Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School

Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School
6 Avenida Norte No.39
(+502)-7882-4575, 5925-2604
Rank 97%
Prices 310 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week including host family with room and full board
175 USD for 20 hours of one-on-one tuition per week without host family
Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 15 per week.
School Size 5-20 students
Openings If you are interested in studying here, it is best to make your reservations at least two weeks in advance (earlier for summer time)!
Summary Located a few steps from La Merced church, Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School has students learning in a Japanese garden with little bridges over narrow fish ponds. Trees have grown and the ambiance is nice and shady, which makes the hot summer months pleasant. Hillary Clinton, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson have supposedly studied here. The heart of the school is the big cafeteria - kitchen - bar, where students - mentored by Caty and Lety - learn how to prepare delicious local dishes. The best school for Guatemalan lifestyle and social networking in Antigua. Host families are carefully sought out. Food and hospitality are excellent and family members go out of their way to talk to guests. Internet gratis.

The school offers various teaching modes adapted to your needs: Spanish for travelers, for immigrants, exam coaching for university students, medical Spanish and teaching to children. You may take FSI and ACTFL foreign proficiency exams that can help you to obtain employment and/or university credits.

The school is recommended for families with children. They are in good hands, have a great time and learn a lot!
This school was founded in 1972 by Juan and Caty Galindo.
Total immersion in Antigua: good if you avoid other foreigners while studying Spanish.

It is always recommendable to register at least two weeks in advance in order to get first choice teachers and host families. This way you also help the school to plan their staff. The student coordinator is efficient in answering any of your questions.
From January to April and from June to August this school tends to fill up quickly.

With a timely registration, the school can assign you the best teacher from its list. (Contact us for group discounts).
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Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School - Details

Teachers There are 15 fix teachers. New teachers are required to have a high school grade and are being trained during 3 months. They have 7 to 20 years of experience. The director has a good sense for matching teachers with students. If you spend 20 hours one-on-one with a teacher its very important to be a good team. Teachers are mostly female and there are some real intellectuals among them. ...more
Methods The school uses much the same methods as other Spanish Schools in Guatemala. Upon arrival, students talk to the student coordinator, who in the course of conversation gains insight into the student′s status and where to start the training. She then gets a teacher who fits him or her. The school recommends you to study during 6 hours each day, studying grammar and vocabulary in the morning and practicing conservation during the afternoon activities, using a different teacher in order to get accustomed to different manners of speech (this only costs $25 per week extra). Students progress at their personal speed and are not slowed down by conventional methods. ...more
Materials Teachers assemble their own materials like mini-dialogues, the textbook "Spanish One Year", and materials in other languages. The school uses blackboards. Teacher always show up with a prepared lesson plan and flash cards. Students are supplied paper and refreshments during class. There is a library with books in various languages for students use.
Special Programs The school offers various teaching modes adapted to your needs:
- Spanish for travelers: emphasis is not on grammar but on mini-dialogues and vocabulary you need when taking buses or taxis, shopping, asking directions, negotiating etc.
- Spanish for immigrants: if you have learned Spanish while travelling, you may want to get your grammar right in order for your Spanish to grow with the time you spend in Guatemala.
- Exam coaching for university students: Reload the grammar your university requires for your credits. Let your teacher practice the Spanish pronunciation with you, learn to understand spoken language for the audio test, get fluent in conversation. You may take FSI and ACTFL foreign proficiency exams that can help you to obtain employment and/or university credits.
- Medical Spanish: Many doctors and nurses have passed through Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School learning medical Spanish and getting the chance to volunteer in a local hospital.
- Teaching to children: Parents know that children have a different, faster way to learn, but how? Teachers, who themselves are mothers of small children, play games with your children, show them colored books or paint with them nearby in a safe, beautiful garden.
Location Located a few steps from La Merced church, the school has a travel agency in the front and a Japanese garden with little bridges over narrow fish ponds in the back. Avocado trees have grown and the ambiance is nice and shady, which makes the hot summer months pleasant. Hillary Clinton, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson have supposedly studied here. There is also a big kitchen - bar, where students - mentored by Caty and Letti - prepare delicious food.
