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School description:
Spanish Academy Sevilla is located in the hip Southeast of Antigua. Tuition takes place in a huge sunlit patio reminding a cloister court, with spacey cubicles for every teacher-student team. Students are mostly young. Enrolled students will receive one of the official Sevilla Spanish textbooks. The school offers free Internet and fun after school activities.

Sevilla offers students the option of living with selected host families or at the student house, where 8 students live together and have a bit more freedom than in families. This has been very popular, you get plenty of contacts.

Founded in 1992 by go-getting director Carlos Aguilar.
Total immersion in Antigua is moderate because of many tourists.


This school has diverse premises, most of them three and a half blocks from the town centre. You have the choice of studying in a beautiful colonial patio, or in individual cubicles in a spacious yard designed like a modern monastery garden. The cubicles are airy, well lighted, and there is no interference with other student - teacher teams. Adjacent to the school is the school′s TV cinema and a cafeteria. This will be your small world for some time. Those who like privacy or want to meet other students can stay in the school′s student houses.


Round table discussions, hikes, videos, bike tours, sports, visits to fincas, local villages and attractive sites, local food cooking course. Dancing: Salsa and Merengue courses. This school has the most ample activities imaginable. There are 28 activities recurring in a cycle of 7 weeks. Some activities have an additional cost.
Guided tours in Antigua
Ecological tours
Every two weeks there is horseback riding to nearby villages in the south of Antigua.
Mountain bike tour.
Picnic in a water world with slides.
Tours to, a Coffee plantation, Macadamia nut plantation (goody, goody), active Volcano Pacaya and visits to a Mayan god "San Simon".
There are also demonstrations of Maya clothing and weaving.
Latin American Films in the school′s cinema which may be used individually to watch movies.
Social projects.
Enjoyable fairwell parties.
Every Monday there is a 1 hour course of Salsa and Merengue for free.
Soccer: teachers vs. students.
A minimum of five students can request any specific activity.


In 1990 it was still a heap of rubble left over from a series of earthquakes which roll through from three volcanoes. Now Antigua is the artificial colonial showcase of Guatemala, serving as tourist base camp for the exploration of the interior. The Spanish Schools of Antigua are a bargain. Come as a blank piece of paper and go speaking Spanish and knowing Latin ways.
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