Spanish Academy Sevilla

Spanish Academy Sevilla
1 Avenida Sur N. 17
(+502) 7832-5101, (+502) 7832-3213
Rank 84%
Prices 225 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
125 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 15 per week.
School Size 30 to 80 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary Spanish Academy Sevilla is located in the hip Southeast of Antigua. Tuition takes place in a huge sunlit patio reminding a cloister court, with spacey cubicles for every teacher-student team. Students are mostly young. Enrolled students will receive one of the official Sevilla Spanish textbooks. The school offers free Internet and fun after school activities.

Sevilla offers students the option of living with selected host families or at the student house, where 8 students live together and have a bit more freedom than in families. This has been very popular, you get plenty of contacts.

Founded in 1992 by go-getting director Carlos Aguilar.
Total immersion in Antigua is moderate because of many tourists.

Academia de Español Sevilla fills up during June through August and at the end of the year and Easter. During these months it is humming with activity. You should enroll well in advance, especially if you would like to stay at the student houses.
Enrolled students will receive one of the official Sevilla Spanish textbooks.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Spanish Academy Sevilla - Details

Teachers The 35 permanent teachers graduated from a two-year Saturday course at the Landivar University in Spanish teaching as a foreign language. Whether you′re at Spanish Level I or Level IV, the instructors will design your period of study to suit your needs - Spanish for business or pleasure.
In high season teachers do two shifts (morning and afternoon). There are teachers specialized in teaching Korean and Japanese students. Teachers salary is about $40 per week.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching. Generally, the curriculum is the same as in most schools. This school also offers a specific one week ′Tourists´ Spanish′ course for persons who intend to travel around Latin America and wish to learn a workable Spanish for this purpose specifically. After an evaluation talk teachers and students design a weekly study plan. ...more
Materials The school had released an official textbook with verbs and exercises for beginners. Teachers also develop their own materials to meet the students special interests. Library: good. Video library: good.
Special Programs For children of ages 5-12 there is a childrens´ program taught by specialized teachers using visual materials. The cost for children is the same as for adults. We have no reports up to now. There is a nice ample garden for children.
Location This school has diverse premises, most of them three and a half blocks from the town centre. You have the choice of studying in a beautiful colonial patio, or in individual cubicles in a spacious yard designed like a modern monastery garden. The cubicles are airy, well lighted, and there is no interference with other student - teacher teams. Adjacent to the school is the school′s TV cinema and a cafeteria. This will be your small world for some time. Those who like privacy or want to meet other students can stay in the school′s student houses.
Activities Round table discussions, hikes, videos, bike tours, sports, visits to fincas, local villages and attractive sites, local food cooking course. Dancing: Salsa and Merengue courses. ...more
Host Families Families earn $85 per week. Student´s reports about host families are mostly good. But the specialty of this school is the Student Houses. Student houses accommodate from 3 to 14 students, are located close to the school, and cost $110 (three meals a day, except on Sundays) or $100 (fully equipped kitchen) per week without meals. If you need privacy or want to meet students from around the world, this is the ideal accommodation. This is also ideal for people who want to cook their own food. ...more
Volunteering Academia de Español Sevilla provides four contacts to do volunteer jobs: a local artist´s workshop, teach English in local public schools, an old folks home, and a local day-care centre. The school also sponsors needy public schools annual celebrations.
Airport Pick-Up Service The school picks you up at the international airport in Guatemala City and brings you to the school or your local residence; cost is $35 per student. A staff member of the school, will pick you up at Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City and bring you directly to the school or to your guest house.
How to get there How get there Three blocks east and on block south of the town center.