Activities On Tuesday′s the school provides a lunch with typical Guatemalan food, beverages, and dancing with a salsa/merengue teacher. There is a similar fiesta on Thursday nights for dinner. The warm and vivid ambience around the school′s open air kitchen is the magnet of this place - an ideal opportunity to meet find new friends with whom to share a meal and to travel. Local foods prepared at this school taste exquisitely because Caty and Letti are gourmets. Caty teaches students some neat cookery tricks. You will make the best guacamole in your hometown. Despite of all the other activities the school offers, these parties are the most popular. ...more
Host Families Host families help students improve their Spanish when they have meals together. Host families are well sought out and cost from $75 to $195 per week.
- Home stay program A: $75, host family outside the historical center of Antigua, shared bathroom. This is the good value option.
- Home stay program B: $135, Western standard home located in Central Antigua close to Don Pedro Spanish School. A host family where you enjoy a private bathroom costs $30 per week extra. An example is Doña Araminta Díaz, an elderly widow who has been highly acclaimed by her guests. She has two rooftop apartments and, even more important, a very good cook to spoil her guests.
- Home stay program C: $195, luxurious setting with WiFi and tv, colonial furniture, gourmet meals. Limited availability. ...more
Volunteering The director, Caty, has contacts in and around Antigua and can tailor a volunteer job to your needs or interests. Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School provides you with contacts to social institutions like Nuestros Ahijados, Ventanas Abiertas (San Miguel Dueñas), Bendición del Cielo (Alotenango) and Familias de Esperanza, among many others. There, your volunteering is greatly appreciated.
Airport Pick-Up Service Upon request private transportation is available from the airport. This is recommended. The cost is US$ 40 per person (groups: please negotiate). Airport pick up of this school is reliable.
How to get there How get there Located few steps north of famous La Merced Church

Students' Feedback

Howard Myers
11 / 2017
I can‘t wait to return to Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School in Antigua. At 76 years old last year, I took others‘ advice and chose a somewhat more expensive school due to its reputation. It was a very good choice! The instructional environment was really conducive to learning for 30 hours per week, as were my tutors. The activities were very engaging too, though I had to take it slow because I am not much at walking any more. But the home stay was comfortable for me, so that I could focus on learning. Heidy was very patient and helpful, and she gradually got my weary brain to a good comfort level speaking basic Spanish. We became Facebook friends, and still communicate. I‘d love to visit again!
Karen Gracey
09 / 2017
This was a very positive experience for me over the 4 weeks at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. As a mature woman traveling alone it was important to feel both safe + confortable in both the homestay + school. The casual atmosphere suited me as I am a very early learner of Spanish. Though 6 hrs of school is long; I do encourage this as it was very much like having a “Study Buddy“. Also the teaching styles of the teachers are different so it was beneficial. In practising Spanish I also learned so much about the culture + Antigua. I hope to come back to study.
Jay Bitkower
07 / 2017
My wife and I studied Spanish at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School in Antigua for three weeks in January. We had excellent instructors. We studied Spanish 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, with two different instructors, for the most part speaking only in Spanish. Some of the afternoons, the school took the class to a local farm, museum, market, etc. When we had local guides, they also spoke to us in Spanish. It was a real immersion class. Our host family was accommodating and spoke to us only in Spanish as well so we had further opportunity to learn the language. The woman of the house took us on a walking tour of Antigua on our arrival. Overall, it was a rewarding experience.
The instructors in the 4-hour morning sessions were superior to those in the afternoon, but it was useful to speak Spanish with a different person during the day. The morning teachers had their own syllabus to follow, based on the students level of competency. My teacher, Dalia, would start off, for example, with a new verb tense, would give me the rules (which I wrote down in Spanish in my workbook), and then would give me examples and finally homework. I also bought a newspaper to read and discuss an article. In the afternoon, it was mostly review of the morning's lesson with exercises to do. Some afternoons, we would go to a museum, market, etc., which provided more variety to the day.
As for advice, Don Pedro only took cash, in Quetzales. This required going to the ATM in a bank three times a week, due to withdrawal limits, to withdraw cash. It took a few times to figure out the quirks in the ATM system. I would recommend that they accept credit cards, which would save the school money in the long run since some people reserved a spot at the school for a certain date, made no prior down payment, and then didn't show up to the school at all, or the homestay.
