About us

Our small team has set ourselves the goal to make Guatemalan Spanish Teaching known in the world, and to put the finger on outstanding schools. We believe that this will benefit Guatemalan society – as well as many students from overseas.

Our effort helps the schools save publicity costs. Please be aware that we receive a small commission from the schools for students who registers through us. This helps us maintain this site available for the public and of course it helps us to keep our work.

Aldea Chicoc, 
Cobán, Alta Verapaz 

Tel.: (+502) 7952-3762
e-mail: info.guatemala365@yahoo.com

Skype us: Our Skype name is "guatemala365" or "study.spanish".

David Unger is the founder of this site. He has worked in Guatemala in conservation and development since 1985 and is presently active protecting 270 square kilometers of tropical forest near Cobán (see www.proeval-raxmu.org). His wife and four children are Guatemalan.

Edgar Juarez is our student coordinator and translator. He is the person you will be most likely in touch with if you have any questions or doubts. He has lived in the United States for 15+ years and returned to his country to start a new life.  Image
Daniela Obregón can help you planning your trip to the Quetzal and kekchi communities in "GuatemalaStory" in the center of Cobán. Also, she travels through the whole country updating our travel site "www.guatemalastory.com".  Image
Luis Rivas powers www.guatemala365.com and www.guatemalastory.com. He is studying Systems Engineer here in Cobán and may be the best web programmer in Guatemala's north. He wants to put up his own web enterprise one of these days.  Image
Clara Brunner works presently as volunteer in our tour agency "GuatemalaStory" in the center of Cobán and helps to update ours travel site.  Image
Josué Obregón acts as scout and photographer to investigate places for our travel site which is under construction: www.guatemalastory.com  Image