Antigüeña Spanish Academy

Antigüeña Spanish Academy
1a Calle Poniente # 10
(+502)-5735-4638, 4470-3956
Rank 98%
Prices 180 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
115 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 25 per week.
School Size 35 - 50 students
Openings Please make your reservations in advance, this way the school can reserve one of their best teachers for you.
Summary Founded in 1985 and located near the famous Merced church, Antigueña Spanish Academy has maintained a very efficient teaching level over the years. Just see the long list of recommended teachers below! Teachers are very experienced (minimum 10 years) and very motivated. Teachers are a lot of fun, but the first priority for them is to get you speaking Spanish well. You still can enjoy a family-like atmosphere, although the school now is one of the biggest in the country.
Tuition is to the point, and it takes place in cubicles that are neat, you get an excellent value for your money. Do not expect cushy chairs, plant decorations and/or fancy books in the school´s cubicles.
However; if you like nature, there is a garden estate five blocks West of the school where you can study in a huge park.
After returning home it is recommendable to refresh your classes via Skype. Antigueña also offers WI-FI and free Internet service from 8 am to 4 pm. There are ten mountain bikes for free student use.
The school has very recommended home stays. Families really give you a sense of belonging. You get the chance to practice your Spanish as much or as little as you would like. Home stays with a private bathroom +$25 per week. If you come in your own car or motorcycle, there is parking available.
Total immersion: The only con is there are tons of other students in the school and tourists in the city, but then again if you want to learn Spanish full on just don´t talk English with other people.

Spanish Academy Antigüeña ranks top in our list and for this reason, it fills up frequently.
During the end of the year, March, April and the summer months it is recommended that you enroll at least one month in advance, in order to secure your space in the school.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Antigüeña Spanish Academy - Details

Teachers There are 20 - 30 teachers with an average of 10+ years of experience teaching the Spanish language to foreigners. Students reports praise teachers of this school. Teachers receive all payments and benefits postulated by Guatemalan labor laws.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching. The curriculum is the same as in most schools. Teachers continuously adjust classes according to the student’s level. Every Wednesday progress of students is assessed.
Now, you can choose to study Spanish while traveling around Antigua and other touristy places! ...more
Materials Director and teachers have personal libraries and they give each student very useful copied handouts to help them in their learning. The school now has official AMSCO I, II and III, Spanish textbooks for sale at retail prices to students wishing to reinforce their Spanish while traveling.
There are blackboards. Video library: a variety of movies and documentaries. Free Internet and WI-FI. ...more
Special Programs There are programs with instruction focused in different professional fields like, medicine, lawyers, literature and special instruction for children 5 to 12 years (the cost is the same as for adults).
The school has a program for online studies via Skype. It costs $200 (20 hours) or $160 (20 hours with prior registration). Studying online is especially recommended to refresh your Spanish. Many students lose about half of what they learned after returning home. Two hours a month already help to maintain your level.
Also, if you are interested in learning a Mayan language, you can do so, on Saturdays. You can study the Mayan languages of Kakchikel and Tzutujil! ...more
Location The school is located about 1 1/2 blocks from La Merced Church. Every student teacher team has their own neat cubicle. There is no garden, but rooftop/terrace with a view of volcanoes and Antigua. There is a small kitchen.
Five blocks West of the school there is a big park with high walls around it, where you can study if you prefer a beautiful outdoor setting. ...more
Activities There are daily afternoon activities per week, the school pays most of the expenses. After two weeks activities start to repeat. The reason is that most students take learning seriously and only turn up sporadically to activities. Weekend trips are also organized with the students paying most expenses.
Antigueña now has a program where you go traveling with your teacher (be it on the weekend or during the week) and learn Spanish. ...more
Host Families The home stay definitely is a highlight of the experience. Family members eat with you and speak to you in Spanish, which gives you the opportunity to practice with people apart from your teacher. Families make you feel welcome in their home. Everyone goes out of their way to help you. Food is not plentiful, but adequate and definitely edible- sometimes outright excellent. If you are not happy with your situation, inquire with other students and ask for a change! Generally the families earn $80 per week. There is also the option of choosing a host family with a private bathroom for an additional cost of $25 per week. Students praise host families, although during high season most of the families give the students somewhat of a boarding house type of treatment, providing mainly food and the room and offer little actual normal family-like interaction to the students. Living standards are simple.