Students' Feedback

Greg Cosby
05 / 2017
I studied at Spanish Academy Sevilla in Antigua, which I enjoyed. I was there for a month.
Alphons Vroemen
02 / 2012
The courses at Spanish Academy Sevilla are perfectly suited to your own level of spanisch, because of the 1:1 education. Besides grammar there was also sufficient time to increase your "practical" Spanish. What I liked most, is there was an open atmosphere in the school with sufficient social contacts. Conditions of the school were OK.
Elan Kahalnik
04 / 2011
It was a pretty intensive two weeks at Spanish Academy Sevilla, but I really felt I internalized most of my four years of high school Spanish.
Check-in to the school was a little unorganized, the morning I got there I had to wait an hour and I made the reservation in advance...
Chris Hey
10 / 2007
I finally decided for Academia de Español Sevilla in Antigua. I studied there for 10 weeks. My teacher was extremely good. Study materials were very helpful. My host family was fantastic. I would recommend the school very much. Thanks, Chris.
Kevin Barrett
10 / 2007
I decided for Sevilla Spanish Academy in Antigua. I studied there for 8 weeks. I had 5 different teachers. All were quite competent, but some personalities were better for me than others. Teachers seemed to provide their own study materials, most were very old books, but they worked fine. I did not stay with a host family, instead, I stayed in one of the student houses and it was a great experience. The teachers and facilities were great, but I had a bad experience with the director of the school. First off, the school charges a $35 registration fee upon arrival which is not disclosed on their website. Then, when the director found out I had been looking at other schools, he arranged a meeting with my friend and I where he cut us a deal, but also threatened us with "expulsion" from the school if we told anyone about it.
Marina Wilson
07 / 2007
I also studied at Academia de Español Sevilla. I studied for one week only. I preferred the ambiance at Sevilla. I liked the layout of the school and the instructor I had was really good. The materials were good and they offered coffee throughout the day! I stayed with a host family, which was fine. Overall, I liked my experience there and would return to Sevilla. I think I could have learned much more by staying in one place, rather than changing schools every week. Thanks, Marina
Breandan O′Scealai
02 / 2007
I attended Academia de Español Sevilla in Antigua. I studied there for ten (10) weeks. My teacher was fine; she was okay with some problems. A lot of the problems learning at the school stemmed from the lack of structure at the school. While there were lesson plans filled out on a weekly basis, the school and teacher seemed to believe that simply writing the subject on the lesson plan and presenting the subject on the correct day ensured that the student learned the material. There was no testing to determine if the student learned this information. For example, if the lesson plan said that I was going to study the Preterit on Monday and the Imperfect on Tuesday, I would be presented with both on the correct days but the subjects were rushed through. In three and a half hours, there was only time to memorize the verb endings and none to determine if the student ever learned those subjects or how to use them. I think the school likes to have a paper trail stating that their students learned subjects X, Y, and Z but in reality they often don′t. There should be regular tests to ensure the material is learned before the subject is dropped. If it takes ten weeks to learn the conjugation of present tense verbs then so be it. What purpose does it serve to push students through when they don′t really understand Spanish? Supposedly the students are interviewed weekly to check on progress. The weekly check-ups were more like bi- or tri-weekly. Sometimes the questions regarding whether the student was happy with the teacher were asked in front of the teacher. In addition, how does the student know if they are doing well? For example, without a standardized test, how does a student know that they were never taught one of the uses of the preterit? Perhaps the student thinks they know it but they′re woefully misguided. In both cases the student will say that they are doing fine and in both cases the student will be wrong but will have no way of knowing that. Because the school, students and office personnel, was largely composed of people between the ages of 18 and 28, the activities seemed to be a major focus of the school. On the bright side the activities were fun and relatively cheap. On the other hand, at times it seemed like the activities were being shoved down our throats. Often the activities took place during class times and the office personnel tried to convince the students that the lessons would continue during the trip. But, what kind of lesson would we had on a bicycle or a horse? For example, on one hour long bus trip the teachers went in one bus and the students went in another. On a day long beach trip some teachers brought their children and had to mind them and the students drank alcohol all day. Some of us had a little trouble convincing the staff that we didn′t want to go on a trip and would prefer to have class. My family was wonderful. I heard many horror stories from other students but I was very happy with my family. The house was archaic but that was part of the experience. There were plumbing problems which the school could have prevented if they informed students of the differences between toilets in Guatemala versus those in Europe or the USA. I suggested that the school should inform students about the fact that one cannot flush toilet paper in Guatemala and was told by several people at the school that it was not necessary because everyone knows that fact. This, despite the fact that not one student at my house knew that fact and only learned when the toilets stopped functioning and needed to be repaired. The school was very young and those over thirty seemed a bit out of place. It seemed as if everyone was from either England or Holland. Americans and others are rare. There was a too-long break of thirty minutes in the middle of every class. I was told that students were supposed to be speaking Spanish but good luck finding that. The language of the break is English. I loved the site. It was crucial to me in selecting my school. It is definitely one of the reasons why I chose Guatemala for my study. Breandan
