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School description:
This small school and its home stays are located in a beautiful part of San Pedro, just up the hill from the lake front and the touristy scene. The school is laid back enough to be enjoyable and fun but organized enough to learn a lot - a really good balance. Authentic snacks during the coffee break were a nice touch. For those who want to get to know something about Maya Tzutujil culture, Guatemaya Spanish School is especially recommended. Classes are taken on the second floor in a open space overlooking the center of town and the beautiful Lake Atitlán. I know that the view does not help you to learn Spanish, but it is really stupendous. You will be in good hands.
The school was founded in 2005 and formerly was named Flor del Maiz Spanish School.
Note that, part of the students weekly tuition costs goes to help support the schools local children educational project!
Spanish immersion in San Pedro Center is good - you are surrounded by locals who get a kick out of improving your Spanish.

Teachers and students

There are 5 permanent teachers with a salary of US$40 per week. The teachers have an average experience of 5 years minimum. Some of them have gained their experience teaching at other schools. Classes are taken on the second floor in a open space overlooking the center of town and the beautiful Lake Atitlán. The experienced instructors offer beginner to advanced lessons, with flexible schedules to meet students needs. With years of experience they have developed an effective method and structure of learning that they believe is very beneficial for the students.


Lessons take place in small shaded individual huts throughout the school campus, which is also part of an organic garden. The school is located well within walking distance from the bus station in the center of town or about 10 minutes from the Panajachel pier. You can also take a taxi (tuc-tuc) and tell the driver to take to Guatemaya Spanish School, most of them know this school.

Methods and Materials

Photocopied papers, old text books and literature are used in teaching. There is a small library with about 50 books including literature texts.


There are three extracurricular activities per week: a conference, a documentary show, and a dinner for students. Conferences are about the Maya world vision, education in San Pedro, local customs and others. The school offers weekend trips for about $20, part of the fees goes to the children′s project. You can choose between camping trips to Mount Paquisis (excellent views) or to a distant beach at Lake Atitlán.

Host families

Host families earn a good $70. You will be placed with one of three experienced Maya Tzutujil families for full immersion. Families host no more than two students at a time during busier periods. Most of the families will go out of their way to make students feel comfortable and welcome to their house.


This school has an ongoing project to support poor local children, You can give English classes to local kids or work with farmers in the countryside.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

When the hippies migrated south, they discovered their paradise: Lake Atitlan. A huge volcanic cauldron, filled with water, because three volcanoes clog the drainage to the Pacific ocean. Around the lake there are 12 idyllic Indian villages, named after the 12 apostles.
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