My wife and I signed up for a tour, in January, of a few Central American countries, which has a stop in Antigua. So, we'll have a chance to drop into Don Pedro and say hello to our former teachers.
Karen Kelly
06 / 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. The school is beautiful and close to everything. The teachers and staff were wonderful, patient, and caring. I studied 6 hours a day with Dalia in the morning and Wendy in the afternoon and the time flew by. Not only did I learn Spanish from my teachers but they also helped me get acclimated to a totally different culture. My home stay was with Margoth who owns a panaderia. Despite a language barrier, she and her family made me feel at home. The food was wonderful and they were a tremendous help with my Spanish. I highly recommend the school, in fact I hope to return next summer for a longer stay.
Jessie Malpas
05 / 2017
Me gusta mucho la escuela Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School
It has been a fantastic experience these past two weeks.
There is always an activity or party in the afternoon. The teachers are patient and love to talk about anything and everything. Which is perfect for learning Spanish. I learned the language, but I also learned about things I never expected. I will definitely return.
Jessie Malpas.
Gary Macnaughton
04 / 2017
¿Pues que puedo decir? Vine aquí a Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School con un objetivo definido- a mejorar mi acento español. Después de tres semanas me siento mucho más cómodo y tengo más confianza en mis capacidades. Sigo con problemas de ortografía y con algunos tiempos- pero en la totalidad, la experiencia ha alcanzado mis expectaciones. Hay posibilidades para mejorar la oferta con un nivel dedicado al D.E.L.E. para atraer más alumnos con un nivel de español, que buscan preparatorias para el examen final. Muchas gracias por las horas divertidas. No tengan la menor duda de hacer la recomendación abierta de la escuela.
Lee Morrison
02 / 2017
I have very much enjoyed my time at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. I have special appreciation for my two teachers, Bety & Maria. The school does a good job & I will certainly recommend it.
Lee Morrison
Karen Burgard
01 / 2017
My husband and I studied at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. My teacher Cristy was so great! She worked at exactly the pace and speed I needed.
She responded to every request I had (for example, when I neede to slow down because I felt it was a bit too fast). She was so friendly and personable. She cared about how I was doing and how I was feeling. She was such a professional - even coming in every day after her aunt passed away. I learned so much from this experience and I am very proud of my progress. And Cristy was a great teacher.
* Oh I loved the afternoon activities!!
* And I especially loved eating lunch and talking with the children.
Our host Lucky was so nice and so funny. She always asked us about our day and talked with us. She also practiced our Spanish by making sure we spoke in Spanish in the house (even though she had to help me a lot with my sentences). She seerned to really care about us and our stay/experience.
Karen Burgard
Ian Warner
11 / 2016
I can't say enough good things about Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. I had a wonderful time attending both morning and afternoon classes for six days in a row. It wasn't nearly enough time but I'm leaving here with much satisfaction and enormous gratitude to the staff who work here.
My two teachers, Lhena & Heidy, were helpful in different ways and perfect for my style of learning.
I will be forever grateful for their help & patience during my stay.
I had a fantastic time, learned a lot, laughed often & gained confidence in the beautiful language of spanish.
Ian Warner
Allen Stenstrup
02 / 2016
Good Morning. I studied at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School last Mach — and really enjoyed the experience and my teacher. Is it possible to register for one week of classes for two persons again? Thanks. Al Stenstrup
Weng (Eric) Tang
02 / 2016
I recently spent 3 weeks studying at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School while I was in Antigua over December and January and I have to say what a great experience it was. Classes take place in this beautiful garden that made for a wonderful learning environment. 4 hours of my morning were spent with Amabilia learning vocabulary, while 2 hours of my afternoon were spent with Bety practicing what I had learned. Both were incredibly patient with me and took the time to make sure I was learning the words and usage correctly. I arrived in Antigua with what can best be described as a reasonable level of “tourist Spanish“, but even after a week at Don Pedro, I was far more able to hold conversations in Spanish with both locals and other Spanish speakers. After the 3 weeks, I was feeling quite natural using my Spanish around town. I can't recommend Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School, or Amabilia and Bety, highly enough if you're going to study Spanish in Antigua!
Mike OBrien
12 / 2015
Thnx again David for your website and responses to my questions that aided getting me there to my school in the first place. The following is my review of my experience. The school that I chose was Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School.