See details for recommended families! ...more
Volunteering The School has many contacts for will be volunteers and usually refers them to a social project of their interest. You can also contact Proyecto Mosaico Guatemala at,, to get information about volunteer opportunities in Guatemala. ...more
Airport Pick-Up Service The school offers safe and reliable private airport pick up transportation for $40 per person for one-way trip. Discounts for more than two persons. ...more
How to get there How get there From the bus terminal you walk to the "Calzada Santa Lucía" up north until the end, turn right and walk one and a half blocks, you will find the school on your left.

Students' Feedback

Geoffrey McDade
06 / 2014
I studied at Antigueña Spanish Academy (8 weeks) I enjoyed the school enormously. My teachers (Lily and Eva) were excellent and I plan to return next winter. Antigueña offers a garden environment but also private study rooms. Antigua is a delightful tourist destination with many nearby places to visit.
The teaching method is conversational and speed of progress depends on the individual student. As a beginner I found I could manage all my essential survival needs in Spanish after only a couple of weeks. My afternoons, evenings and weekends were free to explore the many wonders of Guatemala. I am a 69 year old solo retiree but really enjoyed studying and socializing with students from many other countries, most of whom were less than half my age. I made a lot of progress in Spanish. Guatemalans are a delight - really warm and friendly and the country offers an amazing variety of things to see. I took the homestay option and heartily recommend it - full immersion, very inexpensive and the opportunity to befriend a local family.
Cheers, Geoff
Veronika Vassileva
06 / 2014
My Antigua study and home stay was fantastic. I can highly recommend my teacher Silvia Flores from Antiguena Spanish school. She has been teaching for 20 years and she is a very friendly, interesting and educated person. I really liked our classes and learnt a lot.
The home stay was also great with clean rooms, good food and a terrific rooftop terrace which we used to study and to enjoy the scenery of Antigua and Fuego!
Thanks, Veronika
Joan Mackie
05 / 2014
I really loved my four-week experience at Antigüeña Spanish Academy. Everything was very well organised, from the pick-up at the airport to the final transfer. I had my first few lessons in the school, which was fine, and after that moved to the garden, which was even better. Miriam was an excellent teacher, always supplying varied and stimulating material, and able to adapt her teaching style to my needs. As a language teacher myself, I am aware of how much work and thought she put into the lessons. The learning environment in the garden managed to be both serious and relaxed: there was a good deal of laughter, but I could also hear that a lot of progress was being made, and that very different levels of learning were being equally well catered for. Personally, by the end of 4 weeks I understood most of what was said to me, and could usually respond, though I still mix up Spanish and Italian.
I stayed with Chiqui and Oscar, less than ten minutes walk from the garden, and I much appreciated their hospitality. They are very welcoming to students with limited Spanish, and I thank them for their patience and good humor.
Antigua itself is a charming, friendly place, where everything is within walking distance and easy to find. I was lucky to be there just before Easter, and to see many of the processions and the amazing alfombras for which the town is renowned. I travelled at weekends to Chichicastenango and Panajachel, both within 3 hours by bus from Antigua. I also visited some of the neighboring villages, but I know there is plenty left to explore. I quickly felt at home in Antigua, and after 4 weeks, was quite sad to leave. At the moment, I am hoping to come again next year (it all depends on my cat-sitter!), and if I do, I will certainly come back to the Antiguena school, which I can whole-heartedly recommend as efficient, friendly and professional, not to mention exceptional value for money!
I wish you all the very best for the school. Joan
Linus Karlsson
05 / 2014
I studied with Antigüeña Spanish Academy. The school was ok, however I got the feeling it is more interested in getting large quantities of students and keep them for a long period, rather than meeting individual needs and desires. I am sure it is a good place if you are a backpacker want to learn the basic skills and do a lot of talking, but for more advanced students the school is not the best I would think. It lacks professionalism and resources to provide to the students (making individual plans, have exercises to do, provide written material so that the student does not has to write down what the teacher says instead of copying from books). However, the school is one of the cheaper, and you get what you pay for! Above is my impression from comparing to other schools in Xela, Estelí in Nicaragua and Copan Ruinas in Honduras.
