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Foto Gallery Community Spanish School

School description:
This new Spanish school in San Pedro La Laguna has professional and engaged staff. The school is an association of 6 experienced teachers. Enjoy your private teacher and interesting activities in the buzzing town of San Pedro, right near the Panajachel pier. Learn Spanish at the lakeside!
Full immersion: moderate, you´d have to keep out of the way of other strangers. The thing to do is to volunteer in a local school!

Teachers and students

Teachers have an average of 8-11 years of experience, all teachers are graduates in the Rural University of Guatemala (URURAL), Guatemalan-American Institute (IGA) and the Guatemala Ministry of Education (MOE). The teachers have upgraded their levels according to the Common European Framework.


The school is located 5 minutes from the Panajachel pier to the left (shore street) between backpacker hotels. It has lake access. Studying takes place under thatched roofs in a nice garden with the beautiful lake view.


Afternoon Activities: Examples are:
Circle Of Dialogue: Groups of 5-6 students and a teacher discuss issues of national or interest, and Guatemalan culture. 5 to 6pm on Mondays.
Weekly conferences on: the armed conflict in Guatemala in the 80s, the education system in Guatemala, Guatemalan history, testimonies of victims of civil war, Mayan calendar, Mayan tissues, Maya healer etc.
Cultural Tours: teachers and students visit outstanding persons of the village, who narrate the history and customs of local people, like a midwife, a healer and others. Visits to orchards of natural medicine, visits to local historical places such as the Catholic church.
Teachers and students together indulge in sports, campfires, and the preparation of traditional food from the region (party) .
Weekend activities with an additional cost: san pedro volcano climbing, kayak tours, bike tours to downtown San Pedro and to a sacred place, weaving workshops, zip lines in Santa Clara La Laguna.

Host families

Home stays offer accommodations seven nights a week, a private room, internet, and filtered water. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. Sunday is family day. Families also cater to vegetarians and other special dietary restrictions.
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