My name is Mike, I am 66, kind of an old hippie, who became financially OK in spite of my freewheeling looseygoosey lifestyle ... and though OK, I am not “rich“, and I appreciate a “good bang for my buck“. The prices for the school and accommodations were beyond reasonable, even with our current low Canadian dollar.
After much research on the Guatamala365 website I chose to attend Don Pedro de Alvarado spanish language school, along with placement with a host family. I cannot give enough superlatives for both the school and my host family.
Prior to this school in Antigua, two years ago I attended classes for a month in Malaga Spain. Following that I took 2 or 3 courses at a private Spanish language school, in Vancouver Canada where I live. In between I had private tutors.
The 6 weeks, 4 hours/day, 5 days/week, with my one on one teacher Cecilia (Ceci) at Don Pedro eclipsed them all. Although I gathered from other students that their teachers were equally good Ceci's knowledge & style were something that I have never experienced with any teacher ever before ....patient and persistent and flexible, not allowing me to make mistakes, while good natured-ly appropriately constantly correcting me. I progressed from a head full of words & grammar to, by into my 3rd. week, full-on hour long conversations with my teacher.
And the family that I stayed with, (Deli & Vinicio) in very comfortable accommodations, eating three meals a day with them, where I got to continue practicing Spanish ... again I have no words, except for superlative again. Small bonus ... their home was literally a one minute walk away from the school.
Finally I must say that Antigua, at approx 4000 ft above sea level, “city of eternal spring“ ... pop +/- 40,000, with great coffee shops and countless fantastic restaurants to eat out at, was/is the perfect place to study ... Lovely and warm people everywhere. Thnx again David for your great and useful website.
Luke Humphries
10 / 2015
My experience here at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School was fantastic. The teachers are very friendly and the environment was beautiful. The food was great as well. I wish I had made more time for the activities, but there is just to much to do in this great city! The best experience here was having a host family. I could not recommend this enough. For both learning and truly immersing yourself in the lenguage. Thanks for everything!
Aisha Smith
09 / 2015
I absolutely loved my experience at this school. In addition to improving the use of the language I enjoyed the activities. The activities allowed me to get to know other students and get to know teachers on a more personal level. I have a new found love for turtles and will miss them walking around the school grounds. I will miss everyone and hope to return soon. Hasta pronto.
Sherry Crandon
09 / 2015
I am writing to express my gratitude to Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School for the excellent teaching I received while studying there last April, 2015.
My primary teacher, Brenda, was very knowledgeable; she was both patient and helpful, and I continue to appreciate all that I learned from her.
I enjoyed the structure of the classes, the afternoon activities, and most particularly, the music/dancing fiesta. It is a well thought out program.
My host family was very helpful to me, as well. I was literally rescued by the La Señora who got up at 4 am to make sure the taxi had arrived. It had not and I was frantic with concern. She took the situation in hand, called the appropriate person who got another driver to take me. I remain very grateful to her.
Thank you all for making my studies at the school, and my stay in Antigua so enjoyable and so useful.
Jordan Lurie
09 / 2015
I just came back last night from Antigua, where I spent six weeks studying at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. I went to Antigua knowing a few key phrases, and I left being able to hold a basic conversation in Spanish.
My teachers were excellent and very patient. I studied four hours in the morning with Maria, going over basic grammar – present, preterit, future, and progressive tenses. In the afternoon, I studied two hours with Bety, which was mostly conversation in Spanish. On the weekends I had additional class for 4-8 hours. At home, I am scheduled to have Skype lessons with Bety once a week, and I am in a Spanish language social group beginning tomorrow.
The school offers activities each weekday afternoon, ranging from salsa lessons to tours of ruins and farms in Antigua. Three days a week, one meal was served at the school. The food was excellent. Thursday nights there was a party with dinner, drinks and salsa. Most weeks, all of the teachers and students were out of their seats dancing.
The home stay was a little disappointing. Virtually all of the families were interested in housing students for economic reasons, and in very few of the families the students were included in the family. My first home stay was terrible – M.'s home. I felt very uncomfortable in the home, and M. was a terrible cook and very judgmental. After two weeks, I changed homes. My next home was with Ana Santiz. While there was very little interaction with the family, the food was excellent and the students had areas to hang out together. Editor's note: The school does not book this host family anymore. Jordan, thank you for making us aware! Everybody, please speak up at any such problem, it is no deal to change your teacher or host family!