I had 2 instructors, but cant recall their names... The first I was not happy with, the other yes. She was listening to my desires and when I wanted to move faster we did that, even though the management (according to her) wanted to slow down to be able to “keep“ me there more time.
I cant remember the family name of my hosts, just the mother “Doña Mari“. It was a place with good service such as food, rooms and practical help, and central location. More than a hostel than a family stay though, since the number of students varied between 5-15 at the time.
Lorette Medwell
05 / 2014
Yes, I studied at Antigüeña Spanish Academy, and my experience was positive. I registered for one week, and added on another day and a half. Director Julio Jr was always very helpful and accommodating. First day was with teacher Carla, and then switched to morning lessons with Rolando. Although both were very nice, I think the better match for me was Rolando, as he was older and more experienced. Carla would be fine with students who are at a beginner level. (This is just MY opinion) I enjoyed studying in the beautiful gardens at the edge of town. My host 'family' was with Katia & her 5year-old son. I was disappointed that the 'family' was so small, and had five students boarding there, so there was more foreigners than 'chapines' around. Katia did her best and was always friendly, cheerful and helpful. The food was very basic and portions small, but she did try and somewhat vary the meals.
The one serious problem I had with both home-stays was with the food. I understand that for the price, we cannot expect deluxe meals....but my difficulty was with the fact I do not eat meat.
Both times I was told my family could accommodate a vegetarian, and of course they did not serve me any meat, BUT the fact is a vegetarian needs other foods to replace the protein they are not receiving thru meat. One cannot simply remove the meat and live off of vegetables and tortillas! The families who offer to host vegetarians need to learn a little about it, and offer to feed them appropriately. I do not want to pay for my meals, and then have to go buy my own food at the market. There are many alternatives: beans of all types, lentils, garbanzos, nuts, eggs, cheese, and for some, even fish.
I believe before a family accepts to host vegetarians, they need to receive information/education about this and be prepared to offer alternative foods. Host families who do so would be in good demand. The schools should be offering some info to the host families ahead of time, to help them prepare for guests who are vegetarians.
Thank you for your help and interest, Lorette
Mary Schenk
05 / 2014
I did attend the Antigüeña Spanish Academy, but only for 2 days. I was injured in a fall and left early. However, I loved the experience. I had a great teacher whose name escapes me. I think it was Mayra something. Tiny woman with a baby. Only works mornings. She brought me amazingly far in the very short time I was there. We chatted and I moved along. I would recommend this school and hope to return. I did not stay with a host family.
Sarah Johnson
05 / 2014
I spent 2 weeks studying at Antigüeña Spanish Academy in beautiful Antigua. I chose to study 6 hours per day, and on my one full weekend there I studied 4 hours a day. My first full day in Antigua, a Sunday, I had 2 hours with a tutor, Emy, who ended up being my morning and weekend teacher for my entire stay. She's excellent. She's been teaching Spanish for decades and often brought textbooks to use with me. I learned a lot of grammar from her. She’s very personable and several times we joined one or two other student-teacher pairs for group conversation, which is a great way for students to overcome shyness about speaking. I had a different teacher for the 2-hour afternoon sessions, and switched afternoon teachers after the first week. Paula was my teacher the first week and was great -- a lot of fun. I switched just to try someone new. The second week my afternoon teacher was Aurora, and again, she was wonderful. Great sense of humor, good at explaining grammar.
I went on three group outings in the mornings, one to the nearby Mayan cultural center, and twice to local churches (by foot), because I was there during Cuaresma (Lent) and there was a lot to see. These outings were well worth it. The Mayan outing cost Q100 and included lunch; the others were free.
I stayed with a very nice family while I was there, in a great location. This was the family of Cornelia, in the Manchen neighborhood. Cornelia, an 85-year-old widow with lots of family nearby, is a great cook and is very sweet. She had a live-in all-around helper/companion, also a very sweet woman. This was a family of good, kind people who were happy to engage if you approached them, but the situation didn't provide much Spanish immersion. We students ate separately from the family and naturally spoke English to each other. On one occasion one of Cornelia's daughters, who's a Spanish teacher herself, had breakfast with us students and interacted with us. It reminded me of how a homestay is supposed to work. I should say that there had recently been a death in the family and both Cornelia and her helper were having health problems during my stay; these factors may have affected how they normally are with their students. I know they’ve been taking in students for many years and Cornelia spoke of how these were always good experiences for her. I loved the location of the house, but there are a couple of blocks at the base of the neighborhood (which is on a hill) that in off-hours were pretty deserted and creepy. I was traveling alone so I simply didn't go out after dark. Overall, with both the homestay and the school, I had a great experience and learned tons of Spanish.