Michael Kelly
01 / 2007
I decided to attend Academia de Español Sevilla in Antigua. I studied there for two weeks. I had a good teacher, he was very nice and adjusted to my learning level and learning desires very well. The school offered loads of activities and I felt we were very well looked after. I did not stayed with a family instead I stayed in the students′ shared house type thing, which was really cool, I met some lovely people. Regards, Michael
11 / 2006
I got a recommendation from someone who had studied at La Sevilla Spanish School in Antigua and I studied for 2 weeks there. My teacher was great! I cannot say enough about her. she was interesting and interested and very thorough in helping me to learn and practice both conversation and grammar! I did not take a homestay arranged by the school. I went on one trip with my teacher which was very interesting.
Alex Emery-Cohen
03 / 2006
I did four weeks at Academia de Español Sevilla (I am in the last week now actually). I really like my teacher, I have had no problems at all, however my boyfriend′s teacher occasionally talks about things that I think are inappropriate (he is at the same school) for example after the first or second day she told him how other students have given her extra money after they finish, and she talks a lot about how she needs money and all her problems, and makes my boyfriend feel somewhat obligated to help out. The school offers free beginning salsa lessons every Monday for an hour, then if you want more you need to pay about $9 US per class, they do have other activities, most of which you have to pay a small fee. They do have free coffee (no milk) and tea every day and purified water. The facilities are nice, not great. They have free computers at the school; you have to sign up for time. I did not stay with a host family I stayed in a student house, this was ok, not great, warm water everyday, but some rooms have private bathrooms, some do not, but it seems you pay the same price, and if you get a private bathroom you just got lucky. The no ice in the house is really bad (from the street, from the women cooking meals etc.The walls are thin or else there are windows that don′ t close). We had meals prepared every day- they are generally pretty good. I hope this helps.
Jak Barrett
02 / 2006
I studied at Academia de Espanol Sevilla in Antigua for 3 weeks, with a break after the first 2 weeks. The teaching was excellent, both teachers have more than 30 years experience between them. There were also, plenty of activities. Generally students were approached by the school during break times every day with the possibility of a new activity, sport, walks, horse riding, dancing, etc. I stayed in the student houses without a family permanently present; they were of a high standard.
Nicole Clark
05 / 2005
I am an African-American girl from CT who spent one week with Academia de Espanol Sevilla. I spent my first week living in a student house and the remainder of my stay with a Guatemalteco family. My experience at Sevilla was too Westernized which was not the experience I wanted. The studenthouse guests spoke in English always after class which did not help in my Spanish immersion. The food was excellent at the student house and the househelp was wonderful. I enjoyed the friends I met and kept them while relocating to another school.
Arinn Olson
04 / 2005
I can barely remember how I made my decisions for the schools I attended but they were all exceptional as far as I′m concerned. The first school I attended was Academia de Español Sevilla in Antigua I found everything about this school far beyond my expectations. The school was well organized and the instruction was delivered in a palpable format. My instructors name was Beli (Isabella). She was knowledgeable, engaging and friendly. She worked at a panadería down the street and I was able to visit her there and observe the dedication and honest work ethic I found among many of the people I encountered in Antigua. The school offered activities that broadened my experience of the culture including Salsa Dancing, local artisans and hikes to nearby Volcanoes. I only spent two weeks in this beautiful town for Spanish school, but returned for day trips as I began to consider it a welcoming home base. The family I stayed with was WONDERFUL. I′m a vegetarian and I don′t think I′ve ever or since eaten as well as I did during this time. We spoke Spanish in the house and I was integrated into their daily lives in a manner that was both appropriate and enlightening.
03 / 2005
I Study One week Academia de Espanol Sevilla my teacher Juan Jose was excellent!! Family Okay. Bed needs replacing.
Frances Melanie Hardinge
01 / 2005
My boyfriend and I studied at the Academia de Espanol Sevilla in Antigua for two weeks. Both of us were very impressed with the school. The standard of teaching was exceptionally high, and I felt a strong rapport with my teacher. The family, with which we were placed, in addition, was hospitable, patient, and helpful in the practice of our Spanish. We enjoyed the extra activities arranged to introduce us to one another and to give us extra knowledge of the region′s history. I would recommend this school and my tutor Edelma in the highest possible terms.
Ian Andrew Veitch
12 / 2004
Academia de Espanol Sevilla in antiguawhich was okay, not many activities but my teacher was good, and the student house was really good because i met quite a few people
Elisa Bleijswijk
09 / 2004
Hey man, here is the information. Academia de Espanol Sevilla, school is good but promised more than you get. Like no material. Books every week the same excursions etc. 4 weeks, teachers: the first was mas o menos and the second good. How was your family? i stayed in a studenthouse. Only posiible with la escuella de sevilla. But the house is great and many nice student only you speak english.
Amy London
07 / 2004
I did not pick my school via your site, but I did check out the ratings there. I studied at Academia de Espanol Sevilla in Antigua. I studied for 2 weeks. I got a FANTASTIC teacher - the BEST!!!!I did not stay with a host family, I stayed in the student housing in a private room with a private bathroom. I am happy to have people contact me with questions about Antigua or Sevilla - I loved it & had a GREAT experience!
Aimee Israel
06 / 2004
