Sakribal Spanish School

Sakribal Spanish School
6 Calle 7-42 zona 1
Rank 80
Prices 175 USD for 25 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
125 USD for 25 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 20 per week.
School Size 1 - 15 students
Openings This school currently has openings!
Summary This school was founded shortly before the signing of the peace accords, which themselves signaled a new dawn for Guatemala. SAKRIBAL is designated "as the place where the dawn broke" in the Pop Wuj book. It was the first school in Xela to be created and directed by a woman. They have a scholarship program which funds education for young girls who otherwise would have no opportunity to study. Small school with a familiar ambient.
Total immersion in Quetzaltenango is excellent, if you don´t hang out with other students

During high season (summer, Holy Week, end and beginning of year), this school tends to fill up. It would be better if you enroll at least two weeks in advance in order to help the school plan staff and host families.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Sakribal Spanish School - Details

Teachers Good teachers.
See details for recommended instructors! ...more
Methods One on one teaching. The curriculum is the same as in most schools.
Materials No official textbook but verb and exercise lists. Teachers develop their own materials. Library: good. Video library: good.
Location Cubicles: Normal, adapted to students needs. Garden: tiny patio. Kitchen: simple.
Activities Videos, visits to local villages and attractive sites, local food cooking course, talks, visits to projects managed by the school. Dancing: occasionally.
Host Families Families earn $35 per week. Students reports about host families are mostly good. ...more
Volunteering The school has own project with widows of the armed conflict, helping them to get grants for their children.