Thanks, and thanks for your website!
Sarah Johnson
Ann Johns, PhD
05 / 2014
We studied for 8 days at Antigüeña Spanish Academy---my two grandchildren, Eliza and Adam, also studied at the same time. We ALL got excellent instructors and we were very happy with how much we learned. But I can't remember any names...sorry. (They they may remember Adam and Eliza. Adam's teacher loved him...). Our host family was very good. Again, I've forgotten the names. They invited us to a quinceanera and included us in other family gatherings (e.g., Christmas).
Linda Jenkins
05 / 2014
I studied with Antigüeña Spanish Academy for two weeks. I had a good instructor and excellent host family, but cannot recall their names.
Jeroen van Dijk
05 / 2014
Yo tenía un buen tiempo con Antigüeña Spanish Academy. Me gustaría hacerlo otra vez. Pronto. Yo he estudiado por 4 semanas con diferente profesoras. Todas eran buenas. Yo encontré dos nombres: Itsela y Lety o Leticia (no se exactamente). El nombre de la familia era Sactic. Simplemente perfecta. No podemos esperar algo tan amable y bueno por esto precio. No tengo muchos foto's de la escuela. Solo una con la familia.
Bendiciones, Jeroen van Dijk
Hedy Schoonover
05 / 2014
Hi David, and thanks for checking on the quality of the Spanish Schools in Antigua. Yes. I studied with Antigüeña Spanish Academy in Antigua, and I considered it excellent. I only studied for two weeks and got a fantastic instructor by the name of Mariam. Antiguena Spanish Academy conducts most of its classes in El Jardin which is about a 10 minute walk from their office. All instruction is one to one. You can request a new teacher if the fit isn't good or after your first week if you want another experience. (I didn't).
I stayed with Olga de Molina in El Rosario. Her location is in the far south of town and Antiguena Spanish Academy was in the far north so it wasn't convenient in that way.
Guess that's about all for now...............Hedy
Charles Stephens
10 / 2013
I had a wonderful time in Antigua. My first host family was very nice but I heard way too much English as there were 6 other young students that spoke a lot of English.
The Antigueña Spanish Academy was great and got me another homestay family where English was not spoken by the family and the other 2 students worked hard to keep it to Spanish.
I changed my teacher after 4 weeks and wish I had after just 2 weeks. It is great that you can change teachers and even encouraged to do that.
Love it Will be back.
09 / 2013
Antigueña Spanish Academy is a great school! The staff was fantastic. I had one minor complaint about the timeliness of my teacher and they remedied the situation immediately above and beyond my request. They truly went out of their way to make my short time in Antigua pleasant.
Additionally, my host family was authentic, interactive, and incredibly welcoming. I highly recommend this school.
I enjoyed the afternoon activities! Our guide was both kind and knowledgeable. He encouraged us to speak Spanish throughout our activities.
09 / 2013
My time spent at the Antigueña Spanish Academy was great! My teacher was very nice, she pushed me to speak more and be more confident in speaking Spanish. It was perfect for me to have a teacher that did not speak and English because we only spoke Spanish and I feel like in one week I reviewed a lot of what I knew. My host family was incredible! We have several students within our house so we had a chance to do things together and to enjoy the family.
I think that Antigua is a beautiful city! It has a lot of culture, restaurants, and endless things to do!
David Fisher
08 / 2013
The best time of my life! You have to do this. I will definitely do it again.
David, the study materials were extremely helpful. They consisted of everything that I wanted to learn about Spanish grammar and conversation.

Con Mucho Cariño.
06 / 2013
Had a wonderful week learning spanish at, Antigueña Spanish Academy in Antigua. My teacher, Sarah, was wonderful. I wish I could have stayed a little longer.
Check in to the school was smooth.
