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Foto Gallery Dos Mundos Tikal

School description:
Dos Mundos is a small and recommendable school, located in the charming island of Flores, Petén near Tikal. Students immediately feel at home on this peaceful but lively island, famous for its cleanliness and safety. They learn outside in the fresh air in an enchanting garden with a lot of green plants enjoying some of the lake´s breeze.
You will be taught by native speakers from the area who have received and successfully passed an examination that tested their abilities to teach Spanish to foreigners. They work with enthusiasm and have a direct connection to fascinating archaeological projects in the eastern part of Petén.
Host families, have lived their entire life in Flores and are new to hosting students and truly treat them like new family members. Students also have other accommodation options to choose from.
Founded in 2006.
Total immersion: modest because of many tourists in Flores; but, it also depends on each individual´s interest.

Teachers and students

The school cannot draw from a huge pool of teachers like schools in Antigua or Quetzaltenango, but there are impressive personalities among the teachers. All 11 teachers working at the school were trained to teach Spanish Language to foreigners. Training takes 2 weeks including the use of the school´s own materials.


The school is located in an old bakery with a refreshing green patio on the north slope of Flores. If you can study Spanish anywhere in Petén (because of the heat), then at this well ventilated place amidst the lake of Flores.
Flores is a safe place, also for kids. Students find everything they need within walking distance from the school.


Visit at an orphanage run by nuns in Santa Elena with 35 girls, ages 2 to 15, an elderly home supported by the school and Café Yaxha, boat trips to ARCAS, Petencito, and to different Mayan sites around the lake. Weekend trips to Yaxha, Nakum, Tikal and various sites off the beaten track.

Flores, Petén

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