Xinabajul Spanish Academy

Xinabajul Spanish Academy
4 Avenida 14-14, zona 5, Colonia Los Encinos
(+502)-7764-6631, 5351-0117
Rank 84.3%
Prices 200 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
125 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 25 per week.
School Size 2 - 12 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary This school combines a friendly and relaxed family environment with professional teaching. You are guaranteed to meet Guatemalans who have not had contact with tourists. While studying here, you have the opportunity to do bike tours and other excursions and really get to know this part of the country. On Mondays, after excursions, students discuss their experiences during class, practicing what they learned the previous week. Xinabajul gives students interesting contacts for volunteer opportunities.
Teaching takes place in a nice building in a quiet and safe neighborhood of Huehuetenango.
Founded in 1992.
The school extends a diploma upon request for student with more than two weeks of lessons.
New online lessons so that you can continue your Spanish lessons at the commodity of your home at your own time.
Total immersion in Huehuetenango is excellent, since it is off the beaten touristy path, best in Guatemala.

This is a small school that fills up during times like, Holy week (Easter), summer (late may through late August) and at the end and beginning of the year. For these times it is recommendable that you enroll at least two weeks in advance to help the director plan for staff and family placement.
By registering in advance, the school can assign you the best available teacher.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Xinabajul Spanish Academy - Details

Teachers There are 6 permanent experienced teachers which earn a good $55 in weekly salaries. Teachers average experience is 10 years.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods Just like some other schools in Guatemala, this school uses the effective ′One on one′ teaching method and also, are flexible to tailor the program to meet each individual′s need. ...more
Materials No official textbook but verb and exercise lists. Teachers develop their own materials. Library: small. Video library: layman videos. ...more
Special Programs This school offers teaching for children, via phonetics and visual play cards. ...more
Location Teaching takes place in a small and comfortable school house with ample rooms for every student and teacher team. Between lessons they gather in the kitchen to socialize. There are also a small patios and a terrace. ...more
Activities Excursions and bike tours to Aguacatan, El Mirador, Chiantla and other places. There are also some local activities available and students also organize weekends activities. ...more
Host Families Families earn a good $55 per week. Student?s reports about host families are generally good. ...more
Volunteering Because Guatemala is still a developing country, there are numerous volunteer opportunities. For example the schools in Huehuetenango (Huehue) and in the indigenous highland villages are always in need of some repairs such as electrical, carpentry, or roofing. There are also opportunities for teaching English locally and up in the Cuchamatanes. If you have musical skills, that can also be a benefit. There are often ongoing large projects that will appreciate an extra hand. Also, there is an orphanage in Huehue that can be contacted after your arrival for opportunities there, sometimes for just spending time with the kids.
All volunteer work requires a basic commitment of time and money. Building or repair supplies and school supplies or photocopying are usually paid for by the volunteer. But in the end the volunteer really benefits the most from the unique experience of immersing into a different culture. One that is unforgettable and eye opening!
Airport Pick-Up Service Upon request, the school can arrange with a hostel in Guatemala City to pick you up at the airport and drive to the bus station of buses that go to Huehuetenango. ...more
How to get there How get there If you arrive by pullman bus, please call the school before leaving Guatemala City, so that the director or a staff member can meet you at the bus station. The school is located in the "Los Encinos" suburb near the police sub-station in Zone 5 in Huehuetenango, in the further vicinity of the bus terminal.