Eva Wissting
05 / 2013
I was very pleased with the Antigueña Spanish Academy and especially my teacher, Arely. They were very flexible with the schedule of my classes, which meant I could squeeze in 8 days of studies during my 9 days stay as well as adjust hours for classes according to my other activities in Antigua. I was very content with my teacher Arely. She continuously adjusted classes according to my level, which meant I could pick up my much forgotten Spanish much quicker than I had anticipated.
Beforehand, I decided to stay at a hotel, but I do regret this and wish I had opted for a family stay instead, in order to pick up more Spanish as well as learn more about ordinary Guatemalan life.
Phil Scott
04 / 2013
It´s been 6 weeks, 3 hours a day, Monday thru Friday at, Antigueña Spanish Academy... I do not do any home work at all, I am 72 years old with short term memory limitations. I am learning very slowly because of that, but I am learning. Anna is my teacher. She has been teaching for 10 years and is very good with the grammar..., since I do not practice at home speaking the corrected sentences she writes me, my retention is bad. We are going to change to more focus on learning by extensive repetition and make sentence formation habitual rather than relying solely on my memory of all the rules and exceptions as I have been so far. Younger students seem to learn a lot faster. Anna laughs at my jokes (bromas in spanish), we have a lot of fun. That is very important..., keeps me from wearing out.. Learning a new language from scratch is hard work. The school´s issued materials are an excellent and concise summary especially if one reads them..., I am a bit short on that studying end of things.
The home stay with Cesar and Eva is world class in all respects... it´s a 10 minute walk from the school. They truly enjoy the company, I can see why. The package is very reasonably priced. Eva is flexible on meal times if you need it. The house was built in 1940 or so, to the local standards with uncovered sections between the kitchen and wash room areas, cement and block with steel doors..and about 100 yards from a 16th century cathedral ruin along a dirt pathway..., very interesting. The people here are unpretencious, which I find quite a pleasant relief. The Wi-Fi works plenty well enough, $25 a month. Skype is marvelous and almost free for calls around the world. I do my web business from the house with no problem.
So far we have about 4 students in the house at all times, most staying 2 or 3 weeks..., including some very considerate and interesting people in their early twenties... traveling folks seem to be a breed apart. I am treated very well, which surprised me. Buy some hydrogen peroxide from the super markedo when you get here. rinse your tooth brush in that, not the tap water. The McDonalds is half a block from the super markedo, and a long block from a huge 16th century ruin..., there are 19 such in this town about 1 mile square. The McDonalds inside is like a 5 star hotel, with a large garden eating area.., regular prices, no dollar menu.., a world class coffee bar better than Starbucks... lush by starbuck standards..., but you can by 1 dollar fried chicken leg next door, and dollar fifty hamburgers at the super markedo, hot dogs are 65 cents to 1 dollar ( 6 to 7 Qs).
The best bank is Banco Industrial by the park imo... take a tuk tuk the first time. There can be problems getting some credit cards honored here for various unknown reasons, take several and some back up cash, VISA works best for me. Have your online banking working well.
A few warnings, the tuk tuks can dislocate your back if you don´t tell them "despacio" (go slow), fee is $1.50 anywhere in town, (10 quetzales, or 10Q) be sure to have the change on you. show them the 10Q before you get in. For reasons I can´t put my finger on, it seems most people fall in love with this place and its people.
When picking teachers it might be a good idea to tell the school that you would like to try several different teachers for a few days each before you get going with one particular teacher... mine, and most others have a following of return students however from around the world... its an individual thing.
The ATM´s in town do not give receipts and can fail to give you your money in rare cases, you have to stay on top of that..., if the machine says it can´t deliver the cash, check your bank to see if it took the funds out anyway. Use the bank owned ATM´s, not the private ones. The bank ATM´s have attendants that can help sort out such problems. I keep a minimum balance in my debit cards.. $5 per withdrawl plus 1/10th of 1% or so by the ATM itself.
Cheapest way to get here from the airport is via shuttle for $10 or so..., then take a tuk tuk to the school during business hours and get an escort to your home stay location or the school will arrange a private van $40 that´s bullet proof direct to the home stay. It´s a one hour trip that way.
Antigua is on the low slopes of two volcanoes, the biggest one erupted and shot fire into the air yesterday, I missed it..., no ash fell.