Students' Feedback

Frank Leszczynski
02 / 2009
Yo también estudie 1 semana en la Escuela de Español Sakribal en Xela. Mi maestra en Xela fue Sylvia Lucia. Ella fue fantástica y muy inteligente. Las clases me gustaron mucho. Las actividades por la tarde eran muy interesante y divertido. Mi familia fue muy amable. El cuarto y la comida fueron muy bien. En Xela viví en la familia de Maritza. Recomiendo las Escuelas. La Escuela Sakribal me gusta mas. Disculpe mi faltas, pero mi Español no es muy bueno. Te deseo un buen día. Saludos cordiales, Frank.
Daisy Yokley
02 / 2007
I decided to attend Sakribal Spanish School in Quetzaltenango. I studied there for 3 weeks and 2 days. I had two good teachers, their names are Luis Fernando and Edna. Both were excellent. They challenged me and helped me to improve my Spanish dramatically. The activities were really good. The school felt like a family, I knew almost everyone. Every Friday there was a planned dinner, which I really enjoyed. My family provided me with excellent shelter and food. They were very respectful. It didn′t really feel like "home" though, and I wouldn′t want to stay with them again. Feel free to use this information on your website. Sincerely, Daisy Yokley
Amy Gerth
01 / 2007
I attended another school for a few weeks. I loved that school as well. It is called Sakribal Spanish School. When you go to school there you feel part of a community. It is not as big as a prior school I had attended before, and so you can know all the teachers and all the students. They had trips, conferences, cooking classes, and family stays as well. The teachers were just as dedicated and qualified. They have social projects that they support as well, and it seems that your teacher will meet you where your interests lie. I have made great friends and families that I have come to know on my trip from my time at both schools I attended. It is hard at first with families if you have no language experience; but in my case, all of my families were welcoming and gracious. One of my families has a father who works in the U.S. sometimes and there is a chance that I may see him again- and get the updates on his family, I hope! Truly, I think you get out what you put into your time. If you make your studies and family a priority, you will get to know Guatemala well and learn Spanish as well. I would recommend any beginner to at least study for 1 month or more if you can (I wish I could have studied longer!) I am glad that I can help, because your site was a big help to me. I was grateful for the help in finding a school in Xela. Sincerely, Amy
Julie Webb-Pullman
01 / 2006
Quetzaltenango - Escuela de Espanol Sakribal I got a good teacher at Sakribal, activities were good.
12 / 2005
I went to Sakribal and it was okay. I made loads of Guatemalan friends (teachers) whom I still talk with from time to time, but the actual teaching was disappointing. I never recieved a lesson in how to prounounce spanish words correctly and many times both of my teachers got a bit lazy and would´t correct me during class.
Barb Twiss
09 / 2005
Escuela de Espanol Sakribal was one we found it very depressing to walk in. They did not seem very well organized, the internet access was a little walk away at a dirty cafe that would not be as safe to get to at night, the school was very dark and we just got a very bad feeling walking in. We did learn later that they have a bad reputation for mistreating and under paying the teachers. Barb
Monisha Kapila
07 / 2005
I spent 1 week at Sakribal with 3 friends who came to study with me in Guatemala. All four of us stayed in one room at our host′s house. The host was a young woman who lived alone (her husband traveled during the week) and she had two rooms she rented out to schools. Our room was big enough to hold multiple students. Overall the housing situation was fine, but the food was sometimes not enough. I ended up switching schools after one week because I was not impressed by the teaching. Pros: Sakribal has a big focus on social awareness. There are a number of interesting speakers and the school helped me find a volunteer project. They also offer field trips on Fridays which are fun. Cons: We were disappointed with the quality of teaching at Sakribal. There was no structure to the classes and two of us (out of the 4 in my group) did not feel our teachers did a good job. They also do not provide workbooks to the students so your experience is very dependent on the teacher.
Ann Bobker wife
03 / 2005
We studied for 3 weeks at Escuela de Espanol Sakribal .It was a great experience-the school atmosphere was friendly (small, like a family) but very professional. Both of us had knowledgeable and enthusiastic young teachers and we learned a lot. Our homestay hosts were friendly and our accommodation was comfortable. We recommend the school highly.
Stephanie Ogburn
02 / 2005
I switched to Escuela de Espanol Sakribal I stayed at Sakribal for 11 weeks and I LOVED it. The teachers there are all very very good, the director, Olga, is highly organized and focused, and the school is very directed toward the learning of Spanish. The classes begin on time and the breaks are timed with a little bell to signal when to start the break and end the break, and I felt that the learning environment there was excellent. Sakribal changes teachers every two weeks so I had a new teacher every two weeks while I was there and almost every teacher I got was excellent. The one teacher that I did not particularly like I asked to change and they quickly found me another teacher who was also excellent. My families (I stayed with three different ones) were generally good. I changed families once when I changed schools, although with Escuela Minerva my first family was very good. I had two different families through Escuela Sakribal because I took time off to travel in between my studies and when I returned had a new family. All of my families were very nice.I highly recommend Escuela Sakribal. It has excellent activities, good volunteer opportunities, and highly qualified teachers. The school seems to attract a lot of North Americans (Canadians, us citizens), I think because it markets itself as women-founded and women-focused. And yes it is women founded and funds scholarships for Mayan girls, but it is not at all totally feminist and men also feel very comfortable there. There were quite a few Americans studying there but since my primary focus was learning Spanish I mostly hung out with my teachers and my family and practiced Spanish, so it wasn′t a big deal and I didn′t speak much English at all. No comments currently on Guatemala 365. Generally I found it a helpful site. Best,
Conzolo Migliozzi
01 / 2005
Escuela de Espanol Sakribal in Xela. Good teachers at both schools, but the xela school was more structured/professional, but it was also twice as much, $100 v $50. I only stayed with a family in xela and they were nice, but I left after a few days becaue I didn′t like having someone cook for me.
Cindy Hayes
08 / 2004
Hola, We attended the Escuela de Español Sakribal for 2 weeks There was myself (Cindy) and my 2 children who are Kevan 16yrs and Jesslyn 18yrs. All 3 of us were very happy with our 3 teachers at the Sakribal School and with Olga and Sharon who run it. The arrangements they made for our travel between Guatemala City and Xela went very smoothly and were much appreciated. The school was very pleasant to study at. Our trips to Cantel, Zunil, the hot springs, El San Franciso and Champerico were well planned and enjoyable also. The Toc family who we stayed with in Xela were terrific, their hospitality was generous and we really enjoyed sharing our meals with them. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We would return to Xela (we certainly hope to) and we would highly recommend Sakribal and the Toc family to others traveling to Xela. Thank you also, for your very useful and informative website that we used to help plan our trip to Guatemala. Adios.
Aaron Malkin
07 / 2004
Escuela de Espanol Sakribal Two weeks, my first week I wasn′t happy with my teacher. I told the coordinator at the end of the first week and she gave me a new one who was excellent. The school listened to my concern, and fixed the problem without hesitation. They were kind, they were poor, they were happy. I′ve never lived without a fridge before. My situation, however, was not the norm. Friends I made there lived in all kinds of houses with all kinds of families. One thing common to all of our experiences, it seems to me, was that the families were committed to making the students′ experience a happy and culturally enriching one. No regrets, only recommendations
Frank Guergens
04 / 2004
Escuela de Español Sakribal, the school has some less experienced teachers (does not mean bad!) My family was ok. Housing was bad. But they have better. Only one student per family in this school. Some like it, some don′t.
Caitlin Hollister
12 / 2003
Sakribal, I stayed for 4 weeks. Teachers: I had 3, all excellent! Family: lovely - no problems at all. They were used to having many students and were incredibly generous. loved it - very user-friendly and simple. Thanks!!