Students' Feedback

Alexander Gross
05 / 2014
The response from Xinabajul Spanish school was very prompt and courteous. The answer was more than adequate and they really helped me plan my travel to the school from Flores, Guatemala. The school was excellent for me because they focus on 1-on-1 teaching. They also have a unique curriculum where there is one teacher for grammar and another for the rules of Spanish - fun! I was able to have a private classroom with dedicated, passionate teachers - the layout and atmosphere of the school is great. I was shown a lot of personal attention and respect, more so than other schools I have studied at in Guatemala. Having studied at Spanish Language programs in Xela and Antigua, I prefer Xinabajul in Huehuetenango. Thanks
Leanne Bock
07 / 2010
Hi, I've recently had a great experience at Spanish Academy Xinabajul in Huehuetenango. I studied for 6 weeks (but only planned on staying for one week). I had 2 responsive, patient, intelligent instructors, Yesi for 2 hrs in the mornings and Otto for 2 hrs in the afternoons. The library wasn't expansive, but there were enough aids to keep me happy. The after school activities were very good, visited an orphanage in town, went mountain biking in the mountains, swimming in the pools a short moto ride away, visited the local market, local library, nearby lake and local villages. As for the host family, I stayed with a wonderful lady named Cony, 2 doors down from the school who was very warm, welcoming and chatty. I will stay in touch with both her and everyone at the school. I would definitely recommend the school; it is perfect for a real immersion experience. Sheny (the director of the school) and Otto (her husband and also my teacher) were so welcoming and relaxed, there was always lots of laughter and fun in the school and they were prepared to help out in every way. Also fascinating surrounding area - the Cuchamatanes Mountains and the traditional villages just a bus ride away. Many thanks, Leanne.
Jennifer Hess
05 / 2010
Hello, I decided to go to Spanish Academy Xinabajul in Huehuetenango. I studied for one week, there. I got a good instructor, Otto, he was my instructor and he was excellent. He is an experienced professor who knows how to evaluate your skills level and then lead you forward. I felt like the week, I spent with him was well spent. There was not a great need for many study materials beyond my dictionary and the small verb and grammar books I brought. Otto, wrote out rules and exceptions to rules in my notebook and we then practiced orally or with written homework assignments. The week of my stay there was during Tropical Storm Agatha, so there were not a lot of after school activities. Otto, did drive me to the Zaculeu Ruins one afternoon. Otherwise, when the weather permitted I hiked in the hills above the school, or around town. I stayed with Otto and Maria at the school. This was my 4th time studying Spanish in Guatemala, and in my experiences, they were an excellent host family. My room was huge, bright, and clean, and I shared a bath with one daughter. Maria is a great cook and the food was always fresh and filling. I would definitely, recommend this school. Huehuetenango is a bit off the beaten touristy path and Xinabajul is a small school so, there are not a lot of other gringos out and about. This is great for those focused on improving their Spanish, though there is less in the way of a social scene. Sincerely, Jennifer Hess.
Martina Steinort
01 / 2009
Hello, I decided to go to Spanish Academy Xinabajul in Huehuetenango. I studied for 4 months there. I got a good instructor, his name is Otto Mendoza. Hay espacio para estudiar pero hay pocos libros. Mi maestro y su esposa fueron mi familia. Yo tuve mi propia habitación y la comida estuvo muy rica. El nombre de la familia es Mendoza Dominguez. I would recommend the school to others. Sincerely, Martina.
Rachel Szekely
10 / 2007
Hi! I ended up going to Academia de Español Xinabajul in Huehue and I wasn′t very impressed. There were no afternoon activities, the teachers often came late or wasted my class hours chatting amongst themselves and making coffee. There were almost no materials at all. My teachers were Sheni and Otto. I didn′t stay with a host family. Thanks, Rachel
Stephanie Childs
05 / 2006
I attended Escuela de Español Xinabajul in Huehuetenango, for 4 weeks during May. It was a really amazing experience, and gave me both a great introduction to what life is like in Guatemala as well as helped me to improve my Spanish enormously. There weren′t many organized activities, but I think that was mostly because while I was studying, there weren′t many other students, actually for one week I was the only one, and another week there was only other student. I was free to travel around if I wanted, many students go to Todos Santos for a bit as it′s close by, but I preferred staying in Huehue and hanging out. I went on road trips with my family in their crazy old car to Chiantla and Colotenango to visit market days, and one weekend I went to Mexico to visit ′Lagos de Montebello′ with my teacher. Friday nights we would usually make a big dinner at the school with all the students and have a crazy dance party afterwards until the early morning. I spent many afternoons at the orphanage nearby. Everyone is so welcoming there, the kids just run out and greet you, throwing their arms around you. It is really fun, most of the volunteers just spend their time playing with the little kids or talking with the older ones (great opportunity to practice Spanish, because they′re really patient). Mostly the kids just need love and attention. I also got a chance to go with some of the other people who work at the orphanage to visit tiny indigenous communities in the mountains where they go to give away some of the clothes that get donated. It should be noted that the orphanage is quite religious and bible classes are mandatory for all of the kids. However, everyone is welcome to play with the kids, regardless of religion. All of the teachers at Xinabajul are fully qualified and excellent, and there is always lots of laughter. I had a bit of a learning-style conflict with my first teacher, but I talked about it with the director, and changing teachers was not a problem. My host family was also wonderful, there was always lots of delicious food and a real feeling that I was welcome. Huehue is a great place to study Spanish, and though the town is, I admit, a little ugly, everything is close-by and even though it′s pretty big, it has that small-town feel with everyone greeting you as you walk down the street. The best thing about my experience at Xinabajul was how much the teachers really cared about me. I am now working in an office in Guatemala City, but I go back and visit Huehue once in a while on weekends and I am always warmly welcomed back. I would highly recommend Xinabajul to anyone who wants to learn Spanish and get to know a different Guatemala from what you see in Panajachel and Antigua.
Karina Danielsen Tallman
11 / 2005
Spanish Academy Xinabajul I wanted to stay in a town area without many foreigners/language schools. I am very happy with my choice. Huehuetenango is a really good location to learn Spanish, as the number of other language students/foreigners is very limited. In addition, there are basically no services etc. designed with tourists in mind. Hence, I felt like I truly experienced Guatemalan life for a short period. I studied for 3 weeks. I wish I could have stayed longer, but had to return due to work etc. I had two different teachers - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They were both good teachers and I enjoyed the experience of two different persons and two different teaching styles etc. My family was excellent. They were very kind and inclusive. I could not have asked for a better family.
Debbie Rosenberg
03 / 2004
We studied at Academy Xinabajul in Huehuetenango, studied for two weeks, and had excellent teachers and a very loving, wonderful family. We highly recommend the school to anyone. Good luck with your site.
Helene Obrien
10 / 2003
Yes me and my fiancé studies for one week at the school and loved it. We went to Xinabajul, - it all seems like a lifetime ago now I′m back in the real world. My teachers were Cheni and Otto- the owners of the school and they were both brilliant, my Spanish improved loads with them, although I′m forgetting it as quickly as I learned it! As for the family, well they really made it for us. We stayed with a family who owned a small restaurant so we ate very well and they taught us how to make lots of Guatemalan dishes which we have shown off to our friends in the UK.
Roger Muskett
09 / 2002
I spent 2 weeks in August at the Academy Xinabajul in Huehuetenango. It was an awesome experience. The teachers were professional, friendly and made me feel at home. My home stay was wonderful - my host family made me truly feel like a part of the family. I am returning for 10 days in December as much to practice my Spanish as I am to visit my family and teachers, and next summer I plan to return for 6 - 8 weeks. Huehue is a great place to learn Spanish - there are no "gringos" to speak of, and the people in the city are friendly. Please feel free to use me as a reference.