is, I believe, dated. The families in Antigua anyway were not so destitute that soap and hair ornaments were very meaningful. Far better in my opinion to wait until you arrive, see what the family, teachers, etc. need and then get it there. My repurchased gifts were unappreciated but when I took my teacher to lunch or bought an orchid plant for my second family my gesture was well received. I cannot speak for other schools but the Christian Spanish Academy was excellent. The staff, the faculty and for the most part the other students were intelligent, warm, open-hearted people. I am an older male college professor and somewhat reserved and "academic". I found that it was very important to make every effort to connect with ALL of the people I met: initiate conversations, invite people to do things (movies, concerts, walks in the park, weekend excursion) ask for advice and assistance. The school is helpful in this respect by organizing the schedule to encourage interaction with other students and with the culture. Those six weeks in Antigua were the high point of my last year. I intend to go back this year and stay longer but will probably study only four hours a day. Six hour hours were two much for me and for my teacher. It is far more important to practice Spanish at every opportunity. I would be happy to answer e-mails from other prospective students with my advice and opinions.
Steve Jones
07 / 2004
Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua- Great. I had great teachers both weeks.
Julia Mcevoy
06 / 2004
All kids thought the Christian Spanish Academy as a good place. (Although it proved to be too intense for my son.) The teachers were very friendly and kid oriented. The work load was pretty strong and they had lots of homework, which the older ones were less thrilled about. We did not live with a family. The school is good.