I found to be useful in my search for Spanish schools. Thanks for the insight. Below is my response about both schools I attended: When in Antigua, I studied at the Academia de Español Sevilla Antigua. The program was well-organized and I generally had a positive experience. I studied four hours a day (or what amounts to 3.5 hours a day when you include the 30 minute break in the middle of instruction). Unlike my school in Xela which had a strong non-profit mission, Academia de Español Sevilla Antigua seemed more focused on the business angle and I thought their program was overpriced compared to others, especially since I was not provided with any learning materials to keep except for a blank notebook. Still, my instructor was effective in conveying the culture to me and the afterschool activities were a nice aspect of the program. The school was also responsive when I wanted to switch from the student house to living with a family. My instructor at this school was not as strong in teaching grammar as my instructor in Xela and the textbooks he used to teach grammar were outdated. The other students were friendly as were the teachers. The school offers a travel agency next door which is a nice convenience but I thought the travel agency was overpriced compared to other agencies.
Remco de Ruiter
06 / 2004
I′ve studied for 4 weeks at Academia de Español Sevilla.Great teacher...well experienced. I really like the vibe at the school....good activities. I was in a student house (Sandra). This was just perfect! Well organized, nice people, etc. Antigua is not the best place to study Spanish, that′sfor sure. But I love Antigua. Great experierence. Thanks,
Laura Lubetsky
06 / 2004
I ended up studying at Academia de Español Sevilla Antigua for 2 weeks - I had a great teacher and a great family.  I learned one on one with a teacher.  My only complaint is that they do not have books or a standard lesson plan which makes it hard to stay disciplined.  Also, they do not administer a test on your first day, so they dont know what level you are at.  Overall i think it′s a good program, but i would have preferred a place that tested me before starting so that i could have skipped some of the intro lessons (present tense, past tense, etc.). Thanks so much for your help!
Edith Ettel
04 / 2004
Sevilla Spanish Academy: 8 days, I had a good teacher, the family was very nice and I had nice meals.
Courtney Edward
03 / 2004
Ultimately I chose to study at Academia de Español Sevilla. in Antigua for two weeks. I especially enjoyed the teachers. Sevilla had good activities, good families, some students complained of the lack of food, but otherwise it was fine. I hope this helped you.
Grant Phelps
01 / 2004
However I studied for two months with Academia de Español Sevilla I think it was. My teacher was called Luis and was very good. I had studied previously in Cuba at the University of Havana and also in Bogotá, Colombia and the level of tuition in Seville was the best of the three. The other advantage in Antigua is that the Spanish spoken on the street is very good as compared with in Cuba and Chile (where I now live). I didn′t live with a family but rather rented a room in a house with a shared kitchen for around USD$115 per month. I lived with a family in Cuba and was basically just keen to go and live on my own without the hassle of having to always be there for the meal time etc. Overall Antigua was a good time and the ideal place to study due to the number of schools and thus competition in terms of prices and quality of Education.
01 / 2004
Academia de Español Sevilla. I studied Spanish in Antigua for 12 weeks and was very pleased with my school and teacher. I did not live with a family but rented a small house. The school was well run. The Experience of living Antigua itself was pleasant and a good town in which to live and study. Quaint and somewhat exotic, but with sufficient modern facilities for convenient living.
Henning Engelke
01 / 2004
I studied at Academia de Español Sevilla in Antigua at first for 5 weeks. Then 2 weeks at Escuela Minerva in Quetzaltenango before I went back to Sevilla for another week. My teacher at Sevilla was great fun and good, even though she was not excellent but I was completely happy with that. My first family was alright; just the food was no good at all. The second one where I was just for one week was fabulous, great food and gorgeous people.
Björn Buch
11 / 2003
Academia de Español Sevilla (2weeks). My teacher was not so good. The family was really nice, friendly and the food was good as well. Antigua is the Place to be in Guatemala.
Chad Ramsey
11 / 2003
I really like this site because it allows you to see and compare all the schools in one place instead of searching through countless sites. ! Thank you so much! There are many great schools in Antigua to choose from. Academia de Español Sevilla was wonderful for me because my teacher was a ton of fun and my family was great. I only had to walk 3 blocks to school and there were a few other students staying with me which was nice.
Cyrus Monajemi
10 / 2003
I studied in Antigua, Guatemala for two months. My school′s name was Sevilla. My teacher and family were good. The only problem with the school was that there were too many students during summer. Since students were sitting close to each other, sometimes during the day classes it was too noisy to concentrate and even hear what the teacher was saying. I was told that this problem is common with a lot of schools in Antigua. After studying in Antigua, I found out that you didn′t put the name of a school called " San Jose el Viejo" in your web site. It is a famous school in Antigua and my friends told me that the school has a limit in accepting students. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks.
Kathernie Suellentrop
10 / 2003
I would be glad to tell you about my experience. The website was recommended to me by a friend. I ultimately decided on Academia de Español Sevilla in Antigua and I was there for 2 weeks. My host family was very nice, although it was more like a hostel environment with meals, because they were very used to getting students. I would certainly recommend staying with a family, I think it′s a bit cheaper as well. I also had an excellent teacher and wanted to work on some specific things that he helped me with. I terms of learning Spanish I′m not sure if Antigua is the absolute best because I did end up speaking a lot of English with other students. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend the school and the website!