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Foto Gallery Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín (Academia Lingüistica Cacao)

School description:
PLFM was founded in 1969 by American and English linguists. It opened with two purposes, which are still its focus today: (a) to teach the Spanish language, and (b) to teach, investigate, and preserve Mayan languages and culture. The oldest Spanish language school in Antigua, PLFM is also unique because it is non-profit, teaches Mayan languages as well as Spanish, and is run by native Mayan professionals.
Many other schools have sprung from PLFM. This school has its own teaching book. Good Spanish learning is guaranteed here. Nice study conditions a midst the ruins of Antigua. Very good attention to the student.
PLFM has free Wifi around school and 4 computers with internet that you may use if you need them, the school provides you a notebook and lends you a text book.
Total immersion in Antigua: moderate because of many tourists in Antigua.
Students wishing to receive transferable US university credit for PLFM language instruction should contact the PLFM office for details on available arrangements.

Teachers and students

Very experienced excellent teachers (Spanish language teachers have 100 hours of intensive training in teaching Spanish as a Second Language, and teacher training is updated every 6 months) with a good salary: $55 per week plus extras. Students may opt to change teachers weekly or keep the same teacher.
See details for recommended instructors! There are 45 permanent and 20 associated teachers. New teachers earn a good $55 per week, plus benefits and health insurance. With every year of service, teachers get a $1.6 per week hike in salary. All this makes it attractive for teachers to stay at this school and gain more experience. Teachers receive four training sessions per year and undergo two evaluations per year. Since the school is democratic, burnt-out teachers may manage to stay around. Ask for a change if you are not satisfied with your teacher.

Methods and Materials

The school has its own material "Immersión total o Español en Guatemala". They also provide photocopied English - Spanish vocabulary materials. Students can also choose to emphasize areas such as conversation, understanding, writing, etc. Courses use mini dialogues to learn grammar, vocabulary, and Spanish language survival skills, and beginners focus on the language skills of daily life. Library: excellent. Video library: none. Additionally, teachers develop their own materials, mostly AMSCO "Spanish Three Years". Teachers use paper sheets instead of blackboards. My teacher had his own self-made grammar book, and from this he dictated very clear rules and examples for subjunctive.


In 1990 it was still a heap of rubble left over from a series of earthquakes which roll through from three volcanoes. Now Antigua is the artificial colonial showcase of Guatemala, serving as tourist base camp for the exploration of the interior. The Spanish Schools of Antigua are a bargain. Come as a blank piece of paper and go speaking Spanish and knowing Latin ways.
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