Lake Atitlan
Monterrico (Pacific coast)
Location with few tourists
High teaching quality
Professional programs for doctors, lawyers etc.
Special children`s program
Good social projects
Small school with family feeling
Good to party
last but not least
Airport pick-up service
Name Cost per Week Location             
table table table
Antigüeña Spanish Academy 180 $ Antigua
Proyecto Lingüistico Quetzalteco de Español 225 $ Quetzaltenango
Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School 280 $ Antigua
San Pedro Spanish School 185 $ San Pedro, Lake Atitlan
According to our students’ reports, these are the best Spanish Schools of Guatemala
table table table
table table table
Christian Spanish Academy 310 $ Antigua
La Democracia Spanish School 185 $ Quetzaltenango
Spanish School Jabel Tinamit 185 $ Panajachel, Lake Atitlan
Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín 310 $ Antigua
Escuela de Español Tecun Uman 235 $ Antigua
Celas Maya Spanish School 204 $ Quetzaltenango
El Quetzal Spanish School 165 $ Quetzaltenango
These schools are professional, caring and hard to beat for any Spanish school around the globe.
table table table
table table table
La Unión Spanish School 300 $ Antigua
Muqb´ilb´e Spanish School 170 $ Cobán
Dos Mundos Spanish School 220 $ Flores, Petén
Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico 170 $ Monterrico
Probigua Spanish Academy 240 $ Antigua
Asociación Pop Wuj 185 $ Quetzaltenango
Spanish Academy Sevilla 225 $ Antigua
Flor del Maiz Spanish School 150 $ San Pedro, Lake Atitlan
Study Spanish While Traveling 240 $ Antigua
ICA Spanish School 190 $ Quetzaltenango
Xinabajul Spanish Academy 200 $ Huehuetenango
Juan Sisay Spanish School 200 $ Quetzaltenango
Ulew-Tinimit Spanish School 150 $ Quetzaltenango
Sakribal Spanish School 175 $ Quetzaltenango
School of Arts and Language 160 $ Cobán
These schools are still very good. They were selected among over 100 schools in Guatemala and ranked based on reports of over 1000 students. Every school has something special to offer like e.g. good social projects. Read the reports!
table table table
table table table
Escuela de Español
Spanish Academy
Spanish School
Escuela de Español
Spanish Academy
Spanish School
Imagine here a list of 70 more schools... all with hard working teachers and host families, one-on one teaching, still beating most other Spanish schools around the globe.
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Students' comments about guatemala365

William & Christopher Zang
05 / 2014
muy servicial
Frits Kleinen Hammans
03 / 2014
Fine, very informative, and they did a good job translating emails from my school to me. I just am very puzzled what happens to the hefty enrollment fees especially as you can also just walk in a school and join without the fee if there is availability.
Geoffrey McDade
04 / 2014
Service was excellent in every respect
12 / 2013
The service was nice and efficient. As soon as I register I received an e-mail with extensive explanation on the school location, person to contact and general information on how to go about in Antigua in general. Quite informative.
Chantal Lessard
01 / 2014
The service provided me with names of schools and then I narrowed it down to 3 then to Don Pedro
Amy Reynolds
11 / 2013
Great service. A lot of students at the school used guatemala365 also. All the comments and ratings proved true!
Charles Stephens
12 / 2013
Vanessa Doyle
12 / 2013
I heard about it in a cafe in the US.
Carolyn Murphy
12 / 2013
Grace Routh
01 / 2014
Extremely helpful
David Fisher
01 / 2014
I found this website through a friend of mine who studied at Antigueña Spanish Academy about several months before I did. The services and instruction on this website, I found to be integral to my education and overall success, not only at the school, but all over Antigua.
Sophie Graham
08 / 2013
Very helpful and accurate in choosing a great Spanish school!
Naeemah Rodriguez
08 / 2013
I googled Spanish schools in Guatemala.
Maja Harris
08 / 2013
Very efficient.
07 / 2013
Good. No problems at all.
Eva Wissting
07 / 2013
Good for comparison and access to various schools.
Scott Anderson
09 / 2013
This is the 2nd time that I used this service, the first with a school in Antigua, and they provided everything that they said they would.
05 / 2013
A very helpful website. Hard to say if its really worth the fees when you can just avoid them by showing up to just about any major Guatemalan city and finding a school independently. As not everyone is willing to take that chance, indeed the information provided by guatemala365 is indeed helpful.
Damara & Sons (2)
04 / 2013
This is the most helpful service, for travel advice as well as schools, that I have found. Very prompt help contacting schools if they did not get back to me, and answering any questions. I found the rankings and reviews very informative, and once I got to Guatemala they were shown to be accurate. Thank you so so much for setting up and running guatemala365. I have told many people in Guatemala and abroad about it!
05 / 2013
Excellent information.