There is a super market here of sorts, prices are the same or higher than in the US for food. Other things are a lot cheaper..., the open market close by is a lot cheaper..., clothing at ROSS discount store prices in the US. Phil
03 / 2013
My teacher Paula was absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone trying to learn spanish with a fun professional. I felt like I was making a new best friend while simultaneously learning a new language. She was well educated with lots of experience and patience. She did in fact understand quite a bit of english which while not necessary, was also helpful and comforting. Regardless of this, communication was clear, pleasant and the conversations were always interesting. In addition to learning the language, I also learned a great deal about Guatemalan culture from her. I highly recommend Paula! (quick insert of hello and I miss you here). The free activities arranged by the Antiguena Spanish School were also pleasant and a great way to meet other people. They are worth doing even if they don´t interest you right off the bat.
My home stay was near the school and also very accommodating. I stayed with Ana Maria but lived in a separate building that was not actually her house. I would come in to sit for meals, we would exchange polite words about the day a bit, but ultimately it felt more like a hotel than a homestay. I was not allowed into the kitchen or the rest of the house for any reason and so it was a bit awkward coming to sit and be fed. Nonetheless, the place was clean and pleasant. I really can´t complain. She did also mention quite a bit about gifts that previous students had given her which was a bit excessive and inapropriately suggestive. When you agree to pay for an exchange of services, I don´t think gifts should be expected but rather a genuine act of kindness. Overall, my experience with the school and its services were pleasant and productive.
My check in, was very smooth and easy. Julio was very accommodating and helpful, though did try to get me to pay double for my pickup from the airport. I missed my connecting flight and called well in advance, and even though the driver admitted he lived right in Guatemala City where he pícked me up, Julio was insistant that I had to pay the full price for him supposedly driving two hours to and from antigua which just wasn´t true. He was sneaky on the phone when trying to negotiate and tried to make it seem like he was doing me a favor but surely he was just trying to pocket more money. In all other regards though, he and the school were very accomodating and pleasant.
03 / 2013
We loved Guatemala. The family we stayed with was perfect for us... they spoke Spanish the whole time and were patient with us in our attempts. The entire experience was wonderful at Antiguena Spanish school too.
Antigua is a Beautiful city. We want to return.
Lon Haskew
03 / 2013
I enjoyed my time very much at Antiguena Spanish Academy. The owner runs the business well, and as I understand it, this is not the case with all the owners of the other schools in Antigua. My instructor, Waleska, was a young woman with lots of energy, lots of personality and she was most knowledgeable on both Spanish and English. There is no doubt that if I return to Antigua to study, I will request Waleska.
I chose to stay in a nearby hotel, Posada La Merced, and I was quite pleased with my accommodations. The owner was a good businessman, and the manager, Jorge, was great!
I enjoyed Antigua, but I was there before and during semana santa and all the processions became a bit much. Also, I am more suited to big cities, and Antigua is rather small.
Donald Samson
02 / 2013
I could not imagine an easier way to have taken an immersion program. The Antiguena Spanish Academy is well organized, the lessons clear and built up in a way to insure the best learning, and my teacher was outstanding.
Staying in Antigua was like living in a fairy tale (with traffic). I would recommend this school, their program, their teachers and Antigua to anyone who wishes to combine vacation with Spanish immersion. We are already planning our next trip to study Spanish in Antigua at the Antiguena Spanish Academy.
Everything connected with the school went smoothly and the staff and my host families were always helpful.
Desiree Singleton
02 / 2013
My time at Antiguena Spanish Academy was above and beyond my expectations. My host family was fabulous- Lydia and Rodolfo were wonderful host parents and their home is lovely. My maestra was Sorayda and she was extraordinary by customizing my lessons to exactly what I needed. I learned a ton during my 2 weeks and the combination of excellent teaching and spanish speaking environment at my home made for such a great experience.
I enjoyed the afternoon activities, hike to the cross, city tour, hot springs, parties at the school.
Bob Ward
01 / 2013
My wife (Charlotte) and I studied for only one week. We both thought that the garden area of the school was very beautiful and comfortable. One day we had a school provided excursion to Finca Azotea, which we thought was extremely interesting. Another day the school provided a trip to SanAntonio Aguas Calientes. We visited a weaving cooperativa and learned about Mayan culture and wedding ceremonies. This was very worthwhile. Our teachers were Sylvia and Teresa. The vast majority of the class time was spent in conversation, which was satisfactory for me, but my wife needed more grammar practice and there were no exercises provided. It seemed that the teachers had very few resources available to them. We stayed at Taanah Guest House with Fernando and Evelyn. We were very happy with everything at Taanah and recommend it highly.
