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School description:
Empresa Cultural de Español Spanish Traveling is a small school with a totally different concept. Students and their teachers go traveling to Antigua, Lake Atitlán and Rio Dulce. Students stay in hotels, the teachers in host families. During the study hours they learn, practice and experience the most attractive outings together. At the end of the day, you can relax and enjoy tropical evenings. This method has its price, but it is a very good way to get the best out of your stay in Guatemala. If you plan to stay only in Antigua, the program resembles that of other schools.
The school also offers the professional program "linguameeting" for studies via internet, at affordable price per hour. There is a program for group tuition for volunteers and of course there are normal Spanish one on one classes.
The school was founded in 2007.
Total immersion in Spanish Traveling is excellent, because you are talking Spanish most of the day.

Teachers and students

There are 6 teachers who have between 4 and 12 years of experience and earn about $40 per week. They are trained as travel guides, as well as for tuition.
See details for recommended instructors! Part of the school′s philosophy is that teachers will get to know some of their country and develop further skills and responsibilities. There are three more teachers trained to give classes via internet.


On 4 Calle Poniente # 17. Traditional classes take place in a rented patio of a colonial-style building. There is a kitchen/cafeteria and a small garden.


Besides the regular on site lessons, there are various adventurous trip packages for students of all levels (see details). Trip to Antigua - 5 days: Roam the streets, shops and museums or take excursions e.g. to the Pacaya volcano. The teacher is with you during 4 hours daily, explaining to you the history of the places you visit. You stay in a traditional host family. Cost $300 incl. food and lodging.
Trip to Lake Atitlan - 5 days: First the teacher - student team visits the famous indigenous market in Chichicastenango and then Panajachel at Lake Atitlán. From a hotel there you visit the beautiful indigenous Villages around the Lake. Then you continue to the hot Georgina baths and Quetzaltenango. Cost $650, without food.
Trip to Rio Dulce - 5 days: Live in an ecological hotel at the river bank and make excursions through beautiful Rio Dulce to an old fortress used to fend off pirates from the Caribean, to Livingston, a small town humming with Reggae culture, and some natural wonders. Your teacher stays with a host family, where she takes the meals, and you meet to study and travel. Cost $650, without food.


In 1990 it was still a heap of rubble left over from a series of earthquakes which roll through from three volcanoes. Now Antigua is the artificial colonial showcase of Guatemala, serving as tourist base camp for the exploration of the interior. The Spanish Schools of Antigua are a bargain. Come as a blank piece of paper and go speaking Spanish and knowing Latin ways.
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