All in all, I highly recommend Don Pedro Alvarado to learn Spanish. If you are interested in a cuddly home stay, no social life, or a highly structured school environment, you may be better off in a different school.
Kindra Koch
08 / 2015
Enrolling in Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School was the best thing I could do. I found this school in the lonely planet book and my mom and both decided on the same school. They were really helpful with my Spanish and showing me the ways of Antigua Culture. I can honestly say I would be at lost without the school and teachers. My Spanish was not very good and I have spent 2 weeks here and now I can carry a basic conversation in Spanish. I would recommend this school to anyone interested learning Spanish. My teachers were Heidy and Lhena, awesome teachers!
Julia Showalter
08 / 2015
I came here knowing next to nothing and I ended up learning a ton of spanish at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School! I feel like I can understand quite a bit now and can carry on a basic conversation. It was a great atmosphere and so much fun!! Brenda was an awesome teacher and the school was very welcoming to my family. My husband will be back for work next year and I will definetly return to learn more spanish!
Thanks so much for the great time! thanks so much for the great time!

This is 100 times better than tying to learn spanish in a classroom in the U.S.!!!
Sean Phillips
10 / 2014
1 on 1 teaching was amazing. Learned more in 5 weeks than I ever expected. Staff was very friendly and planned lots of fun events. Homestay was a bit outside the central part of town but the family was great. Highly recommend Don Pedro de Alvarado!
They had some study materials but, most of the learning was done conversationally and taking my own notes.
Amanda Austin
07 / 2014
For 3 weeks, my children (ages 4 & 7) have studied Spanish in Don Pedro De Alvarado school. I cannot say enough about the outstanding quality of our experience. My teacher, Naty, has amazing patience and thorough knowledge of the Spanish language. Her experience shows in her lessons. I am so grateful to have had her for my teacher. My children´s teachers, Pamela and Miriam, were creative, kind, knowledgeable and PATIENT! My children learned much more than I expected, as did I.
I am also grateful for the sense of community that Don Pedro Creates. We all enjoyed the activities, dinners and lunches. It´s a wonderful opportunity to get to know our teachers better as well as the other students.
We love this school and we will definitely return. Thank you!
Amanda Austin, Gabriella (7) & Crews (4) Austin.
Jake Wickenheisser
07 / 2014
My first time at Don Pedro de Alvarado and I had a very decent experience. The location setting and people were all very nice and accommodating. My homestay was good and the food was great. My teacher in the morning, Naty, was very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. My teacher in the afternoon was also great. the activities and food provided by the school were excellent and fun.
I would definitely consider returning to Antigua and studying at Don Pedro again.
Jake Wickenheisser.
August 8, 2014.
Gretchen Walters
04 / 2014
I wanted to say what a good experience I had in my 3 days of intensive Spanish at the Don Pedro de Alvarado School. Mary was a really excellent teacher… She challenged me on the right things and helped me to advance. I really appreciated her approach and explanations and her patience with my learning. I would highly recommend her to other students.
...I will recommend both the school and Mary as a teacher. Best wishes, Gretchen
Angie Leprohon & Husband
02 / 2014
I spent great 2 weeks starting in February 2014 at Don Pedro. My Spanish improved thanks to the special talents and patience of Helida Ordonez. She was my 4/hour/day teacher, and I highly recommend her. Signing on for an extra 2/hours/day for the second week and being diligent about doing homework every day also contributed to my learning. The friendly staff, garden setting of the school, and afternoon activities were all an added bonus.
Chantal Lessard
11 / 2013
This was one of the best experience I have ever had. Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School is fantastic, my teacher was top notch, he never talked to me in English and I was able to design a program for my needs.
My host family was also well suited for myself and my partner, we are older people and our family consisted of two older women so we could relate very well, the accommodations were excellent if a bit cramped but very adequate and our meals were very well prepared and healthy. The director of the school and her assistant were also always able to help with questions and requests.
For afternoon activities: We went to ruins and sites in the town of Antigua, farms and museums, also we did a lot on our own.