What is your opinion on Antigua, Guatemala? We have been to Antigua several times and always enjoy it very much.
Cheryl Huffman
01 / 2013
I found my time at Antigueña Spanish Academy most satisfying. The teachers were willing to work with me in the way that worked best for me to learn. I am NOT the kind of person that can sit at a table day after day and study grammar. I learn best when walking with my teacher and talking as we explored Antigua. I enjoyed the activities they offered. I especially enjoyed a trip to a Mayan village where I had the opportunity to try weaving and making tortillas.
I would definitely return to the school again if I wanted to study more Spanish. My Spanish definitely did improve over the time I was there. My goal was to improve my use of the past tense and I definitely accomplished that. It also helped that the school had free WiFi for the students. I was able to keep in contact with my friends and family very easily that way.
I felt that the extracurricular activities were part of making the whole learning experience amazing.
12 / 2012
We had an amazing experience at, Antigueña Spanish Academy! My husband and two teen aged sons stayed with a wonderful host family for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years. Our host family was very kind, sat and talked with us at every meal, and were particularly kind to my sons. The host family was a highlight. Our teachers were also very good. My older son did not really click with his first teacher, so we switched teachers the second week. That was very easy to do. The school accommodated our request. I was a little disappointed that the school did not organize more free activities in the afternoon. Other than that, we really loved every minute of it.
Check-in to the school was smooth and helpful.
Bud Rogers
12 / 2012
I am a 65 year old american, with very little travel experience. I found Antigua, Guatemala to be a wonderful place to take Spanish lessons. It is very interesting and exciting. I found Antigueña Spanish Academy to be the perfect school for me. I was treated incredibly well by the owner Julio and the teachers. My teacher Waleska was very patient, encouraging and innovative in her teaching methods. I studied outside in a beautiful garden and learned a lot of Spanish. If you have any questions about my experiences with this school or Antigua please feel free to contact me at:
Antigua, Guatemala is Excellent!
Eric Holdijk
12 / 2012
Absolutely loved my time at, Antiguena Spanish Academy. In fact, I am missing it right now. But it´s okay, I will be returning for Semana Santa in March. Anyways not much more can be said except that every faucet was fantastic. All the teachers were friendly. A enjoyed my time with my main teacher Rosario immensely. Perfect mix of fun and serious. Every day I took four hours with her. My secondary teacher, who I took for an extra two hours everyday, was Claudia. She was a fun, fun, fun, and was perfect for these extra hours because the goal was solely to converse and not worry too much about learning new grammar or vocabulary. Finally I´d reccomend the rather serious maestra Ana Isabel, but only when it´s important to be serious. At all other times she was a great laugh. As for my homestay, can´t say enough great things about Rodolfo and Lydia, good food, good company, very supportive of speaking spanish. They also live right beside the school. One big step, or two small ones, and your inside. Loved my time there. The school also has great afternoon activities, a friendly manager, Julio! (and is ideally located away from the center, but not too far) near the Merced Church. The only con is there are tons of other students in the school and tourists in the city, but then again if you want to learn spanish full on just don´t talk english with other people. Anyways cheers!
11 / 2012
I elected to rent a beautiful one Bedroom apartment, through Century 21, two blocks from the school! My dining room and garden made a perfect quiet classroom. The lessons were excellent and I recommend a teacher fluent in English especially the first few days when you are overwhelmed! If you do two hours of homework every day you will learn tons! If you chat with all the locals you will learn tons! I highly recommend Antigüeña Spanish Academy. Joanne, a Celtic Fiddler from Canada
My correspondence with the school was excellent.
Jowita Szczygielska
08 / 2012
The experience at Antiguena Spanish Academy was great. The teacher was great making sure I learn but also flexible. The host familly made me feel as part of their familly. The meals were prepared timely and were tasty. They also made sure to give us conversation time during meals so we could practice spanish. I also met other host families besides mine (Silvia Ramirez): Silvia Gonzalez and Hojana Hernandez, great people highly recommended.
The check in to school was very good, thank you Iliana Echevaria Lopez!