Christiana Valdez
07 / 2013
I just wanted to let everyone know what a great experience I had at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School in Antigua. The main reason I enjoyed my time here so much was due to my tutor, Cristy Ordoñez. She was incredibly friendly and very well organized. As a beginner, I was nervous we would not cover enough information during my five days; however, that was not the case. I told Cristy exactly what I hoped to learn and she planned/covered each of those points. We even had extra time to play a game of Scrabble in Spanish. Overall, great school and a great tutor!
Berit Scharff & Family (5)
07 / 2013
I can highly recommend Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school. My family of five, with children aged 9,12 and 15 years, had classes for five weeks the Summer of 2013. All family had tremendous benefit from the time at Don Pedro. Teachers were fantastic! Wonderful people. The ambiance at school is great and it is run professionally. We felt very welcome and well taken care of by all staff, and the outcome in terms of language is very satisfactory. I would not hesitate to recommend Don Pedro. Excellent for families.
Kristi French
02 / 2013
For one week in February, my mom and I took Spanish classes at Don Pedro de Alvarado. It was such a wonderful experience. We had such great teachers, Romanti Guzman and Osbilda! Both of us learned so much, and if we ever go back, Don Pedro is the school for us! –Kristi Harrison French and Danielle French
01 / 2013
The Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School was very conducive to studying one-on-one, with a quiet garden setting. The teacher, Claudia, was very good. I wish I could have stayed longer! I highly recommend this school.
Check-in to the school was very smooth and helpful.
Tieneke Louw & Family
08 / 2012
In August this year our family of 3 went to Antigua. My husband as a native Spanish speaker initially humoured me on this one, but eventually agreed that we needed to get our then 7-yr daughter into a more structured setting of actually studying Spanish. He has spoken to her in Spanish since birth. However, in our trilingual home, the language that got left behind was Spanish. She understands him completely, but started responding in mono sylables and English over time. I had studied Spanish 13 years previously in Guatemala in Xela, but became rusty over time and thought for us, Antigua was a better choice. My husband works remote and internet access was essential. For us, I decided that Don Pedro de Alvarado, was the best choice...and I could not have been more correct. Saskia and I had a fantastic learning experience, while Dad continued with his work. The Darce Pineda family, became much more than only hosts and in all aspects the school and the family were superb. They made Saskia´s birthday an event to not forget with pinata, cakes, parties and more. Even when Saskia were unfortunate to be hit by a motorcycle in the street, the school and the family were there for us all the way. It is when things go wrong that one can really comment on people. THESE PEOPLE WERE INCREDIBLE! Thank you Caty and Lety from Don Pedro de Alvarado and the Darce Pineda family.
Nancy K
06 / 2012
I chose Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School based on other peoples´ recommendations I read on the internet. Those people were all correct. This school is great in every way! I stayed two weeks and learned a lot. I had a great teacher named Rosa de Mendez. From 8 to 10 every morning we went over grammar and verb tenses I didn´t know very well. Although this wasn´t exciting, it´s certainly necessary if you want to speak Spanish well. Now I can really talk in the past tense, rather than guess about conjugations. After a 30 minute break, we read the book Holes together in Spanish until noon. I had brought two copies with me so I could do this. That was very enjoyable and helpful to me as I am a sixth grade bilingual teacher with all Hispanic students. This is a funny book that many of my students might want to read in Spanish or English. So it was good for me to practice reading and discussing the events of this book outloud. In our one-on-one class, Rosa never spoke English to me. If I didn´t understand a word in the book, she would explain it to me with another word in Spanish. This was good for me and kept me from reverting to English.
The family they put me with, Renee and Sincrid, were awesome! They are a super nice family. The food they served was great (3 meals a day) and they even helped me and other students staying there improve our Spanish when we ate meals together. The accomodations were fine too and the location was near the school. The price for two weeks of classes, meals and accomodations was super reasonable.

I also want to say that I loved Antigua. In the afternoon, I would go sightseeing. While I was there, I took a horseback ride up to the Volcano Pacaya and I went kayaking near the Pacific Coast. I also saw many beautiful church ruins inside the city of Antigua. My teacher and I visited one of the ruins one day during class. We also went to McDonalds for fun. It´s one of the nicest McDonalds I´d ever seen since it has a beautiful outdoor patio.
I hope to go back to the school again in five years and bring my husband. He needs to learn Spanish too!